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Morning all can't sleep again don't like these times makes the days so long. Having my hair done later and I want to do some sorting out so that will keep me busy. What are you all up to hope you are taking it easy Jennie. xx

evening all....

Hope you felt a bit better after having your hair done Becky - it always relaxes me!

For those that asked, my friend is moving into a much smaller house.  That coupled with the fact she is now into beading more that paper craft.  Her loss is my gain  Laughing

I managed to do quite a lot of crafting this weekend - I caught up on birthday cards and week 2 of Wanderlust!

Vonny and Miriam, your birthday cards (late January cards?) are in the post.  Sorry they are so very late... I am hoping for better things on the crafting front in 2016, now that I am getting a bit more used to my job!

thanks Sarah -glad you are managing to get sorted and hope you will sign up the the card swap this year -never too late! What is your new job? No doubt it is hectic  Smile

Knitting then teaching cross stitch again today -the lady has finished her first project -a cup cake. she will start a tulip for a card for her mum's birthday next. another lady also wants to learn so she will start in a fortnight. Quite tired so going to whatch one of the paperartsy videos about using gels and mediums

Goodness I have no idea where this week went to Rolling Eyes I can't believe that it is almost the weekend again.

How are you doing Jennie?  Hope this foot is healing well and less uncomfortable than the other was

Hi Sarah - good to "see" you,  Hope you can join in with the tag book in a couple of months

Vonny you are amazing with all your crafty teaching - lovely to see that people still do cross stitch.  

Hope you are feeling better Becky.  I see you are going to do a Mark Gould workshop - he is a good teacher so I am sure you will enjoy it,  What will you be making?

Well done Miriam for catching up - you did have a most successful weekend.  Hope that set you up for the week Laughing

Helen Chilton's class on Sunday was very busy - there was so much cutting out to do.  Will post photos next week (hopefully)  We used Joffy stamps - The chicks in the wood on the outside but on the inside we used some of her new stamps and are all on our honour not to post any photos until they are officially launched.  Felt quite privileged to be able to use the new ones Cool

insider knowledge then Mickie -we will have to wait and see what you did!
Jennie hope the foot is ok??

Made sequinned names on acetate with craft group today, a bit fiddly but certainly different -this group keeps getting bigger tho -now officially 18 but generally not everyone is in every week. Had 4 staff today so that really helped

Evening all....

Sarah - thank you for the beautiful card Smile

Looking forward to seeing pics from Helen's class Mickie..... It's only a couple of weeks before I go to Lin's class in Milton Keynes..... soooo looking forward to it!!

Having a very busy week and struggling a bit - only 1 more sleep until the weekend though!!

Where on earth has this week gone I posted monday now it is blinkin Friday it is going to quickly. Good to see you Sarah are are you enjoying our lovely weather  Laughing .I am doing a atc box and atc's with Mark Mickie looking forward to guess it will come round quickly and lucky you using brand new stamps.Nice your craft group is getting bigger Vonny word must be getting about.Hope you survive the week Miriam can you relax at weekend. I am having a lazy day and going with the flow feeling better now steroids have really kicked in. x

So glad you are feeling better Becky.  ATC boxes and ATCs must be the in thing - I think we are doing similar with Helen next month.  We shall have to compare notes

It is so cold and windy today I just can't get motivated to do anything.  I am supposed to go for a walk each day (if only round the block) but I don't think I shall be doing that today.  Might just run up and down the stairs till I get breathless instead Rolling Eyes

It is good that your craft group is attracting more members Vonny.  Well done.  

Am doing alternative crafting this afternoon - I bought a shoe rack in kit form so will have to erect that.  It might be a long afternoon:wink:


Thank goodness it's Friday!!  I have a lovely day planned with Wendy and Caz tomorrow - really looking forward to it.

I have been sorting through all of the stash that I had from my friend.... I am soooo incredibly lucky!

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow - whatever you are doing!

Have a great day with Wendy and Cas Miriam bet you will have a laugh. Hope you enjoyed putting your shoe rack together Mickie. I have Zoe and co popping in this morning and catching up with Dad later.xx

Sorry not to have been around. I am only sitting here after all !!!! We've had the grandchildren here all week which has been fun but a little tiring and the house now looks like a bomb has hit it !! and not much I can do about it either  Laughing However I am nearly at the end of my high elevation period (3 days to go) and tomorrow get the dressing off and stitches snipped.

We've also had a bit of weather  Laughing 100 mph plus winds and yesterday quite a lot of snow. Today is lovely and bright though with the snow on the hllls, however the wind is rising again for the next storm. Terry is outside at the moment doing some repairs. Thankfully not too major but if they are not tidied up the next wind will take them.

You all seem to be doing some lovely workshops. Looking forward to seeing what you have made. I am knitting dolls at the moment - not too much to think about in terms of a pattern.

Some gems from Callum this week:
Nana had a good knit today
Nana it is Tesco not Tescosssss
Have you seen Nana's play room !

Right off to read my Craft Stamper which came yesterday but Terry only found in the toy box this morning!

What delightful and observant grandchildren you have Jennie.  Glad you are doing well.  I think it is about time you guys up there had some better weather - think of you every time I see the weather forecast

There was a lull in the weather yesterday so I went for my walk.  Did me the world of good too but it is pouring down and quite windy again today so I might just content myself with running up and down stairs Rolling Eyes

The shoe rack went together so easily Becky I was very happy to get some semblance of order into my cloaks cupboard too

Doing some crafting today (for a change).  I haven't done any journalling so far this year and I am inspired by an article in the new Craft Stamper:lol:

Have uploaded Scary Fish Canvas from Helen Chilton's class last Sunday

Don't forget PaperArtsy Blog tonight for new stamps and stencil launch Wink

Thanks for reminding everyone about the PA launch starting tonight Mickie. I am part of the roll out on Wednesday - very exciting !!

thanks for the heads up Mickie.
Jennie (and Margaret) have been thinking of you in all these high winds..but know you are hardy folk up there  Smile

Wet here today too and I had also planned a walk..but had a bath instead -a rare thing for me. Went to 'Woolly day' yesterday and pinned the layers of my latest quilt together which caused some interest but also manage a bot of spinning -am currently spinning small amounts of Blue Faced Leicester that have been dyed different shades with madder.
margaret rorie

Thanks for thinking about us up here in the far north - it was certainly extremely windy on Friday even by Shetland standards.

I was at the Scrapbookers on Saturday where we did lots of techniques on tags - I got my tag done for the swap!  Julie demonstrated gilding flakes so I came home to try them again only to find I'd packed them away! I managed to do a card for a challenge today - first one I've done for months. It was good to get back to making cards.

Must have a look at the PaperArtsy blog.  Hope you all have a good week and that you keep making good progress Jennie. Forum Index -> General
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