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Another monday morning we are already whizzing though the year.Yesterday apart from snow we had the 4 seasons weather glad I was inside and it is very windy today. All I have on today is a doc appt at 7-10 tonight so have the day to play have to do my Dad a birthday card for next week at least I know what I am doing for him. I managed to get some projects finished yesterday so will put them in my gallery. x

You have been a busy girl Becky - don't work too hard today  Laughing Hope Drs appt goes well.  I can't get used to the evening appointments and people still have to wait.  crazy Rolling Eyes

I love Indian/Asian food and subscribe to a company called Shemins who take all the hard work out of it by supplying ready mixed pastes that you keep in the fridge.  So, last week's newsletter contained a recipe for Moussaka (with a twist) and today I thought I would make it!

This means I have to venture forth in what I hope is the tail end of the gale that has been crashing and banging all night, so loudly that not much sleep was to be had.  

Hope you all have a good day

Hope you are all safe and warm in the south and that Imogen is not causing you too many problems. It has been a lovely day here  Very Happy and I managed a little walk out of the garden and along the road. All doing well. I hope you got on ok at the doctors tonight Becky and that you didn't get too blown around in the wind Mickie.

The new Tim HOltz stamp set Lady Rose landed on my mat this morning - a present from Susan at Country View Crafts, so I had a little play with her in the craft room this afternoon. Didn't do her justice and I will probably use the rose stamps more than the face, but a lovely gift from Susan.

Poor Aimee was at the vets all day having a general to get her teeth done. She's nearly 11 bless her and the vet thought it would be kinder to knock her out to given them a good clean. She's either walking around like a drunk tonight or snoring so loudly I had to turn the TV up ! I expect she iwondering what on earth has happened.

hope you got your Dad's birthday card done Becky- good that you have the idea already.
Mickie  hope the moussaka worked out ok. Good luck with being on the committee and hope the DVD helps your painting skills
Glad you are getting out and about Jennie and a nice pressie for you too. Had to smile about Aimee -hope her teeth are sparkling now Very Happy

Morning hope Aimee is feeling better this morning Jennie and lucky you new stamps. Got my Dad's card done yesterday, got to have x-ray on my hips and back great fun. Upp early taking Mum to the eye hospital she got a early Appt but hopefully we won't be to long and then I will go crafting with my friends. X

Hope Aimee is fully recovered - do hate to see dog's in discomfort - if only they could speak.............  Had a look at the stamps and these look to have been made for you Jennie Laughing

Hope your mum's appt went well Becky and you have been able to spend the rest of the day crafting.  Suppose you have to wait for x-ray appt - hope they don't call you too early in the day

Vonny, the Moussaka was delicious even if it was an odd combination!  Will definitely do that one again.

Saw Tesco are selling the 3.5l slow cooker at half price and having had a couple of overflow situations with my small one, I indulged in a purchase.  Have found it is easier to cook to four servings and freeze three Cool

that sounds like good planning Mickie with your busy lifestyle  Smile
Hope your mum's appointment went well Becky -you do seem to spend a fair bit of time in hospitals. Hope your X ray appts come soon -that could have been a good X tag!!
Started a new lady on cross stitch today and she took to it really well -just have to see if she manages to do any when I am not there!

Morning ladies hope you are all well we are going to get Mum a slow cooker for her birthday so might pop to Tesco thank Mickie for saying. Hope Aimee is feeling better Jennie. Mum's hosp appt did not go well we were there all day got home at 4 she ended up having a injection in her eye which she will now have once a month then it will be reviewed if not working they will stop. Lazy day today popping out to see some friends but that is it. x

Can't imagine what it must be like having an injection in the eye Crying or Very sad  However, my friend's husband has to have them on a monthly basis and we all meet somewhere for a long lunch afterwards Laughing

Had a talk last night from the local Hearing dogs for the Deaf association.  They brought their dogs with them, one of which was a Dachshund/Poodle cross.  I haven't heard of this combination before.  Imagine the long back of a Dachs and short legs with a poodle head and coat; not to mention that the poodle  was definitely not a miniature!  Poor thing has had to have operations to correct spinal problems.  The bond between owner and dog was a joy - both elderly and interdependent Laughing

Having a quiet day in.  Have an idea for Ode to Joy journal page that won't complete itself.  The idea that is Wink Instead of the image developing it has become an ear worm that is driving me crazy Laughing

Evening all.... very tough day today.  Fit for nothing tonight!! Really looking forward to Saturday though.

Sounds like you've all been busy!  Imogen was horrid at the start of the week,  thankfully no damage to our house though.

Injection in the eye - I can't even think about it!!  Hope you managed to ger some rest Becky.

Your slow cooker sounds lovely Mickie.

Jennie - nice present.... I must admit that set doesn't appeal to me - other than the roses!!  Hope Aimee is feeling better.

sounds like a horrid day Becky -and eye injections sound awful -your poor mum. hope she likes the slow cooker tho
Glad you have some inspiration for the Ode to Joy challenge -best to get rid of the ear worm asap!
Made a heart garland with the art group today -was a really easy session which makes a change.
Chatted to my friend who has gone to live on a canal boat -she is loving it despite a number of teething problems, including the wet and windy weather and the central heating not working properly -luckily they have a wood stove (and a number of pubs along the Macclesfield canal).
Lunch out tomorrow so can relax ready for Saturday's workshop -shame Miriam can't join me  Sad

Beautiful day today but oh how cold it is now the sun's gone in.  Driving back from Art Group you could see the buds on the trees thickening up -spring is just round the corner

Sounds so romantic; living in a narrow boat but I can imagine it must get a little hairy in the high winds.  Hope they get their heating sorted out

The heart garland sounds lovely Vonny.  Much nicer than some of the stuff I have seen in the shops.  Sainsbury are selling quite big bottles of red and white glitter!

Have just got rid of the Beethoven ear worm and Vivaldi has taken over Rolling Eyes

Evening all....

Vonny - I should arrive in MK around 4ish - I hope.  I have a hospital appointment before lunch and then driving down.  Really looking forward to Saturday Smile

I've been quite restless this evening - tough day today!!

Morning ladies very wet here so glad I am staying in today. Have a great workshop Vonny and Miriam wish I was joining you and hope you are feeling better soon Miriam. I must think about the challenge Mickie I did have a idea but for the life of me can't remember what I was going to do. x

Miriam -only just saw this and I had assumed you would come over after work. Never mind you will have had a good chance to rest ready for tomorrow

Just catching up with all your news! I really don't know where this week has gone to. It has been pretty busy one way and another although I am not really going anywhere  Laughing

A lot of time has been spent trying to film and produce a video - something I have thought about doing for a while but couldn't basically be bothered in trying to sort everything out. Anyway ………. had a bit of a surreal moment on Tuesday when a friend in America asked if she could put my name forward to  an American company as one of their presenters on Create and Craft for a new release of products  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked So I had to prepare a video for them to see - I really don't know whether anything will come of it all, in fact part of me hopes it doesn't as I think I would be absolutely terrified!

Here is a link to the video if you want to have a look - it's a cabbage rose tutorial.

lots of urrms in the initial bit  Embarassed  Embarassed and try as I might I couldn't get any music for the beginning and the end. Robin, who knows all about doing this is in Edinburgh this week but he's booked for a lesson on his return!

Well that's my news. Hope Vonny and Miriam have a great day today - look forward to hearing all about it.

I loved your tutorial Jennie; clear, concise and none of those irritating distractions some YouTubers seem to go in for.  I hope you do more video "How to's".  Good luck with Create and Craft USA - does that mean you would have to fly to the USA every month?

Have a great day Vonny and Miriam.  Hope the weather is better than forecasted and you have safe journeys.  Look forward to seeing what you make

Really cold here and wet.  The nice man on the radio this morning informed us that sleet and snow was heading down from the north:roll:

Becky you are as bad as me Laughing I started to think about the four seasons and realised it was Valentines Day and simultaneously  a friend asked me if I would do her a card for her husband's 80th on Tuesday, plus I have a poster to prepare for a fund raiser we are doing just before Easter Rolling Eyes  No pressure  there then.  Perhaps it is just as well that the weather is so awful this weekend Laughing
margaret rorie

What exciting news Jennie! You video is excellent - very clear.  I was trying to guess which company this might be but I know it will be top secret so I'll just have to wait.

I was at my crime book group yesterday - we discussed Whip Hand by Dick Francis. I had read it many years ago but it was interesting to read it again. Most of the group enjoyed it - even the younger members!

I've spent today catching up on the reading for my course - I'm really enjoying it. We're looking at place names in Orkney and Shetland this week. Fascinating trying to work out where they came from. A lot came from the Old Norse.  

Hope you have all had a good weekend whatever you were doing.

Brilliant Video Jennie your name is getting round now and well deserved. x

think making a video would be beyond me and I would hate seeing myself! Will go and look when I have a bit more time.
Used to read Dick Francis a lot Margaret -mike likes the racing aspect -but haven't for a while so think I should re visit a couple. I always liked Reflex but I expect it would seem very dates now we have digital cameras -like watching films when they had no mobiles!

great video Jennie Smile Forum Index -> General
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