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Morning all hope you have all had a good weekend.Weather is dull here this morning but at least it is not raining I am having a day in not sure what I will be doing woke up late and with a headache  Sad . x

Well here we go again! Storm Henry, although I think the worst will be south of us here in Shetland. Mind you it sounds pretty grim out there at the moment!

Yes PaperARtsy releases all this week. Mine are up on Wednesday night - rather excited  Very Happy I can't wait to get crafting again- I am really missing it.

I have decided to get a gelli plate - I've been umming and ahhring for so long, but I have loads of PaperArtsy paints now, so should have plenty to keep me going. What is a good size? is it worth going a bit bigger "just in case" ????

My HUGE dressing was taken off this morning and I am now down to a small crepe bandage. It feels rather chilly ! but I have managed to use my little foot spa this afternoon. I decided to buy one this time after trying to fit my foot into a round (old) washing up bowl last time. Mind you we both got a face full of water when I switched the "bubble" on when we were both hovering over it to see how it worked  Embarassed

you made me smile Jennie -both the thought that the big dressing kept you warm and the water bubbling up  Laughing
I have the gelli plate that is around A4 size -but you don't have to use all of it so it is easy to do smaller pieces of work too -if you want a specific size you can put a piece of paper under it to see where you need to paint. Best to think about what you will need it for really
Becky hope your headache is better by now -I went to bed with one yesterday but it has been ok today.
Line dancing then a card making session with friends so started my ATCs early this month

Glad the foot is healing well, although shame the dressings had to come off in these cold, stormy times Laughing

With regard to the Gelli plate; I have the 6x6 and the 10x8 and would agree with Vonny in that the larger one is probably the more used, especially for a sheet of background paper/card to be cut up - although if you just want a picture to go on a small square card or canvas board then the smaller one has its advantages.   One thing I would not be without though are the accompanying mega plates (from Clarity) that allow the gelli plate to be used like a stamp and you can see just exactly where you want your design to be placed.  I pooh poohed these when I first heard about them but having used them at Clarity retreats I was won over

Think the winds have passed us by today and it is just cold and wet so will get the waterproofs out and go for my daily hike along the sea front:roll:

Hope your headache has gone Becky

by lunch time today we had lovely warm (!) sunshine that lasted all afternoon -I think Luton has moved to Spain  Laughing
Made a very simple card at the session today but improved with cake and tea! Lots of friendly people so hope there will be another one soon.
Did a little work on ATCs and a couple of journal pages this afternoon too

Buenos Tardes!  It is bright, sunny and warm too.  I'm thinking Spain might have reached the coast:lol:

Woke up this morning bursting with energy, ready for whatever the day might bring.  Would be nice to feel like this every morning Laughing

Nothing planned so will go with the flow

Enjoy your day everyone - don't forget to watch PaperArtsy tonight

Yes it is bright and sunny here - through the glass! Been snowing and bitterly cold outside, but as I am not going anywhere I could pretend I am in Spain  Laughing

Last day of foot up (yay !!) although I did have a shower on my own this morning, took me ages (way over an hour) but at least I could do things at my own pace.

Thanks for all the advice re the Gelli Plate. I am now off to order one. I'll go for the 8 x 10. Good idea to put a tag or ATC underneath to see the area for brayering - clever lot! And I'll have a look at the Clarity mega plate Mickie too. Thanks again.

Hope you have that energy all day Mickie  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

hope the energy lasted Mickie - great to feel like that  Smile
Glad the foot healing is going well Jennie.
Did a bit of shopping today and filled a few holes in the wall following the new boiler being put in. Do have some of the previous paint but it may have dried up and is likely not to match that on the walls that has faded I expect -but better than a cream patch and a bit of chipboard.

Morning I got washing dried on the line yesterday so was pleased about that. Glad you getting on ok Jennie it seems a lot quicker this time at least you have not had to go out in the cold. I missed the paper artsy launch n I am afraid I forgot all about it. Hope you still have your energy Mickie send some my way please. Hope you got your wall done Vonny. Haven't really achieved a lot this week painted some journal pages which I am taking to craft club tonight and some stamps so can have a play. x

Well Team Sara's launch at PaperArtsy went well last night -  you can still catch it here Becky on he PA blog:

I am still a bit worried as to where I fit in a PA as my style is just SO SO different from everyone' else but that's what Leandra wants me to do but a little scary still ! I also had a lovely surprise yesterday afternoon when the postman came with my samples back from CHA. Paula had packed the box with loads of little bits and pieces from the new releases - wish you could have seen my grin !!!!! So I am looking forward to having a play with them at some point.

Today I am ging to have an hour crafting - probably end up tidying up the desk as all the stuff which has arrived over the last two weeks is now sitting on my desk  Laughing including your ATCs but I'll get the swap done and Terry can post them later.

Sort of blue skies and snowy here but I still don't have to go out  Laughing

Been and watched it Jennie love what you did you really do have a style of your own and your flowers are great. x

Jennie your different style is what makes you an ideal addition to the PaperArtsy team.  I thought your samples were fabulous and, by the way, I loved what you did last Saturday too Laughing   Think Leandra is going for world domination.  Am hoping it will be Darcy tonight and we have Miriam's samples coming up too - not sure whose wingman she is.  Fantastic

It is a lovely day here today and best of all my new Jofy stamps were waiting for me when I got back from Art Club Cool  This afternoon I was going to try and continue with the watercolour (still suffering for my art Rolling Eyes ) but think i shall have to play with my new stamps instead.

Have sent some energy to you Becky. Enjoy Craft Club

Hope your kitchen is back to normal Vonny.  I wondered if you could paint a mural with the old paint and that way, the fading might not be obvious Laughing  Laughing

the kitchen is being done a very little at a time -next is rubbing down and some undercoating -won't be painting for a while yet -don't spend all day on it, just an hour or so as it is only touching up really.
Jennie -loved your PaperArtsy work -thought it was great for you to have a sailing ship to work with! Enjoy the new stash
Hope craft club went well Becky -it does take a bit of planning to make sure you can take something useful to do when you go out  doesn't it?  
Mickie -enjoy the stamps
margaret rorie

You all sound as if you're very busy. Glad you're now a little more mobile Jennie.  I've just looked at the PaperArtsy site - what a lot of super examples. Your work was lovely and showed how versatile the stamps are. Very tempted by the leaf ones.

Looking forward to watching Shetland again this evening although can hardly remembered what happened 2 weeks ago! Think this series is much better than the earlier ones. I heard Ann Cleeves speak at Shetland Noir where she explained that when a TV company buy the rights to a book they can do whatever they like to it!

Have a good weekend everyone.

managed a bit of stamping this afternoon before slumming it and watching "Kinky Boots" which I enjoyed  Smile Felt I could do this as the friend I was expecting wasn't able to make it so had some 'free' time -
talking of time don't forget we have an extra day this year!!
May be going to Leighton Buzzard tomorrow which will mean a visit to the stamping shop -and possibly a visit to the yarn shop which has new owners

Morning all up early can't sleep. If you get to Leighton Buzzard Vonny don't spend to much. I am enjoying Shetland Margaret do you or you Jennie live near to where there are filming and I am in love with Dougie Henshall Nothing planned so will go with the flow I must get some crafting done I have loads to do but can't seem to finish so have loads of bits laying around. x

Nice to have the afternoon "off" once in a while Vonny and it is a lovely film with the feel good factor  Laughing  Don't spend too much today

Silly me, I thought that Shetland would be a season of two part stories so I watched the first two episodes together.  Was quite bemused that it wasn't on last week but relieved to see it scheduled again this week, only to find that the story continues.................. Rolling Eyes

Doesn't sound like all that energy i sent ever reached you Becky.  I seem to have run out of puff too but will send more when I get the next surplus8)

Have got the Art Society AGM this afternoon which I hope will not go on too long but it will be nice to get back to it after the long break.  Apparently there is a DVD scheduled for afterwards

I have been watching Leandro's Periscope streams and it is just like when she does the shows.  Fabulous. I also need all the Darcy stamps.................

didn't spend too much- but enough to fill my loyalty card and get 15% off. Got most of the things I wanted including one of the new Paperartsy stencils by Lin Brown, with the seed heads on  Smile Hope it keeps raining so a walk is not an option tomorrow then I can have a play!
Hope you managed to finish something Becky and Mickie, hope the AGM wasn't too boring -is the DVD about how to do art?

Evening all..... had a really busy week and then Wendy and Caz came to visit today.

Jennie - loved your projects on the Paper Artsy blog - fabulous!

Lin Brown workshop next week!!  Really looking forward to it - though need to find out where it is - don't even know the shop name! lol!

Have to admit the AGM went well, except that a friend and I were railroaded onto the committee by three other friends (should that be "friends"? Laughing)already on the committee.  The DVDs were quite inspiring - so much so I borrowed one so I could do the project step by step at home.  Think I might have unexpected company that day Wink This was a landscape and the other one showed two different ways to paint a rose

Will keep fingers crossed the it rains over your house tomorrow Vonny Laughing Must say 15% loyalty card seems very generous.  Trust you spent it wisely

Miriam I am quite  envious of your Lin Brown workshop.  I love the way she uses fabric in her projects

Evening all.....

Hope you've all had a good weekend.  And if the storm is hitting you like me please stay safe and warm.

Yesterday Wendy and Caz came to visit - we chatted, stamped and coloured some of the new Paper Artsy images.... which I adore.  I bought some polychromo pencils with birthday money - and they are fabulous!

Can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow Sad

It is blowing a hoolie out there tonight.  Don't think I'll be getting much sleep.  Hope it blows itself out before I need to go shopping

I can't believe its Monday so soon either. When you are working the weekends just fly by but when you stop working its the weeks that go tearing passed Laughing

Keep safe everyone

Miriam it won't be long to Saturday -the shop is called Threads and Patches (they have their own website) and there is parking at the rear. Really looking forward to seeing you there -sounds like you have a heads up with some of the new stamps.
Sunday started with sun but did rain by mid morning so did get to so some stamping  Smile
Worked on my tag this afternoon after doing a bit of sewing. Forum Index -> General
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