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Morning ladies had a really bad night been up since 3-30.
Paperartsy stamps I got Mickie are ECL03 and ECL04 by Clare Lloyd that are great. April will come quickly Miriam and hopefully they can do something. How much knitting did you get done Vonny
I am having my hair done this morning it is my Dad's birthday today he is 88 we are going to see 84 Charing Cross Road at Salisbury Playhouse tonight so that should be fun if I can stay awake.
What have you all got planned for this week.

    Becky x

Afternoon all!!

Shame about your bad night Becky - I kept waking myself up (and just possibly, the neighbours) with this horrible cough!  I do think I am on the mend though.  Hurrah

Love the stamps Becky - in fact I love all the new PaperArtsy stamps!
Happy Birthday to your dad.  Hope he has a smashing day and enjoys his theatre trip.

Have a busy week ahead - Game of Thrones 4 arrived this morning so there's that to watch at some stage possible towards the end of the week!  Having coffee with a friend in town tomorrow morning and meeting another one in Eastbourne on Wednesday lunchtime then that evening I have a Girls Dinner at mine.  

Before you know it, it will be April Miriam.  The time will rush by.  Hope they can help you this time

The Fresco paints, or indeed, any chalk paints should be the answer to your problem Vonny.  I wonder if lightly sanding over your acrylics might work?

enjoy your evening Becky and mickie your various socail events. i am going out to an evening knitting group later

i have started a technique thread on art journalling as it fits better there -had a bit of play time this afternoon. Think i will have to try some of the fresco paints -which colours do you use the most?

Oh Vonny, there's a question.  Fresco paints are addictive so be warned.  

I think if you haven't any at all then go for one of the Limited Edition sets.  Both the New Lin Brown and the New Jofy Limited Edition sets are oh so lovely, not to mention versatile.  

Good Luck

Had a brilliant night at Theatre and I stayed awake just I am not usually a theatre goer but really enjoyed it.
I slept ok last night.
Staying in today the sun is shining but cold might get Keith to hang washing out.

  Becky x

Such a beautiful day - had coffee in town with a friend and everyone was happy smiley.  Lovely.

Felt quite tired when I got back home so taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Sorry to not having been around last week - I have had a couple of weeks where I feel I am wading through mud! I don't seem to get much done but am totally busy all the time.

Glad you had a good night at the Theatre Becky - one of my favourite places, but love being on the stage as much as in the audience!

I agree with Mickie Vonny that the Fresco Finish paints are rather addictive. They create such a lovely chalky finish - I haven't got that many but manage to create quite different effects.

It has been very windy here for the last couple of days and we were woken by thunder and lightning at 5.30 this morning. It really has been a bad winter for electrical storms.  Hopefully catch up with you all this week x

thanks for the suggestions mickie -they will be at Stamperama on 1st March so can look IRL!

Gorgeous day here too and was going to do some more to my pages but did a bit in the garden instead -and didn't even need a coat!

Morning all I have Libby for a while this morning while Tegan had her nails done looking forward to it and it gives Zoe and Tegan time together. Weather is lovely again sun already shining but still very cold.
Hope you have sorted the mud out Jennie that must be a pain

 Becky x

Where are you all hope you are all ok.

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