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Morning ladies rather damp here but I am having a day in in fact we haven't anything planned till Thursday night when I go to Craft club. I am playing with shrink plastic not a fan of it  Very Happy might even have to go and get some more. What have you all planned for this week.

Brrrr!  It's cold and damp here today and someone has really cheered me up by telling me that it will be like this for the next eight days Rolling Eyes  Oh what fun!  To cap it all I managed to get cerulean blue acrylic paint all over my jumper and scarf this morning!    

I'm not going anywhere until Wednesday afternoon.  Be nice to spend some time at home.

I have been finding that shows don't have the range of items either Scrapmate -tho if it was heaving it does show that there are a lots of people with an interest.  .if you don't have a die cutting machine then about 50% of what the stalls show is not relevant to you. Will be interesting to see what Stamperama is like -last but one tome before there was a new stamp supplier which had a great range- mind you with Papersrtsy there we don't need much else!! Must admit that the organisers seem to have tried to add to the value by encouraging the stall holders to do make and take sessions for the last couple of times.Will report back!

Managed to get started on some Feb ATCs today as met with friends for a craft session -best thing to do in this weather!

Mickie -hope you get the paint off but think it is difficult with fabric -also once it is washed it will be set  Confused

Yes lots of dies but not many Memory Box ones which is what I was looking for. One thing I did get were some alcohol ink markers by First Edition. I've avoided Copics etc because I'm not really a great one for detailed colouring in and shading and also it's a massive outlay of money but these were sets of 6 pens in reds, greens, blues etc I got 7 sets for £19 which I thought was a very good price. Hoping to find the time to play with them soon.
Monday afternoon is my Food Bank volunteering day so I've been out and about but at least it's not cold at the moment. Also went to check out the work of a potential builder and to look at some bathroom tiles.
Have a good evening everyone.

Gosh Scrapmate that was a really good bargain all those pens for £19  you would't have got 2 pk of  copics or promarkers and like Vonny says they is lots of dies at these shows. I am in today and must say so glad I am it is very wet outside.
margaret rorie

It's a horrible day here too with wind and rain which is a shame because it's Up Helly Aa today. I've attached a photo of the Jarl Squad marching through the town. In the evening there is a procession which ends in the longship being burnt.

Click to see full size image

I don't think the Vikings are put off by the weather Margaret!! One I saw on the Coast programme once showed the flaming torches blowing in all directions but everyone seemed to have a good time especially in the pub afterwards  Laughing

I have noticed Rukhshana that there doesn't appear to be many Memory Box dies at shows anyway or wasn't I looking in the right places???? What a fabulous bargain for your alcohol pens. I once won several sets of  Spectrum Noir pens but just couldn't get on with them so I sold them all!  

I have been soaked through every time I have taken the dog out for the last three days! Trying to get coats dry is a nightmare. Still it is warmer out but just wish it was drier! An engineer is coming out on Thursday to take our tumble dryer apart. We managed to buy one of the ones that has caused serious fires so Indesit are sending out engineers to replace/put in an essential part. It has only taken 18 months to get a date!
Rukhshana how is your building work going along?

Rusticus wrote:

Rukhshana how is your building work going along?

It's not Sad . Everything is now dry but no one wanted to come in December to give up a quote. We have been meeting builders this week and are waiting for quotes to come in but we really need to see some more. Many are too busy and even the ones that are coming over don't seem to be able to start until May.
We went to see The Girl on the Train this morning. It was quite good.

great bargain with the pens Scrapmate. Also great about volunteering with the food bank -we have a very active one here with collection points in the supermarkets and at volunteer recruitment sessions they are out in force looking for help. If I hadn't wanted to work with people with learning disabilities then I might have been tempted. Sorry to hear that your building work is not coming along.
Rusticus good you are getting the tumble drier sorted -18 months seems a very long time for something that is a fire hazard!
Love the Viking picture Margaret -think it's great that this is still enacted -and after your studies you must get even more from it.
Sensible to stay in if you can Becky - drizzly and foggy here but went for another adjustment of mt glasses then stitching group this afternoon.

Just to say hello I'm back! Had a great time away, although very tiring. Staying with an elderly relative is not necessarily relaxing! but my weekend with Callum and Caitlyn was great with not a tear or "I want my Mummy!". We did a lot of crafts and baking so really they didn't have much time to think about it!

I developed a nasty cold on the Monday so had a pretty fretful and feverish night on the ferry Monday evening. So when I got home yesterday I did actually go back to bed for a bit - most unlike me! However, I do feel a whole lot better today and am off to Pilates shortly and hope to achieve it without having a coughing fit!

Sorry not to have kept up with all the news - it has all been rather too hectic but I am back now for three weeks before we are off to Ireland  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Oh Rukhshana that is sad news. I hoped you would be cracking on with it. I wonder just how much work some tradespeople want, here in Cornwall there is a system called "Dreckly" in operation!  Along comes a tradesperson to give a quote and he will start dreckly which means this year, next year whenever!! Most frustrating at times. We asked for a quote at the beginning of December to install a multi fuel burner including putting in a chimney liner, cowl and registration plate - still waiting for the quote Shocked  Rolling Eyes
All is not lost as we installed the stove which burns very well, our son-in-law will make a registration plate for the back of the stove. Turns out we don't need a chimney liner anyway!!
Keeping fingers crossed that you strike lucky with a good builder soon.

Jennie welcome back and hope you can fit in some crafting time before you are off again. Sorry to hear about the cold/cough, fingers crossed it soon leaves you.

The supermarkets close to us have collection points too, I must check out where the Food Bank is and see if they need any more volunteers.

Wind is really blowing well here and the sea is very rough. We could hear the waves crashing against the rocks this morning. When I walked along the coast path yesterday there were clumps of seaweed on the path thrown up by the waves and in places the sea wall is over 5 feet high! During the winter of 2015 parts of the coast path were seriously damaged and out of action for several months until the council got around to fixing it, hope it doesn't happen again. At least the rain is holding off today so far.

Glad to have you back Jennie but sorry you have brought a cold with you.  You've certainly had a busy but enjoyable time.

Good to see your picture from Up Helly Aa Margaret - saw the spread in The Guardian too - appeared to have been a fabulous night

Stay indoors Becky - it's dry there!  I have just unpacked my art bag from this morning and it is quite wet inside - happily nothing damaged.  At first I thought my water jar must have leaked but, no, it was the rain in the short walk from the hall to the car.  We had glorious sunshine around 8.00am too Rolling Eyes

I am confused, please help me out here.  Rusticus wrote "Rukshana how is your building work going?" and Scrapmate replied that it's not. ........  Are we talking two people with building work? Are Scrapmate and Rukshana one person.  What have I missed?................. I know someone has had a flood ........... Laughing

As for builder waiting times, we used to give them three weeks in which to quote and to show their lead-in time should they be successful.  I would be a little worried if a reputable builder were able to undertake the job straightaway.

Hope they get your new specs finally adjusted soon Vonny

Have you got a removal date yet Margaret?

Just noticed that my lilac tree is in full bud - oooh will spring come early?  Wouldn't that be nice?

Mickie Rukhshana & Scrapmate are one and the same  Very Happy Sorry! Rusticus knows me from a previous forum when I used to use my real name but I prefer to register with my online name on forums now.

Oh I see.................. Laughing

I was going to ask the same question Mickie it doesn't take me long  Very Happy so Scrapmate is Rukhshana and Rusticus is Lynn. Nice to have you back Jennie even if it for a short time you are certainly out and about. Saw my Dad Wednesday as he is nearer now he is very frail and sleeps a lot but we still had a laugh and joke he is 90 in a couple of weeks so we are taking him out for a meal some of the kids are coming but he doesn't know that , I am staying in not sure what the weather is doing but the sun is trying to peep though. xx

Sorry for causing confusion peeps  Laughing  Yes I am Lynn aka Rusticus!  By the way Scrapmate what did you think of the film "Girl on the train"? Had you read the book?
Almost as wild and windy as yesterday and torrential rain too, think we are having all the rain we should have had through December and January.  Yesterday Penzance promenade was closed to pedestrians and traffic as the police considered it too hazardous. Quite something to see the waves coming up over the sea wall.

Thankfully it is just breezy here today but enough that I was bent over for part of my walk  Laughing But the sun is shining and it is dry!

Glad to have the confusion about names sorted! I was wondering myself. Do you wish to be called by your log in name or personal name?

I liked the "dreckly" word ..... Trouble here is finding anyone who will do a small job. There are some major building works going on here including a new High School so most firms seem to be involved in that and difficult to commit.

I seem to have spent most of the day packing up for a Machine Embroidery workshop tomorrow. A change for me to be the pupil and I am really looking forward to it. Absolutely no idea what we will be doing so I have had to pack a lot of stuff "just in case". A long day from 10 to 17.30 so hopefully we shall have some arty stuff finished in that time  Laughing

Have a great weekend everyone x

Machine embroidery as well as everything else Jennie? Think time must work differently up there to fit it all in  Laughing
The rough seas sound exhilarating Rusticus , provided you are safely watching at a distance.
Had a morning crafting and getting ahead with some ATCs then managed to find the energy for one of my new 2 hour line dance classes -it was in a smaller hall so we all had to take much smaller steps. nothing much on this weekend but on Monday need to go and buy some knee pads for my next lot of conservation work

Gosh Jennie is they no end to your talent and where do you find the time mind you Vonny and Mickie are as bad wish I had your energy. I am popping to Hobbycraft then pick some rolls we are having burgers tonight then home for the rest of the weekend.

I enjoyed Girl on the Train. I haven't read the book but DH who came with me was totally confused and kept asking 'who is that ?' until I had to tell him to shut up!
Jennie I don't mind which name you use for me although Scrapmate is easier to spell Very Happy .
Had a friend over for dinner last night and going to another friend for dinner tonight. Seeing another decorator today. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

I am easy about what you call me - Lynn is possibly easier than Rusticus!

Yes Vonny watching the sea is exhilarating, I walk our little dog by the sea most days as I love to see the changes and Lucy dog enjoys chasing the seagulls and dashing around on the beach. Hate it when she finds a smelly fish to roll on though Rolling Eyes

Our daughter loved the book yet she and her friend hated the film! She said the characters were portrayed differently. Laughed at you telling your DH to shut up Very Happy  My DH is easily confused when watching some films!

I am exhausted after reading what Vonny, Mickie and Jennie fit into a day, they certainly make me seem lazy in comparison. Laughing

glad of a quiet day today -sorted out a pair of leg warmers that I want to knit and a way to knit them both at once in the round.
Sunny and warm this afternoon so took a stroll around the neighbourhood. It always amazes me that there are so many people living in a small area but not much going on -perhaps everyone was out shopping!

Today I am brain dead.  It was the Art Society AGM which went on...............and.............on.................. Rolling Eyes    This was followed by an art DVD but the volume was soooooo loud some of us were sitting there with our hands over our ears  Laughing   You have to laugh - you'd be committing murder otherwise Laughing

What was nice though, was that when we came out of the hall, there was a beautiful red sky and it was still light.  Fantastic!  Brought to mind the adage that come the second Saturday in February you will have your tea in daylight.

Planning on having a quiet crafting day tomorrow.

Scrapmate I did smile at you shutting your DH up!  I have heard such a lot about this film that I can't wait to read the book.  I just have to finish The Killing III first.  Shan't see the film until it is on the TV.  We don't have too much in the way of cinemas.

Machine embroidery Jennie?  If that were me I'd get paint or ink all over it.  You're obviously a much tidier worker Laughing  Laughing

The sea where you are is obviously more interesting than it is where I am Lynn - the beach is shingle too so don't go down there much, only when I feel the need for power exercise - walking on shingle being good for one's leg muscles so they say  Wink

Mind you, you probably get similar exercise with your line dancing Vonny - and you don't get bufetted by wind or soaked with spray - think you might be getting the better deal there

that's fantastic Becky - going out for a meal to celebrate your dad's 90th.  In the meantime you're probably right to stay in the warm

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone

never heard that adage Mickie -what a mine of info you are! Line dancing is good exercise but with no fresh air (unless the windows are open)or sun on your face (!)

Well the machine embroidery was very interesting and we were very much left to experiment. So what did I end up doing - collage in fabric! And yes Mickie -there was a comment about the "white stuff" on my machine. Either gesso or paint, not too sure which  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

A quieter today sorting out a fleece for spinning - sorry that's another interest  Embarassed My cousin gave me one of his Tex shearings (I think the breed is actually Texel). I graded the fleece which was huge and carded and spun a little bit of each area to see what it is like. I think it will not be soft but may be warm !

My good news of today is that I am following a new diet regime - high protein and low carb ....... I've lost 2lb this week  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked The food is so nice I was worried that I would be putting on weight! So pleased about the one. Along with the exercise each day I have worked quite hard. So 2 down, 12 to go ................ wonder if i can do before I go on holiday to Crete  Laughing

I am re-reading Girl on the Train - not like me to re-read a book but Terry has just read and enjoyed it immensely. Not sure I will go and see the film - hearing mixed feelings here about it.

Tonight we're going to see a movie called Hidden Figures about black female scientists during the space race in the 60s. Also have to collect DS1 whose flight from Bologna was cancelled yesterday so he and 7 colleagues got an extra day there. Forum Index -> General
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