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Morning all to another Monday morning it is wet here. I managed to watch the Paperartsy new releases last  night  love the new stamps that are coming out think I am going to be spending out. Taking my Dad to a hosp appt today  and then we will stay for tea so will be a long day for me which will be fun. What are you all up to today have fun Mickie will you get to see the new stamps.
Stay safe and warm no more signs of the white stuff lets hope it stays like that.

wet here too -and the handle came off my brolly on the way back from line dancing. Have found another at home but it is much bulkier and heavier than the other one.
hope the day went ok with your Dad Becky
May have to pop over to PA after this!

Rained on and off here too but nothing dramatic.  It's freezing now though - my poor little car is white over with frost!  

Yes Becky, will be seeing some of the new releases on Wednesday - will be going to Inky Fingers suitably armed with GBP Laughing  Laughing   I see PA are bringing out some new colours of Fresco paints.  I think I might start to incorporate Frescos in my art work - I can always call it mixed media  Wink

You're lucky to be able to use a brolly Vonny - down here they just blow away - far better to have a hood on your coat.  Having said that, the hood on my coat comes right down to the end of my nose so all I get to see is the pavement directly in front of my feet, which worries me, who knows what I might walk into Wink

Keep safe and warm everyone

I can't use a brolly either riding my mobility scooter and controlling a brolly not good and of course if I am on my feet I have 2 sticks   Laughing
Enjoy Wednesday Mickie bet you will have fun. Dad was in good form yesterday
love him to bits but he is hard work for me to deal with I am just waiting for us to both be on the floor together. Having a day in and so looking forward to it just hope my mojo helps me craft.

It has been horribly wet and foggy here for the last couple of days - really wet rain despite it being just a drizzle!  Adrian is trying to get offshore to the Glen Lyon and got as far as airport in the north of Shetland but helicopters are not flying. We had hoped to see him but he's "locked in" as they have done all their security which is a shame.

Glad to hear that your Dad is in good form Becky, although tiring for you. I am staying with my Aunt from Friday down in Leicestershire. She's 85 but full of energy! She is wanting to learn all about Distress Inks so my suitcase is packed!

I hope you love the new PaperArtsy releases. The ones I am involved in are not until next month. I did get six of the new infusions and they are fabulous. Alison made some beautiful samples last night.

Right off to do the hoovering! then a little crafting I think ......  Very Happy

It has turned very mild down here in Cornwall but the dog and I got very wet in the onshore mist and heavy drizzle. She also ended up wetter because she had to have a bath after finding a rotting fish to roll on/in YUK!!!
The hood on my coat is like yours Mickie so I have to turn it back a little!

After putting all the washing off the line into the tumble dryer the rain stopped and the mist lifted  Rolling Eyes

Glad your day with your dad wasn't too bad Becky and hope you found your crafting mojo.
Think I shall go and do some crafting, I picked up an audio book from the mobile library so I can listen to that while I craft.

Hope you all stay dry!

I'm so glad that my dog is a very delicate old lady and doesn't enjoy rolling around in smelly things! Feeling a bit better in myself but this cough just won't go. I haven't been out properly for days and I'm desperate to get out for a bit tomorrow.

Hope you are feeling better soon Scrapmate I know this cough has been doing the rounds and is a pain to get rid off. Years ago I had a dog poodle cross red setter and she use to find dead swans to roll in which was awful so I know what you are going though Rusticus have fun.Have fun with your Aunt and hope you get to play with your distress inks Jennie. I have put a casserole in the slow cooker as it is blinkin cold here was planning to stay in but my new glasses are in so might go and get them and some crusty bread. Hope you all have a good day and stay safe and warm

Know the feeling too Rusticus. Our Aimee is now 11 1/2 years old and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Her "eau de cologne" is normally otter  Laughing

The cough that seems to be going around is really nasty so hope you feel better soon Scrapmate.

I am off to my second session of Pilates this morning. I actually quite enjoyed it last week although didn't manage to "breathe" much  Laughing - well not in the right places anyway as I am still here  Laughing Then a haircut and a tidy up of the craft room this afternoon before I go away - tidy up normally means make something as I always get distracted!

LOL Jennie I know what you mean about tidying up. I had to clear half my desk yesterday so that the BT engineer can access the phone socket as our business line is not working. It's so easy to get distracted when wading through all the craft stuff trying to 'put it away' as in find a place for it. Still it gave me a chance to dust in places I can never normally reach and to rearrange the artwork stuck on the wall around my desk. The new PA release looks good.

glad I don't have a dog -their sense of smell is obviously very different to ours!
Don't know how long you have had your cough Scrapmate but in our surgery they have notices saying after 3 weeks (!) you should see your doctor.
Enjoy vising your aunt Jennie and hope she enjoys the DIs -she is lucky to be getting expert tuition
I take the hoods off my coats when I can as I find them very bulky and if I have to have them up they tend to give me neck ache -prefer a hat if needed.
Second session at 2 hour line dancing this morning -more tired than last time. And planning to try another group on Friday!
Piano lesson tomorrow then art and craft group so that will be another day swiftly gone!

Gosh Vonny you are busy. Where does your aunt live Jennie hope you have a fun time. Picked up my glasses rather different to what I normally wear will get a bit of getting use too me thinks. Day in for me but craft club tonight.
Hope you all have a great day but stay safe and warm

Just popped in to say my case is packed and I am off on the early flight in the morning. I may have a chance to pop in now and again but otherwise I'll be back on 31 January  Very Happy

Have a good time with your aunt Jennie.  Hope travel plans work out as they should

You and your Dad sound to be having fun Becky.  Happy new specs too!

Goodness Vonny - you really are full of energy!  Way to go girl!  Like the idea of removing the hood but me and hats do not seem to like each other.  I have discovered that the hod in question has a drawstring so that it can be adjusted to a better fit but still under the trim - if you see what I mean.  

Well, I've seen the January release of PaperArtsy stamps....ooooh!  So much loveliness.  So little money........managed to get a Lin Brown, an Elena Zinsky and a Tracy Scott into my shopping basket.........   Of course there are new stencils, some of which are a little larger than before so that is nice.  There are two new sets of special edition Frescos too, another Seth Apter combo and Tracy Scott.  I am a little disappointed though as out of these eight paints I already have six of the colours.  I suppose that's what you get if you've been crafting a long time.

Hope your cough improves soon Scrapmate - might be worth checking out as Vonny says.

I'm out to dinner tonight - the restaurant is in town so I think I'll walk down and try and use a couple of calories to make room!

I will be getting my new glasses tomorrow- they will have a prism in so may take some getting used to like yours Becky.
Enjoy your trip down Jennie
Mickie -sorry you are disappointed about the paints -but there is plenty of other stuff to buy -I'm tempted by the Elena Zinsky stamps -some of those birds are really quirky but will wait until Stamperama so I can see them IRL.Enjoy your dinner out  Smile

I have a few of the Elena Zinsky and they are fab stamps I have several of the minis and then her new ones that have just been released. I am having a day in I have so much to do craft wise and house wise think the craft will win. Really cold here my phone says -6 so you all stay safe and warm.x

Gosh Becky - my weather app is telling me it is +6.  That's a big hike in temperature between you and me.  I have had to practically close the blinds so I can see my screen too!

Just been watching a couple of previews from CHA.  Apart from the new DI Oxide inks and a couple of the new TH dies; think PaperArtsy will be able to continue to sleep soundly knowing that I shall be continuing to do my best to keep them in business Laughing  Laughing

How're you getting on with the new specs Vonny?   Wait 'till you see the new Zinsky stamps - they are so versatile!  I love the names Leandra gives them - I'm doing a garden at the moment with Boris lurking in the background - it is a reverse canvas so who knows where I'll find space to hang it!

The first of the last three sessions of the Monday art class tomorrow so will be getting my kit together.  Happily all three sessions will be acrylics so only one bag to organise

Hope your cough is better Scrapmate and that no-one else has succumbed to the latest fashionable virus.

Have a super day - what's left of it

bright and sunny here too and I got a couple of cards made today. New glasses mainly seem fine tho a bit tight on the right. Will try the second pair in the week
Enjoy the art classes Mickie -sad if they are the last ones tho  Sad Forum Index -> General
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