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Morning all another monday morning and the last one in Feb. Got some cards done yesterday only 3 more and I have done March's cards.
We have the sun shining but I think we are in for a horrid day weatherwise.

   Becky x
margaret rorie

The sun is shining here although it's very cold. I spent lots of time yesterday crafting and managed to get my "N" tag done. Also had a play with Spectrum Noir pencils - I had downloaded some images and used the pencils to colour them this worked well. I can't watercolour digi images as the ink runs. Always fine to try out the supplies you have lurking in the drawers.

I'm quite busy at the moment as I've started an online course on the Vikings - this is a period of history I'm very interested in. I've signed up for one module and will see how I get on. I have to write a couple of essays which will be a shock to the system! It's 20 years since I did my OU degree.

Must go and see how to use the Papertrey embossing plate which has dropped through the letterbox - all the way from America and it didn't cost an arm and a leg! Margaret

Hi everyone.  Sorry to have gone awol towards the end of last week.  Had  a couple of rough days where this seemingly endless cold came back with a vengeance, so wrapped up warm and stayed in with some DVDs and lots of hot drinks.

Had my first art class this morning.  It was fabulous.  I never knew that I really liked Monday mornings!  Funny thing is that at school they wouldn't let me take art because I couldn't draw.  The first lesson of this art class is a foundation in drawing.

It was a cold but beautifully sunny at the beginning of the day and I had intended to have a stroll on the sea front at lunchtime but hail stopped play.  Only in England Laughing

Well done on getting your March cards done Becky.  I dare not even look to see what I need to do for the coming month yet.

Good luck with the course Margaret, especially the essay writing  Wink  I'm sure you will have no problem with that once you get going.

I had a lovely surprise this morning when I received a package throught he post from Margaret -it contained a pot of fresco paint for me to try -thank you so much Margaret and i aim to try it tomorrow as i have a shopping opportunity on sunday at Stamperama

Becky you are doing well to get most of March's cards done

Margaret -I think the vikings would be a very interesting topic but I don't think i could go back to essay writing

Mickie - so you are learning too -good luck with the Art

We are all into Learning for Life, aren't we?  Very Happy

The art, Vikings and fresco paints all sound fun. I am doing a course on Italian cinema in Italian - quite hard to follow sometimes (most of the time) but at least I dont have to write any essays! Flying to UK tomorrow.  Hope you will have some nice weather waiting for me!  Mickie, amazingly your card will arrive early this time as will be taking it with me....
margaret rorie

Good to hear from you again, Sarah. Hope you enjoy your trip back to the UK.

Glad the paint arrived Vonny - enjoy.

I thought I was so organised with my ATCs this month until Jennie emailed me to say I had used next month's free stamps and not the heart stamp - must have been a senior moment Sad Margaret

Laughing Margaret at least I not the only one who has senior moments.
Well girls you are all very busy bet the vikings will be interesting Margaret I ham half Danish.
Hope you are feeling better now Mickie and glad you are enjoying your drawing course.
Good to hear from you Sarah is it a quick trip here or are you here for a while.
Vonny I have Farnborough on Sat so I will be having a spend although Stamperama have better craft people it is just too far for us.
Busy day for me crafting with friends and then craft club tonight.

      Becky x

Hello everybody! I must first of all apologise for my lack of messaging as my life has just been experiencing one drama after another this month. I'm crossing my fingers that March will be a little more relaxing and stress free! But here's to hoping!
Margaret, Vikings sounds like an awesome topic to study, I'm afraid all my study research in that area goes as far as watching the "Vikings" series on Lovefilm, (and I don't even mean the educational one) hehe. Like others, I don't envy the essay writing.
I do however envy Mickie's ability to walk along the sea front when the weather allows it! It's not the most enjoyable place to live where I do sometimes, being as far inland as you can possibly get in England Sad But I've booked and paid for a trip down to Dorset in March so sea front here I come!
It seems like everyone is looking to forward to the post man recently with all these parcels coming in! I too have been orderings a few bits and pieces here and there including a brayer! I've seen a few Youtube videos, but just got to find the time to have a play. Maybe I'll try to incorporate it into next months ATCs but we shall see how my practice sessions go first Razz

What a busy lot we are.  I have Inky Fingers with Helen Chiton tomorrow - looking forward to that and I've just booked the Claudia Neubacher class in May at That Craft Place.  Claudia often has articles in Craft Stamper.  Just over two months away but goodness, the time will go so quickly.

You will have a super time in Dorset Rachel - will you have your photo taken beneath the cliff at "Broadchurch"?  Shall keep fingers crossed that you have a good day for it.  Those cliffs look quite awesome.  We don't have any cliffs, although we have street names with cliff in them!

Hope you enjoyed the sunshine as you landed in England today Sarah!  Would love to say it was ordered specially for you.

Becky what a super day you are going to have.  All that crafting with friends.  Lovely.

Not just me then with the senior moments Margaret.  Expect your head was full of Vikings.

good to hear from you Sarah and Rachel. Enjoy your stay Sarah -when are you going to be living here again?

Enjoy your new goodies Rachel -brayers are very useful tools so enjoy playing -are you going to Stamperama in Stevenage this sunday?

Am starting to think i should find a workshop or two to go to mickie -you seem to get really good ones!

Am doing some conservation work today so must go and get ready

Lovely to hear how busy everyone is. There seem to be such a lot of new products arriving on sites at the moment after CHA and I have had some lovely happy parcels. Lots of experimenting! I have been having a go with black gesso and Luminarte Powders and Silks this week - interesting !!!

The weather has been lovely this week so I have done lots of walking - 10 miles this week so far - I just can't manage it in a oner! I have now lost 6 lbs but most importantly 2" off my waist. Brilliant!!

We are off to Ireland on Friday for our usual music fix. I can only get wifi at the pub and that is a bit iffy, so I will probably not be around much.

Lovely to hear from you Sarah - are you back for a while now ?

well done on losing those inches Jennie and enjoy the music.

Did hedge planting yesterday but the ground was very wet. some of the little plants were sitting in their own pools -and it's raining again now!

Good for you Jennie - every time I think of walking the sea front it rains, or hails, or something!  Enjoy Ireland.

That must have been a joy Vonny, hedge planting in the rain - still, the plants will be well watered in.  I planted a hedge once in the rain, in clay soil that was so stiff we had to use a pick axe to make the holes.  Pleased to say the hedge remains and I smile every time I drive by Laughing

There do seem to be some good workshops within my driving distance so I am very lucky.  I see Neil Walker has a workshop at Stampers Anonymous in Faversham on Saturday - that is just on my driving limit and there's a bit of motorway involved but would have psyched myself up to do it had I not been doing an Andy Skinner in Polegate.  Rolling Eyes   Looking forward to the Andy Skinner session

Pouring down here and I've got the man coming to replace the two units that have blown in my front windows - one of them is in my craft room and oh dear!  How I am going to clear enough space for him to get into the room will be a miracle, never mind the actual window area.

it didn't actually rain while I was planting the hedge mickie -was just very wet underfoot- good feeling for you to see the hedge you planted flourishing- ours was gap filling but hopefully will survive the water and in a few years perhaps i will be helping with hedge laying.

Started mug painting with my craft group today - i had cut paper to the size of the mug so they could make a plan first -they found this idea quite difficult. a few actually started on their mugs and i reckon it will be another 2 weeks to get them all finished

Afternoon all having lovely weather here today.
Enjoy your workshop Mickie hope you have your windows done now.
Enjoy Ireland Jennie how do you keep up with everything.
Bet you had fun doing the hedge Vonny enjoy Sunday.
Good to see you Rachel hope March is a better month for you.
I am looking forward to going to Farnborough tomorrow don't need anything not sure if that is a good thing or not.

   Becky x

What a beautiful day it is today.  I went out without a coat it was so warm, although my car was telling me it was only nine degrees!  

Windows all done and the lovely man also worked on my front door and got that fitting tight for the first time in I don't know how long.

Have a good time at the show tomorrow Becky.  Expect you will find something to spend your money on!  

I am sure the mugs will be lovely when they are finished Vonny.  Enjoy Stevenage

Have a good weekend everyone

Morning all I was very disappointed at Farnborough yesterday all stencil, dies,fabric and wool. I borough some card stock I wanted a few stamps and paint came home with 40 not spent didn't even get my card out having a quiet day but do hope to get some crafting done.
Have fun at Stamperama Vonny and hope you find something.

  Becky x

oh dear Becky -how disappointing  Sad

mickie -sounds like you will be lovley and snug at home now.

Off to Stamperama in half an hour -will let you know how it goes  Smile
margaret rorie

That was a pity Becky - I suppose it depends on what people think is the "in" thing in papercraft at the moment.  Hope Stamperama is good, Vonny.

It was a toss up between crafting and doing the minutes from the Scrapbookers' AGM this morning so I have been very good and done the minutes - before I forgo what was discussed! I volunteered to be secretary when the other person resigned but it's not too onerous.  I didn't get much scrapping done yesterday though - think I was too busy trying to organise everything! The Club has bought some new equipment including a lovely lattice die - I'm very tempted!

I'm off to the cinema this afternoon to see the Crucible - this is the film of the actual play if you understand me. I've been to a couple of these screeningsand they are nearly as good as going to the theatre.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Margaret

Becky what a disappointment.  Glad I didn't summon up courage to drive up there - imagine I would have cried Rolling Eyes

Hope Stamparama turns out to be better than Farnborough Vonny.  Of course if there's nothing else to grab your money you could always spend a few hours watching the demos on the PaperArtsy stand Wink

How fabulous Margaret.  I remember doing The Crucible at school; our leading man went on to appear in the West End a couple of years later.  

Lovely day again today.  Not quite warm enough to spend too much time in the garden yet though. Forum Index -> General
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