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Well another Monday morning and we have a foggy one. Sorry to heat about your grandson Rusticus and hope he is feeling better soon Having feet done this morning and then over to Salisbury to take Dad for a hosp appt. Just had a weird conversation with Dad on phone  so not sure what is going on glad we are going over.  Hope you all have  good day

Gorgeous morning here -temp about 14 C. But changed by the afternoon with it clouding over but rain held off.
Hope you sorted your Dad Becky and that your feet are feeling happy now!
Went for a coffee with a few of the line dancing ladies today which was nice, and also fitted in a little shopping at Sainsbury's too.

Unexpected family visitors with grandchildren charging around - the same little one that was semi-conscious with asthma attack just a couple of days ago!! We haven't yet found his volume button Laughing

LOL Lynn! It's amazing how quickly they recover(thank goodness).

that's good Lynn -even if it sounds exhausting for you.
Short trip into Dunstable today for a bit of shopping -including one extra craft storage box that I have managed to fit into my craft room -only small but will take quite a few unmounted stamps  Smile

Glad you grandson is better now Rusticus  they certainly bounce back quickly  . It is surprising how a extra box in craftroom  always helps Vonny.I am staying in and play with my new ink pads that came yesterday I have brought 4 of the new Tim Holtz oxide pads so will see what they can do and if I need to buy the rest.

I'd love to hear what you think of them Becky, they've certainly caught my eye. I'm going to wait until Ally Pally and maybe get a couple to try.

Well a sunny, wet, and windy day here.We are going to catch up with some grandchildren and then going to do a freezer shop. Will let you know scrapmate
didn't get to have a proper play yesterday although they is a chalky finish to it.

someone mentioned these in passing at Stamperama -what are their properties? I look forward to hearing your views too Becky.
Crafting session at a friends today including a lovely lunch -I was spinning, Mike made cards and she did a bit of stamping and then some spinning too. Got home to find the felt blown off the shed roof, a ladder blown  over and a bit of fence flapping the last 2 easily sorted but Mike will have to do a bit of roofing tomorrow, provided the wind has died down.

A quick pop in to say we are packed and ready for the off for Ireland tomorrow. No Wifi in the village so I'll probably only be in touch when we get back - although we are trying out a new wifi thingie for the boat in the summer which might work!

I have ordered some of the new DIs but havent got them yet - I gather they take a bit of working.  Some excitement last night with the release of the PaperArtsy stamps I was working on. Raquel the designer was very pleased and there were lots of lovely comments. Tonight it is Infusions and I see one of my pieces is the lead ...... so lovely when you put a lot into work and then see it used. Leandra is wonderful at using everything we make.

Right off to (un)check all the plugs etc. and shut down the PC ! Have a great week and see you when I get back.

Have a good week away Jennie hope the weather is not too bad for you.Hope Mike gets the roof done Vonny. Having a quiet day in as going to Farnborough craft show tomorrow so that will be a early start will have more of a play with oxide pads they do seem to have a chalky look and feel,  they are a cross between a dye and pigment pad Vonny .

Hope everyone survived Doris okay. Like you Vonny our daughter in Stratford-upon-Avon lost the shed roof, she had to wrestle it down off the garage roof and get it fixed back onto the shed as she was worried it would rain. Son-in-law did a more permanent job on it when he got back from work but their garden fence was demolished with the top trellising decorating a neighbour's lawn!

Our daughter in Gloucestershire didn't have any mishaps at home but the school she works at lost their power! Sadly the power wasn't knocked out until towards the end of the afternoon   Crying or Very sad

Here in Cornwall it was very blowy but no damage at all, even the sea behaved itself Very Happy  I didn't risk putting any washing out on the line though just in case it ended up in someone's garden!!

I saw all the excitement about these new inks of TH's, are they worth getting excited about??
Well done Jennie on your fab makes for PA. Forum Index -> General
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