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Thought I'd start a new thread for this week.

Not sure where I got to last week -

Becky it is lovely that Libby is able to come to you and the photo is lovely too.  She looks so happy being with you.

Vonny I think you are right the trouble with dining out is that I am more of a cream sauce rather than a tomato sauce person

I had a major incident on Saturday whilst using Distress Stains.  I squeezed the bottle to get the ink to go through the valve and the whole thing shot out and almost 5fl oz of Peacock Feathers went everywhere!  Including the wool tunic top I had changed into ready for my friend's imminent arrival!  Thought a quick rinse in cold water might save the day but the more I rinsed the further the colour went and in the end I resorted to the washing machine.  Happily alls well that ends well, tunic is stain free, desk is Peacock Feathers free (I think) and I just need to replace the bottle.  As for my hands, you could be forgiven for thinking I was an extra in the Avatar movie Rolling Eyes

Yesterday I had a quiet day trying to make some space in my craft room.  I might have gained an inch or two!  I don't seem to have that "throwing away" gene.

Wonder what is in store for me this week.................?

Oh dear Mickie! Glad you (and the tunic and table) made it out of the ordeal ok  Embarassed

Thought I'd pop onto this thread as Miriam suggested to say a little about myself... so here it goes Very Happy

My name is Rachel, I'm 27 and I live in a small town in Bedfordshire called Houghton Regis (Not far from the lovely Vonny in Luton, who introduced me to you lovely ladies)
I've always loved crafting and drawing and general creativity since I was little and it's only recently in the last year or so my own crafting collection has started to grow and take shape. I was mainly into drawing early on and I've slowly gotten more and more into stamping and zentangle and all sorts. I'm willing to try new techniques and I love to learn.

Thank you to everyone for being patient with me as I learn more skills with your expertise  Smile


How lovely to hear a little more about you Rachel - I do hope you enjoy joining in the banter here with us and also the challenges.

Oh dear Mickie - Peacock Feathers is such a strong colour! You were lucky to get it out of your tunic.  I am rather into Evergreen Bough at the moment, and I think that is just as strong too.

I seem to have had a very busy week, weekend and morning here, BUT the washing is done, hoovering finished, mid week Tesco shop done and I have had my daily walk, so time to play!  I lost two pounds last week - HOORAY! mind you I am doing the 5:2 diet so only on 650 calories for two days a week.

hi Rachel -good to hear from you and hope to see you briefly on Friday.

mickie -sounds like a major trauma -but glad it all worked out. Sorry you don't have the throwing away gene, but I don't think it works on craft stuff anyway  Laughing

Line dancing then a meeting to try and get support for a craft club that i go to  -it did at least feel positive!

Good to hear from you Rachel.  Learn away girl we're always glad to help out where we can.  Laughing  It occurs to me that we might learn from you too

Need to get Brenda Brown to a venue I can attend - really like what she does.  Would also be interested in a workshop with France Papillon.  Think I might follow their blogs for a while.  The downside of that is that it is too easy to spend all day on the blogs and then nothing else gets done

Thanks for the heads up on Evergreen Bough being a strong colour Jennie - will see what I can do with that one.

Respect too for undertaking the  5:2 in the depths of winter.  It would be fun to fit it into my social schedule - I could do the 2 on any day where I don't share a meal with someone and then once up and down the prom on a more regular basis might be good too.  Goodness, am I seeing a plan coming along here?

I'm pleased to report that my hands are almost the right colour now so I shan't be frightening any horses!

Hi Rachel,  lovely to see you pop in and say hi.  Hopefully you have seen that we are all a friendly bunch Smile

Mickie - I really felt for you with your peacock feathers accident - pleased it came out.  The same happened to me 2 weeks ago with a bottle of cosmic shimmer- I stripped my clothes off and run to the washing machine shouting 'I've had a crafting accident' - Dan thought it was hilarious!!

I was back at work today!!  Very busy day.  Plymouth tomorrow Sad

Ladies, one other thing - the Stamp Attic have a clearance on their Stampington magazines - it includes postage too -

I have treated myself to a few!!

Thanks for the link Miriam. I have a few brought over the years and love looking at them.

Up Helly Aa here today - our biggest day of the year and the weather is very damp, wet and cold. I hope the rain clears up a bit for the procession this morning and holds off for the rest of the day.

Second week of my 5:2 diet and I can't believe I have just had bacon and eggs for breakfast!! mind you a nice bit of bread and butter to mop up the plate would have been nice  Laughing I will keep myself busy today crafting with the RS ATCs and prepping for a couple of workshops coming up.

Have a lovely day x

Thanks for the link Miriam.  Hope your day goes better than you thought it would.  Bit of a trek down to Plymouth for you, do you go by train or do you drive?

Fingers crossed that you get a good day for Up Helly Aa Margaret and Jennie.  It is a beautiful day down here, so much so everyone you come across is smiling.

I have Helen Chilton's Inky Fingers club tomorrow - first workshop of the year up at the Craft Barn. Can't wait to see what she has in store for us.  Whatever it is it will be a good day.
margaret rorie

Busy day here today as it is Up Helly Aa and hubby is in the Jarl Squad - they go around the town visiting schools and hospitals before taking part in a huge procession at night when the galley is burnt. Here is a photo of the beautiful galley - it always seems such a pity to burn it.

Click to see full size image

Up Helly Aa to you all!
Having a quite day but not getting a lot done. Have finished knitting my lacy scarf so now to block it. If weather allows I am going to do some conservation work (scrub clearance) tomorrow -hope I can still move afterwards  Smile

Up Helly Aa looks fabulous - I hope you have a fabulous time.

Have a great time at the workshop Mickie - I would love to do a workshop with Helen Chilton

Look forward to seeing your scarf Vonny.

Plymouth was a long day - very tired.  I go by train -when I had to drive last year when the track was washed away I found that the long journey affected my endometriosis as my scar tissue rubbed and irritated Sad   I get quite alot done on the train which is why I'm probably tired!!

Rest today then I need to do my swaps for Stampin' Up Quarterly training on Saturday

think the train must be a lot better than driving Miriam -at least you can shut your eyes for a few minutes in safety!

Will post my scarf pic soon

I think you are probably better off on the train too Miriam, unless it is a commuter train and then I'm not so sure.  Every time I have caught the train home from Eastbourne lately I have had to stand - no fun if you are trying to work on your laptop Rolling Eyes

The workshop was brilliant.  We decorated the covers of our Inky Fingers Club scrap book ready for our next meeting when we shall be exploring Brushos.  (I can feel my purse screaming for mercy already).  Haven't quite finished my front cover but will post pic when I have.

How did the scrub clearance go Vonny?  Hope you are not too stiff.

Hope the Up Helly Aa celebrations went well.  I do agree Margaret, shame to burn the beautiful boat but then, what would they do in their spare time if they had no boat to build for next year?  Laughing

the scrub clearance was hatrd work but fun. we were cutting and lopping bushes and small trees to allow a hedge to be laid later -lots of pesky brambles too! The best bit was having a great big fire to burn ll the scrub -kept us warm at lunch time too. there was also a ketle thing that you put wood into at the bottom then lit it and it boiled water for the tea -I'm sure it's got a name -will find out next time. Do ache a bit but had a lovely long soak in the bath once home which helped.

Did some different weaving with my group today and about half of them could get on with little help which is great. Only one chap couldn't get the idea at all but he was still full of enthusiasm  Very Happy

Will post scarf pic in gallery

Sounds like hard work Vonny! Lovely to work with a team though for something like that.

The workshop sounds interesting Mickie - I have heard other people talking about these Brushos! Looking forward to seeing your pieces.

I seem to have spent the last two days trying to get to grips with a lightbox for taking photographs. I have experimented all around the house to try and get the light right and think I finally cracked it this afternoon. Got some lovely crisp clear photographs of my handmade flowers. Trouble is remembering how I did it - by that time I was not taking notes  Laughing

I am sure Margaret had a fabulous day on Tuesday - the weather wasn't kind but not too bad. The costumes were amazing! Enjoy the Jarl's dance tomorrow as well.

Can't believe I haven't posted this week I am sure I did not had the best week. We are having the weekend in so hopefully I will get some crafting done as not done a lot recently. I am still in bed so better get up.

   Becky x

Glad you are ok Becky, was getting a little concerned when you hadn't posted this week.  

It is pretty cold today, so probably best spent crafting Laughing To that end I have made a box with a book inside on an underwater theme.  Just waiting for the box to dry and will post picture.

Lightbox sounds interesting Jennie.  How big is it?  Is it like the box used to safeguard everything when using spray paints, etc?

That kettle thing sounds interesting too Vonny.  Glad you had a good time doing your scrub clearance.  Did you find anything interesting?

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend so far, especially you Miriam

Jennie -I find that problem with experimenting -you find the way to do it but don't know what you actually did. hopefully you will be able to replicate your pictures.
Mickie -didn't find anything interesting at all while clearing the scrub -in fact I hadn't thought about that aspect. If it was one of the books i like to read it would be a body part!!!
Had a crafting session with a friend today and made a few simple cards -will post once i get unpacked -nearly didn't get there as it was snowing hard until around 9.00 am but then suddenly stopped. Later it did snow a bit more then poured with rain!

Well, I just hd to go and see what the wording was about and it starts off "Mary the mother of the Lamb sat as white as snow in the wall of the villages,"  

Unfortunately I cannot make out the words on both lines at the end of the lines - also I suspect that there is more text.

I must point out at that the translation comes courtesy of my old mate Google Wink

Evening all.... where did the weekend go??

Yesterday was a busy one!  I had a Stampin Up demo day in the morning then I drove to the Stamp Attic because Wendy had the new Paper Artsy stuff on sale. I treated myself to quite a bit!  Oops!!  Then by the time I got home just after 5 I had to sort out washing etc!  

Today I had a bit of a lie in then did more washing and all of the ironing before letting myself settle down to play with the new stash.  I have to say that this is my favourite release so far!  I will post my creations when I take some decent pics!

I do have some exciting news.... but unfortunately you will have to wait a few days (sorry!!).

Mickie - the workshop sounds great - I have heard a few people mention Brushos recently.

Vonny - the scrub clearance sounded hard but satisfying work!

Becky - I hope you are feeling better - this is supposed to be a better year!!

Jennie - I hope you remember what you did!!  I am dreadful at taking photos and my rooms are quite dark!  I keep thinking that I must invest in a day time light or something!

glad you are enjoying your new stash Miriam -I've done some knitting today but no card making. Have a session with friends tomorrow and aim to do some ATCs
margaret rorie

Just getting back to normal after a busy week. Our visitors have gone and I've nearly caught up on the washing.

Did some crafting today - meant to go to the gym but it was too snowy!

Just listened to a concert from Celtic Connections online as our great nephew had got through to the final of the Open Stage event. He's studying traditional music in Glasgow now although it seems no time ago when he was learning to play the fiddle! The years are certainly flying past.

Oh Miriam am envying your new stash and I covet any of the new PaperArtsy stamps you bought Laughing   I love all the new stamps, especially the new Lynne Perella and the Jofy ones.

Have been having a catch up with the telly day.  I had four episodes of Spiral to watch and managed to do three so not bad and I feel quite relaxed too.

My earlier post starting "Well, I just.." should have been posted in Becky's gallery where it will make complete sense Rolling Eyes

thanks for the translation mickie -can kind of see it makes some sense

Hello again everybody!

Miriam-I love having a new lot of stamps to play with, I just recently won a couple of sets myself on ebay, I've managed to sneak one of them into a set of my ATC's for this month Wink

Had my first crafting session last night in what feels like forever! Have been looking through Pinterest getting lots of little ideas here and there for the ATCs this month and I finally got to try a few bits and pieces for myself. My new item in my craft drawer at the moment is Gesso. Had a little go at re-vamping some models in an old Next catalogue, giving them funky hair-do's and so on. Tried my hand at stamping into the Gesso while it was still wet and decided to use that little technique on one of my ATC sets. It's not quite as thick and textured as I'd like so practice will help with that I'm sure. Anybody else a fan of Gesso and got some handy hints and tips?

I use Gesso quite  bit Rachel, although have not thought to use it other than as a sealer/primer or as a wash, so thanks for the idea to use it to stamp with.  Although I would guess that you would need a Gesso with a reasonably high acrylic content for that.  I like a thicker Gesso for journalling as you can make patterns in it and that gives another layer.  Have you seen the Masterclass in the February issue of Craft Stamper?  Lots of lovely ideas there I thought.

Seems have rambled on bit there - apologies if your eyes have closed

i haven't used it that much but seem to recall that some inks didn't stamp too well onto it -has anyone else found this?

I use a lot of gesso and have three different types - Golden is more watery, Claudine Hellmuth a little thicker (and an easier jar to open) and then the Liquitex Ultra Thick. The latter I can get some texture with my stamping into, but the others are little thin really. Inks don't necessarily work well with it, but I quite like that effect. I have a plaque going out on my blog on Friday which is a good example. I will try to remember to post it in the gallery!!

Have fun with the gesso Rachel - that's the main thing  Very Happy and don't be frightened to experiment. Lots of my things go in the bin, but I do learn a lot.

thanks for that about inks Jennie -so what do you use to stamp with on it? Maybe paints?

Vonny, distress Inks won't adhere to the gesso, unless you leave them overnight and they can still be rubbed off. You can stamp with Arcival or Staz On but I find these colours are a bit harsh, so I stamp off first. Or, my favourite, is to stamp on tissue with Arcival or Staz On and then glue them down with multi medium matte, or any PVA would probably work. You can then cover any texture bits as well.

thanks for that Jennie. I have tried using tissue before (not on gesso) and get hard edges -perhaps the sort of tissue i used was a problem. Will have to have a play at some point.  Smile

Vonny if you tear your tissue instead of cutting it the "frayed" edges will blend into your gesso and you won't get a hard line.  Since doing the Helen Chilton boxes where we used this tissue technique, I always stamp with Archival (and then you have to wait until it dries or use a heat gun) or Stazon (dries almost instantly).  Then paint/colour on the underside.  I tend to stick to using PaperArtsy Fresco paints and I glue the tissue to the item I am decorating with their Satin Glaze or Americana Decou-page matte, although I'm sure any matt sealer would do the trick

I use Tissuetex which is very good - not sure where I got it from though, possibly when I did the workshop at West Dean College, but I think it is available elsewhere. I find it difficult to tear around the image, my fingers are like sausages sometimes! so I use a wet paintbrush (small one) and just wet the tissue around the area I want to use and while still wet it tears very easily. Printed napkins are lovely too  Very Happy

thanks both -I did tear mine but it is only cheap from a stationery shop i think. i have used mod Podge and just normal PVA. Also found both these products smear any dye inks used on the project! I use Staz on to stamp so at least that was OK. Think I need to start an art journal so I can play but with a focus Forum Index -> General
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