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Morning all boy am I glad I am staying in we have thick fog here this morning so a crafting day today started a few things yesterday so hopefully will finish them off. Can't believe you only have 3 art classes left Mickie so enjoy them. What are you all up to today well whatever you do have fun and Stay safe and warm x

not foggy here but damp and cold. line dancing then housework today  Sad
margaret rorie

Think we're getting the best of the weather at the moment - it's been mild and dry all day.  Hard to believe it's January.

I'm still packing boxes and have decided I don't need any more crafting stuff!  Please remind me that I said that if I mention buying anything in the future.
We are still waiting to see if the sale of our house is going ahead - the buyers have to organise their mortgage. It would be nice to have an actual moving date.

I managed to get some crafting done over the weekend and made some ATCs and a birthday card.

I'm off to a Silver Screen showing of Inferno. Our local Odeon runs these daytime films for over 55s. For £3 you get to see a recent movie and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit. As it's an action movie I persuaded DH to come along. Later in the week I'm going to see Bridget Jones' Baby and The Girl on the Train at the end of the month.

Fog in varying thicknesses all day yesterday - makes driving such fun............not!  Went to put the bins out about 11pm and it was a lovely starry night Laughing

I hear what you are saying Margaret - I am in a similar situation - my craft room is rapidly becoming a warehouse  Rolling Eyes Bet you have come across stash you had forgotten about and would quite like to use again...  Do not watch any of the videos that came out of Creativation (CHA) or PaperArtsy this month and next, then you won't be tempted

It is a lovely day here today.  I shall be meeting up with some friends for coffee later this morning and then I intend to do some crafting

Have a good day everyone

Sun is struggling to come out today yet yesterday it seemed like early summer; once the hoar frost had thawed the sun came out and it was fabulously warm, perfect for dawdling along the beach with a takeaway coffee and watching the birds  Laughing

Love the sound of your Silver Screen programme Rukhshana, what a great choice of films. Hope your cough soon clears up. I had the cold/flu for a couple weeks plus a chest infection then it all cleared up after antibiotics and all is fine yet OH has had it for 5 weeks although it is gradually disappearing!

We have been troubled by rats not only doing the light fantastic in the loft but also travelling along the cavity space. Bait has been put down and one of the loathsome creatures has died and is creating a dreadful smell! Luckily the company that deals with vermin have put some extra strong deodorisers in the air vents and that seems to be working. We have visitors arriving at the weekend and had the horrible feeling that we would have to provide them with pegs!

Oh Lynn hope you get the rats (dead and alive) out soon. The movie was a typical Dan Brown end of the world is nigh type thing but enjoyable. There are several Odeons across the country that offer Silver Screen viewings and it seemed quite popular judging by the queue waiting for their hot drink and biscuit.
After the fog cleared here it was a cold but sunny day. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

fingers crossed about the house Margaret -I'm sure of i pulled out all my craft stuff to move I would feel the same as you
the silver screen films sound great value Scrapmate -and up to date things too. I have read Inferno and will watch it on DVD at some point I expect
Rats! -how horrid for you Rusticus hopefully they will be sorted very soon.
Went to knit and natter this morning -walking was a bit slippery due to frost but got there safely. Then stitching group in the afternoon.
Planning on doing some conservation work tomorrow so will have to wrap up in lots of layers

Fingers crossed Margaret for the house move it has been such a pain for you. Never heard of the silver screen before Scrapmate  and what a good idea mind you I can see me and Keith falling asleep cos it will be dark even though it is the daytime. Hope you manage to get rid of the rats Lynn we had some the other month so we had to stop feeding the birds have a tidy up put some bait down and fingers crossed they seem to have gone so the birds are being fed again now. Margaret I do agree with Mickie don't watch anything about new releases coming out they is loads I want  Laughing I could also stock a shop think all crafters are the same. I am up at stupid o'clock which I haven't done for a while so going to be a long day and we have to go out. x

Looks like it's a chilly one today.  People walking passed the house are all huddled into their coats and I have to go out his afternoon!

A friend has started up an art society in one of the villages.  The society meets in her local Village Hall for which I had to get directions.  I did feel a bit silly when I realised I have driven passed it for thirty odd years AND it is clearly sign posted..................never saw the sign before either  Embarassed

So this morning I shall be mostly crafting and this afternoon I shall be mostly arting.  It's going to be a lovely day Laughing

good to have a new group to go to Mickie -amazing waht we don't see even tho it is there Laughing
foggy and quite cold yesterday for scrub clearance but a big roaring fire helped. Was amazed that people were still playing golf!
Had a friend round today for wool crafting -she had her loom and I was spinning -nearly had to call it off as the toaster blew the fuses..but none were tripped in the fuse box. Eventually turned a switch that was on the panel and that sorted it out. Later opened a tin of beans instead of tomatoes then while spinning my brake band broke (only a bit of fishing line but got to find the reel to fix it now). Hope that's all the problems for the day!

I enjoyed Bridget Jones' Baby, it was funny and light-hearted. Absolutely bitter out today though. Hope everyone is keeping warm.

Morning all dull outside but I am not going out so not too bothered and I am sure I can find something to do. The last time I went to the cinema was to see Mamma Mia so a few years ago glad you enjoyed the film Scrapmate   Hope you enjoyed the new group Mickie  hope you enjoyed it. Sounds as though you had a fun afternoon with your friend.

New art group was amazing - definitely something for everyone - from complete beginners to a professional artist, who is quite happy to advise and help where and if needed.

Yesterday's art group was a bit on the chilly side - no heating in the hall and we were not informed prior to arrival by the Hall Manager.  We huddled together in our coats and drank lots of hot drinks.  Adversity can be fun but on the other hand I wasn't able to get warm at all for the rest of the day.  

Up to Lingfield tomorrow for Helen's new Kit and Kaboodle class.  We are making a Marquee light!  Don't ask.  Can't possible describe it!  Here is a picture:

Click to see full size image
It is powered by a short string of battery operated LED lights.  

I do hope today was a better day for you Vonny - I thought it was only me who suffered the odd catalogue of disasters.  So glad I have company

Stay indoors in the warmth Becky - winter is not longer's here!

that looks a fun make Mickie.
Had my glasses adjusted today and they seem much better but still a bit tight around one ear -at least not feeling dizzy now. Line dancing in the afternoon too so quite tired now -luckily in over the weekend unless the weather entices me out for a walk

I went to the Sandown Crafting Live show today. I went a bit later than I normally do because I had to wait for the car ( we are sharing a car at the moment). It was heaving with people, absolutely packed and also lots of mobility scooters adding to the jams. I was quite disappointed with the stuff on sale. I didn't buy a single stamp ( a first for me) and just a couple of small dies. Prices seem to have shot up - in July last yearI bought 3 Tim Holtz layering stencils for £10. This time the same stall had 4 on offer for £20! None of the brands of stamps I was looking for and very few Memory Box dies, just loads of Tonic & Tattered Lace. I was hoping to pick up a crochet hook but couldn't get one of those either so I've just ordered one from eBay. I was glad to get home after all the pushing and shoving.

I think all craft shows are struggling I am going to Farnborough at the end of Feb and the last couple of years I have struggle to find things I like Scrapmate  mind you I am one of the Mobility scooter crowd but I find I can't get in and out of the booths very easily as if I get in no-one will let me out but I have friends that help but do tend to miss a awful lot. We are off to get birdseed today but that is all.

I haven't been to Farnborough for several years.  They hiked the ticket price up and I thought I would rather spend that on buying something. Last year I got a free ticket but I had to give it away because we went away that weekend. I wasn't having a go at people using mobility scooters but I have not seen as many as I saw yesterday and if this is a new trend then I feel organisers have to rethink the layout of the stands because many of the larger stands were 'U' shaped and I could barely get down them let alone someone on a scooter.

Oh dear!  That sounds a horrible crush Scrapmate - I used to go to Sandown and have some happy memories.  I haven't been to a show for a few years since I went to Ally Pally and it was rammed with stalls selling stencils.  Love stencils but not that much   Rolling Eyes

As for prices - be warned, manufacturers and wholesalers are certainly pushing their prices up.  I feel for the small retailers as this means they have to be far more selective on what they buy in and we the consumers will definitely be more careful in our spending.

Had a great time in Lingfield yesterday with Helen Chilton - will post a picture of my sign once it is finished and we have enough daylight for photography!

Chilly day here today - going back to the fireside.  Keep warm everyone and have a relaxing day

Mickie that is a fabulous make but don't think I'd like to cut out that feather or is a die? Glad you enjoyed Helen's class.

That was disappointing Rukhshana about the show and not nice when it is a crush either. I do wish the organisers would rethink the stall layouts as there are more and more people needing to use mobility scooters as well as those in wheelchairs so if we who can use our legs have problems getting into and out of the stalls then folks using scooters and chairs are going to have even more of a problem. Sadly organisers are only concerned with profits so the more stalls they can squeeze in the better plus many companies hiring the stall sites have to calculate what they can afford.  Each of those stalls costs hundreds of pounds so the larger the stall the larger the cost.
When we were in business we used to "dress" a stand at a trade show at the NEC for a company that was a subsidiary of Thames water. Every February we were sent the dimensions of the stand so we could plan what to grow to put on it. The standard charge for a small stand in the late 90s was £10,000, this included the stand build and site hire. Forum Index -> General
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