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Morning ladies we have a lovely sunny morning although chilly. Keith decided to turn a screw on my scooter the wrong way and it all fell apart and we can't get it back together so mobility shop here we come also have to take a coat back. x

oh dear Becky -a bit worrying that one screw had so much effect tho  Confused
Had a lovely time at Lyn's workshop and it was great to meet up with Miriam and also Jo who used to post on here at one time. Have put a few finishing touches to the book but it is not quite finished yet. Lyn had no items for sale but there were some stencils being sold for half price by Threads and Patches (including some 12x12 ones) so I did manage to spend some money  Laughing
feeling a bit sniffy today so haven't done much

Evening all.....

Hope you got your scooter sorted Becky.

It was great to finally meet Vonny!! Had a great workshop (and bought some stencils!!).  I managed to finish my project yesterday - so will blog in a few days and take some pics.

I'm planning nothing this coming weekend!  Need to catch up with crafting.... so much to do - so little time!!

Sounds like you both had great time Miriam and Vonny - I'm trying very hard not to be jealous and looking forward to seeing what you both did Laughing

Vonny I hope you aren't going to succumb to the virus thingy that seems to be all the rage at the moment

Hope you managed to get your scooter put back together Becky - Amazing it is all held together with one screw

Art class started again this morning - so good to be back.  Some of us went to nearby cafe for a light lunch afterwards and our tutor came too, which was a very nice start to the new term

Glad you had a great time at the workshop Miriam and Vonny and looking forward to seeing your makes. And hopefully your scooter is feeling better now Becky ??? you must be lost without it.

Thank you for all your feedback on the video and for having a look. I certainly learnt a lot and will have another go when I have more time and more mobility.

Terry is in Aberdeen today for a hospital appointment so I am having a whole day crafting! I have even packed up my lunch and taken it into the craft room so I am not going up and down the stairs - still causing me a bit of bother as the boot is so cumbersome and my foot is at such a strange angle I am always worried I am going to fall over backwards. Aimee is out for the day with Robin, so just me to look after. Rather lovely actually  Very Happy

Glad you had a good workshop Vonny and Miriam can't wait to see what you did. Glad you are getting around a bit better Jennie just be careful. I had a crafting day yesterday but have nothing to show for it  Sad  a lot ended up in bin  Sad  so gave up just off out for a coffee [well in my case tea]
I have craft club tonight. Scooter is all mended Keith now knows what to do if it happens again. x

glad your scooter is fixed Becky but sorry your craft session didn't go well  Sad . hopefully craft club went well.
Jennie did try to view the video but had some problems- heard your voice tho -will try again soon. nice to have a day to yourself -I did smile at you taking your lunch up with you
Not been going out and feeling better than earlier in week but still sniffly and a bit breathless -can manage to craft tho provided I don't do too much. am doing my group this afternoon so taking the morning easy. We are doing some cross stitch on animal shaped cards.

Glad your scooter is in one piece again Becky and good job Keith now knows shat to do.  Although now he knows, it probably won't happen again  Hope craft club went well Laughing

Jennie I think that is a brilliant idea to take your lunch up with you.  It is good that you are mobile again.  Look forward to the next video Laughing

Hope your class went well this afternoon and you didn't overdo things Vonny.  Hang in there, winter is nearly over Laughing

Went to Inky Fingers with Helen Chilton yesterday and had a super time.  We were investigating Impression Obsession Cover a Page Stamps and had a great time.

Had a bit of a break through with the watercolour painting this morning at Art Group - actually produced a whole painting.  I took my portable DVD player with me and a learning DVD and did what the man said, step by step.  I didn't have to worry about brush sizes or which colours to mix with which.  Just had to concentrate on laying down the paint.  Then a few us went out to lunch........

well done Mickie on the painting -think you deserve the lunch  Smile I didn't overdo the class but was tired afterwards.
Yesterday a friend came round for the afternoon and tried out my drum carder (brushes wool ready for spinning or in her case felting) and we had a good natter -she also likes card making and paper crafts etc so we had plenty to say!. Did some light shopping today in Hitchin and had a bit of crafting time this afternoon but off for a cup of tea now!

thanks Vonny.  You sound to have had a good afternoon with your friend.  So nice when someone else speaks the language:lol:

Had a lovely day with Helen Chilton making a box (to hold ATCs) along with some ATCs using the new Distress colours and Darcys new stamps.  Lovely.

Hope you are all having a good weekend

Morning all glad you have mastered the watercolours Mickie it is not as easy as some people seem to do it. Glad you are feeling better Vonny just don't overdo it. Had Libby yesterday she was doing cutting with my guillotine she is so funny love her to bits staying in today so will try to play x Forum Index -> General
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