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Morning all another Monday morning lovely and sunny but cold. You were very  good at Stamperama Vonny  I don't know if I could choose only one set of Paperartsy stamps, wish I could have gone but  perhaps the next one did you bump into Miriam.I am having my hair done and that is it for the day.

Enjoy your hair cutting session Becky  Very Happy
Sounds as though you had a great time at Stamperama Vonny, someone said that Inkylicious had some good demos. I do like Inkylicious stamps and love Brilliance inks!

Very windy here today but a slightly warmer wind!

Wet and horrible here today so glad I am staying in. Got some Birthday card s to make for March time is going too quickly.

didn't see the inkilicous demos as it was either packed when i was in that area or she was taking a break .lots of sample cards showing their stamps tho and an offer of buy 5 and get the cheapest free  Smile
Knitting group at the library today and some of the knitted items have arrived -an owl and snail are finished and look great -the snail is about 5 inches high. Other items are awaiting stuffing which is likely to be done in April once we have everything back (we hope).
Then stitching group in the afternoon so feel quite weary now.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!  I'm told all our local restaurants are fully booked so there must be something in the air other than the freezing cold weather we have had just lately.

I shouldn't moan, yesterday was lovely and sunny until evening when it turned really cold.  Today we are back to winter.  Had my hair done this afternoon and the hairdressers have a problem with the heating so it was a chilly couple of hours until the blowdrying stage - can't seem to get warm at all now

I'm off to Inky Fingers tomorrow so hope the hall has its heating going full blast!  We shall be doing something with bleach and am quite looking forward to it as not used bleach technique in a long time.

Vonny how could you restrain yourself to just one set of the PaperArtsy stamps?  Please tell me the secret - I think I just love them all!

Keep warm everyone

I would really love to get to Stamperama or other show at some point. Glad you liked the PaperArtsy stamps Vonny. I am part of the release next week so probably some of my samples were on display there.

It has been a reasonable day here, so much so that I have had a couple of hours in the garden tidying up (two one hour sessions!). We've not had too much storm damage but there are bits of bushes all over the garden and the borders need a very good tidy. After Pilates this morning, I am now feeling quite stiff ......

Although busy with PaperArtsy samples and blog posts this is my last month at Country View Crafts on the DT both in the shop and on the blog. After four years I thought it was time to move on. So I will have a lot more time to just create for myself with four less projects each month.  I am still  on the DT for Calico Craft Parts and A Vintage Journey but it is much less onerous!

Goodness Jennie that is a lot of creating - I don't know how you manage it. I am terrible at working to a deadline, my brain just seizes up and I find I cannot focus on the subject I have to think about.
I need to get into the garden for a tidy-up too but the weather is not being very helpful at the moment.

I was wondering when your work was coming out Jennie. the stall doesn't have samples as such just what Lin and Leandra are making on the day and maybe a couple of other makes. some stands have lots of cards showcasing their products.
2 hour line dancing class this morning then a bit of time for crafting in the afternoon -but not much energy!
Piano lesson tomorrow then art and craft group -we are making props for a play they are putting on after Easter -bit of a challenge!

inky Fingers was great fun and we managed not to get bleach on ourselves too.    We used the new Lynne Perella stamps and a couple of the January release Zinsky Sets

So looking forward to seeing your samples Jennie -those new stamps look really good

Think I'll have to have an early night - busy day today and probably even busier tomorrow!  Art Group in the morning, Art exhibition in Hastings in the afternoon and dinner with a friend in the evening!  Think Friday might be a quiet day............ Wink

Jennie I don't know how you managed to keep up with all your crafty commitments, producing the panto  and everything else............. enjoy your new free time while it lasts!

Wow Vonny - you must be so fit.  Still think two hours of line dancing must be quite exhausting Laughing

It was such a glorious day we went to Wisley for a walk. We forgot it was half term so the place was packed with families with children especially. As the butterflies were on show in the glasshouse. We decided not to wait in the queue for the butterflies but had a walk around admiring the snowdrops, winter aconites, dainty iris and the first of the crocus. Wonderful!

wonderful to see early flowers Scrapmate -hope you get to see the butterflies another time.
Mickie altho the classes are 2 hours there is always about a 20 min break and they often start late too (esp Fridays) so actually only about an hour and 20-30 mins dancing. Still I am feeling tired today and am demonstrating spinning at the library in Leighton Buzzard tomorrow so need to be able fit enough to talk to the public- but I will at least be sitting down!

Reading all your posts makes me feel tired and say what a boring life I lead in although this week it has been a bit different
Weds- Took Dad for a meal
Thurs- popped into see Dad went to Hobbycraft the home for a hour went and picked Mum up for hospital appt then she took us for a meal
Had yesterday in and today I am in but out for a meal tonight a friends 40th Wedding Anniversay. Have managed to do some crafting mojo has left the building as such.

It is chucking it down with rain today, so I am glad I have had the last couple of days doing a little gardening.

Today is an absolute must to tidy up the craft room. With working on projects for PaperArtsy with some quite short deadlines and with various Tim Holtz new products arriving I really need to get sorted before I try anything new out! But it will be difficult !!!!

I am sure you lead a very interesting life Becky - you have such a wonderfully large family it must be so much fun. Most of the time here it is just Terry Aimee and me so we get lots of time to please ourselves with what we do.  Very excited that we have Adrian Kirsten and the grandchildren visiting in April. Now that Callum is at school it really is difficult to find a time when Adrian is not offshore and Callum is on a school break. But they've managed to find a week, so that will be great. Callum can't wait to get into the craft room ......  Shocked

I am off to a family meal in Salisbury for Dad's birthday this time with my siblings and not my family . Callum is going to have so much fun in your craft room Jennie can't believe he is school age it doesn't seem that long ago you were letting us know of his arrival.

I used to spend hours with the grandchildren crafting and, although they still enjoy it, they don't spend quite so much time unless I have found something different for them Laughing

Heck Jennie that is a huge commitment to make with all those deadlines! I'm with Scrapmate and know that my mojo would do a disappearing act and I wouldn't be able to come up anything.

We had one of our daughters down for a few days with her two children; the sun actually shone on two days so the grandchildren insisted it was ice cream time Laughing  Our other daughter's youngest son spent most of the day and a good portion of the night in hospital with an asthma attack. He hadn't had asthma before although both his brothers and daddy are asthmatic. Poor lad doesn't stand a chance. He was finally sent home although not discharged and is still under the weather, he had to go back to hospital for further checks and an x-ray and has an appointment to see the asthma nurse. The little chap is only 3 years old!!
The weather here is overcast and drizzly today so no gardening for me although I have ordered some roses! I love David Austin English roses and had to leave several behind when we moved so I have ordered Gertrude Jekyll and Lady of Shallot then there is English Miss and Ernest H Morse!! The last two are old roses but one is a Hybrid Tea and the other is a Floribunda.

Oooh Lynn those are gorgeous roses. DH loves roses and would have no other plant in the garden if he had his way. I like them but I also like a bit of variety. We love the old fashioned fragranced roses.
Your poor grandson... hope his asthma is easily managed - with so many asthmatics your daughter must be a dab hand at dealing with it.

sorry to hear about your grandson Rusticus -not much fun for him when so young. hope the weather will be ok to put the roses in when they come. We have one climber which does quite well as it gets no real care and attention.
Becky -I agree with Jennie that you have a very rich family life and you always seem to be busy doing something with them or related to your crafting -so we just do different things.
Jennie -hope you have found some space to get your projects done -i am with the others -a deadline makes my mind go blank!!
The yarn day at the library yesterday went really well -lots of people really interested in our spinning and my madder jumper got lots of praise (my friend wants me to will it to her!). the film 'Yarn' was interesting  -it showcased a number of people who used  yarn for art -in a wide variety of ways -amazing things.
Been a quiet day in today just finishing off some plying from yesterday and not much else. Forum Index -> General
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