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Morning all cold here but dry even the sun is peeping though . being a taxi today to Bobby [grandaughter] hopefully we won't be long I am enjoying being indoors. What are you all up too. x
margaret rorie

Very cold here with a smattering of snow. I'm very happy now because I've got my car back - I really miss it when I don't have it!  I'm off to pack more boxes this morning.

Full day of work today, so that's a bit of over time to add to my holiday allowance. Might come in handy nearer the wedding time Wink Speaking of weddings, I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time to myself writing out the wedding invitations that I finished last week. Nothing that crafty as I knew from experience of helping my friends for theirs in the past that it's all well and good doing "hand-made wedding invites" but by the time you're tying the 100th bow or pressing out that 100th die-cut that the enjoyment tends to lack. I designed mine on the computer myself and just sent them off to Truprint as photos. All I had to do when they arrived is stick them back to back which took me all of a morning. Not long now though as we've set the date for May 21st this year. Counting down 124 days! Eeek!

that really is soon Rachel! Well done for thinking through about the invites tho -I'm sure they look fab, and without too much work!
Can't imagine being without my car so glad you've got yours back Margaret.
Line dancing this morning and then a bit of playing using some of the techniques from Brendas workshop. At home it is easier to e.g. stencil a few cards/pages and let them dry then do the next bit on another day.

Vonny that is definitely the way to go.  I should do that too, especially if it has been a good learn session at the workshop

Rachel the days will positively fly by! You are so right about the handmade wedding stationery.  I was commissioned to do the whole thing once for 75 guests.  Never again.  It wasn't just the repetition, it was the boredom too Rolling Eyes

I went without my car for a few months some years ago and I am dreading the time I will have to give up driving completely so fully understand how happy you are to have your car back Margaret.  Good luck with the packing too

Cold here but no snow

Another very cold day today but oh so bright and sunny with it.  I was in the hairdressers this morning thinking that as it was so nice I'd go for a walk along the sea front.  Yeah.  right.  I went straight home to the warm instead

Off to Lingfield tomorrow for Inky Fingers.  So excited to be back in Lingfield - should cut twenty to thirty minutes off the journey.  Now just one small thing, fingers crossed I don't have to clear the car off in the morning Wink

You've all been so busy.

Your wedding will be here before you know it Rachel.

Mickie - I hope your workshop goes well..... I can't wait to get back to workshops again

Busy couple of days at work - I cannot believe that it's only Tuesday!  

I have even succumb to a glass of wine tonight!

Jennie - wishing you lots of luck for your op tomorrow

Morning all from a sunny but very cold Southampton. You will find the day comes round really quickly Rachael don't blame you about invites I did my daughters a few years ago never again. Thinking of you today Jennie  hopefully you will be home quickly.Enjoy your workshop Mickie I am doing one Saturday with Brenda Brown looking forward to that. xx

Still bitterly cold here with frost to greet me this morning but no snow thankfully. The sun was trying to peek out but the cloud has thwarted its efforts. I agree with everyone about how the wedding will be upon me before I know it. I'm trying to savour every day leading up to it to be honest. I'm also glad everyone has confirmed my reservations regarding making my own hand-made invites too Razz don't feel so bad now.

I was without a car for a month a little while after I first started driving and it was like someone cut off my legs. I felt like I couldn't go anywhere at all. Thankfully it was only a month and not longer. Feel for you Margaret but am also glad you got it back.

Miriam, I'm like you and can't believe we're not at the end of the week already... my choice of poison was a nice glass of Bailey's instead though Razz

Jennie, all the best for today with your operation. Hope everything goes well for you.

Best wishes to you Jennie.  Hope it went well.

Well it was a very sunny day again today and up in Lingfield, it was almost too warm behind the glass of the workroom, we had to have a window open!  Inky Fingers was super fun as always and when I have completed the project I will post a picky.  It was all about stencilling and layering today

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much I signed up for Helen Chilton's tag book class on Sunday Wink

So, that's me back to hacking up and down the A-whatever Laughing

Wanting to say hope the rest of your week flies by Miriam and Rachel but that is tantamount to wishing your lives away which I really wouldn't want to do.  So just try and enjoy the next two days Laughing

sounds like Inky fongers was good Mickie -and saving driving time has to be better!

Jennie hope the op went well -I know you have done lots of forward planning  Smile

hopefully the heating will be sorted today and when I get home from my craft group it will be toasty  Smile

Morning all hope you get the heating done Vonny not a good time for that to go. Mickie you are a devil you certainly get a chance to go to workshops wish I lived nearer.I have a bone scan today,then some shopping and craft club tonight just taking some colouring to do. Libby's lift is in and brilliant she is so happy we were lucky enough to see her come home from school and use it for the 1st time her face was a picture. xx

Hope your heating is back on Vonny, it really is freezing out there today.

Becky that is wonderful - Libby will really enjoy going up and down the stairs now

Art Group was good this morning although my watercoloring is still a struggle.   Still we had a nice lunch afterwards and it wasn't until I got home that I was reminded that I am out for a meal tonight with another friend Embarassed
margaret rorie

Bad news today - we won't be moving next month as the house sale has fallen through - not our one but the our purchaser's one. So we're back to a chain and waiting for another house to sell. We're really disappointed as we were getting organised to move in 3 weeks. However it will give us more time to get rid of stuff!

You all seem to be very busy - the workshops all sound great. Hope your heating is fixed Vonny - it's still cold up here but weather supposed to change shortly. It's Up Helly Aa next week - the annual fire festival so we don't want wind or rain on Tuesday. Will try to post some pics.

Hope your op went fine Jennie and that you're back home.

sorry to hear that Margaret -no wonder moving is so stressful! Our heating is now working -it took 3 hours to sort the electrics -just trying to get the temp right now as we are getting a bit hot!!! Also the weather has now warmed up a bit too.
Libby's lift sounds great and will really help everyone to save their backs! Hope you scan goes well Becky  Smile  it sounds a bit scary -and that craft club and colouring were fun
Mickie I had to smile at you having 2 meals out in a day -why not try for breakfast out too  Laughing I think people can spend all their time perfecting watercolour techniques so guess you won't be perfect stright away. I did have a go once but felt it would take too much practise to get anywhere with it.
Went to knitting group this morning and the hall was actually warm -new caretaker! Spent the afternoon sorting my work table as I put things back and also one of the kitchen cupboards as we have lost some space with the new boiler

Evening all.... all I can say is.... thank goodness it's Friday!!

Very busy and looong week!!

Hope the op went well Jennie.

Vonny - is your heating back now you have a new boiler?

Sorry about the house Margaret Sad

I'm off to bed shortly - and am praying for some quality craft time tomorrow.  I was very fortunate this week - a friend of mine is moving up north and I had the pick of her stash - and boy have I picked Smile Smile

So sorry you are back in a chain Margaret.  Moving is so stressful although on the bright side it does give you more time to make good decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.

ooh Miriam - what luck - you'll be able to think of your friend every time you use your new stash too Laughing

Glad you are warm again Vonny - horrid to be without heating.  

The watercolour I did on Thursday has dried and for all it is never going to be a masterpiece, it does look like a watercolour now.  We have a lady in the Group who was a professional botanist painter and as you can imagine, she does the most wonderful work.  You feel you can pick the flowers off the paper.  She tells me that it takes five years to learn to watercolour and a lifetime of practice thereafter.  That filled me with joy - i might not live long enough to get to practice Laughing  Laughing

Still struggling with the project from Inky Fingers this week.  Helen Chilton's work may look simple and straightforward but it isn't.  Hope to get it finished today though as I am doing another workshop with her tomorrow and that project won't be completed in one day either Laughing

Hope your scan went ok Becky

Morning all had a bad night so up early.
Sorry about the house Margaret and what a pain a chain can be a nightmare I am never going to move.
Lucky you Miriam it is good to have friends like that but why didn't she take it with her.
I tried watercolours Mickie but as I can't draw I gave up  Very Happy
Glad you got your heating done Vonny not a great time of year to be without.
Hope you are resting Jennie and not in to much pain you will soon be skipping again.
Had a great day with Brenda yesterday did some journal pages will take pic's later and put in gallery booked in a workshop with Mark Gould in May and another one with Brenda in June so lots to look forward to. x

Brenda mentioned that she would be seeing you Becky so hope you enjoyed the journalling workshop.
Mickie it's good to hear that it takes so long to learn to watercolour -so many people seem to say you can just do it easily. Hope you get the last Inky fingers project finsihed before your workshop.
Miriam -what a friend to have! was she moving to somehwere really small? Am sure you will enjoy using everything  Smile

Went for a walk this morning as it is dry and mild (but still very muddy!) and made a few cards this afternoon using some of the scraps that I found when tidying my desk. Forum Index -> General
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