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Morning all well another wet monday morning. Hope you all have had a good weekend. I am having my hair done this morning and then later I am having a back and hip x-ray what fun.  x
margaret rorie

It's always nice to get your hair done - not so sure about the X-rays. I suppose it depends what is found.

I can't believe that we're nearly at the end of February already - we're having our AGM at Shetland Scrapbookers on Saturday so I will need to get the info out. At one stage I didn't think I would still be here but no movement on the house front. The good thing is that the weather will be better for moving house in the next few months - especially going by sea!

I was at a yoga day yesterday taken by the 2 local yoga teachers - it was really good and nice to have a whole day to spend on it.

a days yoga sounds good Margaret -hope you felt the benefits  Smile Moving in better weather has to be good -hope you get a date sorted soon -must feel like you are in limbo.
Hope the hair looks good Becky and that the X rays are helpful.

Did some spinning today and had a bit of culture as watched Hamlet.

Lovely bright sunshine and blue skies this morning with a hail shower on my way to the hairdresser this afternoon and rain on the way back.  Also quite cold now too.  There's nothing like our weather for keeping you on your toes Laughing

Your yoga day sounds lovely Margaret - keep your focus away from moving.  Hope you get some good news soon

Hope your hair didn't get messed up by having the x-rays afterwards Becky.  Did you get the results there and then or do you have to wait for another appointment with the consultant? In which case hope they don't keep you hanging about too long

Nice to see you are keeping up with the arts whilst relaxing with the spinning Vonny.  Some of us were going to do a gallery tomorrow but too many have had to cry off for various reasons so it has been cancelled.  Might have to get my culture fix from a DVD too Laughing

oh dear Mickie -hope your hair still looked good after the rain! Nice weather here too so went for a walk this morning then did a bit of crafting this afternoon

Morning all had 3 x-rays and now have to wait a couple of weeks and then phone doc. I have never tried yoga Margaret mind you wouldn't be able to do it now. I have speech therapy my 1st session so that will be fun. x

hope it goes well Becky -I expect you will have some exercises to do!
Nice day so went walking again. Then blended some wool (and bamboo) to make a winter colourway

The hair stayed in Vonny I am pleased to say.  I do like the colouring this time.  Red, rich warm brown and gold - couldn't have painted it so well Wink

Lovely day.  I sat in the light and painted some colour charts and proved why you never need to buy green paint.  Was quite amazed at the shades of green I was able to create using watercolours.  

I should have gone for a walk like you Vonny - need to keep fit  Laughing

How did therapy go Becky?  Shame you have to wait for the x-rays.  Keep smiling Wink

Therapy went well have some exercises  to do and go back in 2 weeks it is all the funny faces I have to pull  Laughing  Taking Dad out for a meal today so that will be nice and we have a lovely sunny day that always make s you feel better. x

Mickie I have done something similar using dyes where you use different ratios of the 3 primary colours and make a yarn colour wheel!
Glad the therapy went well Becky and hope you and your dad enjoyed your meal out. Last night we went to my parents for a meal which is always nice, although my mum wasn't at her best as she is just getting over a viral infection.
Went to knitting group this morning (and did some spinning!) and did a bit of crafting this afternoon

Morning all had a lovely day at Farnborough yesterday spent to much did get my black ink pad. Have had a lousy night sleep so have given up on my 2nd cup ot tea already done some stamping to colour in later going to be a long day for me  Sad  x

glad it went well -so it was an expensive ink pad then  Laughing
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