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Morning all we have the sun shining here got my washing machine on so hoping to get that out on the line. Hope you got something nice yesterday Vonny. I am having a play day today.

   Becky x

Stamperama was very disappointing too  Sad  there were tons of die cuts as well as stencils and embossing folders. If you didn't have a die cut machine then at least 50% of what was there was not accessible to you!. there were also less stalls and a mcuh smaller range of stmap companies (no crafty Individuals or Darkroom door that i wanted). there did seem to be a few new stamp companies tho but nothing to tempt me. i bought a few stenclis and acrylic paint -not Frescos tho (!) got some Americana as a very good price and some lovely pale colours htat I wanted -also some well reduced Distress paints -will comment on the techniques thread.
I did meet NuttyRachy tho so that was a bonus

As I had some money left i have bought a Gelli plate and booked on a 2 day course on using it in May  Very Happy

My next craft show visit will be Ally Pally so let's hope there is a wider range of stamps there

Us stampers are losing out at the shows hope it changes soon. I tend to now buy stamps on-line but it is nice to see them before you buy and watch demo's using them. Got dentist today so that will be fun.

  Becky x
margaret rorie

I'm working on my essay! My tutor thought the plan was fine so now I've just got to write it. I am enjoying this course although it is curtailing my crafting! Good for the old grey cells. The course finishes at the end of April then I can decide whether I want to do another module in the autumn.

I have been learning to Sudoku for my grey cells -have got the last 3 correct!

I do sudoku although haven't for a while. Have fun with your essay Margaret I use to hate those at school I am more practical show me what to do and I will do it tell me to write it down I am useless.  Off to have a cuppa with me Dad this morning then shopping then home.

  Becky x

Thanks Vonny, it was a bonus seeing you too Wink
I bought a few new stamps, a little bit of glamour dust, a stencil and a few little tools to help with my cutting out. I am in that percentage Vonny mentioned of not owning a die-cutting machine so 50% of it wasn't interesting to me, although my boyfriends mum does own one... I've already had a couple of bonding sessions with her using it Very Happy

I can't wait to get some time to have a dabble with my new toys. This week I'm a bit swamped with reading though as I have to read 8 children's/ teen books by next Wednesday for work. Already got 4 down, another 4 to go. Some of the teen books are just as big and bulky as an Adult one so my nights are filled with that lately. As soon as next Wednesday is over, I'll be free! Razz well... to an extent.

Sorry to hear Stamparama was a bit of a disappointment Vonny.  You did get some of the new Americana paints though so not a complete wash out.  As for the Geli plate - you will be amazed at what you print and well done for signing up for a workshop.

Respect to all you Sudoku puzzlers.  I do a daily jigsaw on my iPad and the occasional crossword.

Art class on Monday was really hard work.  We had a live ballerina posing for us and it was also my first ever attempt at drawing a real live person.  So glad she had a sense of humour and I came away quite exhausted and in awe of some of the talented artists in the class.  Am managing to keep up with my daily drawing practice so this week I am concentrating on ballerinas, of course

You seem to be getting back into the essay writing Margaret.  Expect it will be second nature to you by the end of April.

Becky, hope the visit to the dentist goes ok.  Not my favourite place to go I must admit and my dentist is really lovely too.  I do agree about it being nice to see the stamps before buying.  I recently bought a stamp online that I thought was one I had seen used in Craft Stamper.  I couldn't believe the size of it when I finally unpacked it it was huge, not quite A5

Have been thinking about the lack of new stamps out there and maybe that is good if only because it encourages us to re-visit our existing collection and make more use of the ones we have.

I love that positive spin at the end of your post Mickie  Laughing
Good luck with the reading Rachel -bet the teen ones are quite good.

Can't imagine even trying to draw a ballerina -most of my drawing is at about a 4 year old level -the kids i worked with loved it!!!!

Went for a guided walk raound some gravel pits today and did some bird spotting -lots of different ones and we were allowed to use other peoples telescopes so got a good look. Managed to make a couple of cards later too  Smile
margaret rorie

Your art class sounds really good Mickie - I would like to go to an art class sometime but there don't seem to be any here.

Have you seen the new distress colours? A lovely shade of blue - I've ordered mine from Country Crafts. They do free postage even to Shetland!

We're having a take away meal tonight so no cooking! Might be tempted to have a glass of wine too.

The essay is nearly finished except for doing a conclusion - it wasn't that bad - has just taken all week so I'm behind with my reading now.  We do get 2 weeks off at Easter so I'll get caught up then. Haven't had time for much crafting this week Sad

Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

Morning ladies it is lovely and sunny here this morning.
What is your job Rachael and hope you get though your books.
You seem to be getting on ok Mickie when are we going to see some of it.
Well done on finishing your essay Margaret hope you get time over weekend to craft.
We are out visiting family today and shopping.

    Becky x

well done with your essay Margaret -hope you get a good mark for it. gorgeous day here -warm enough to sit outside and spin for a while -tho a bit blowy so the wool tended to dance around

Went shopping this morning too Becky -and by lunch time it was getting very crowded -everyone came out due to the sun.

Amazing how the sun brings everyone out.  I had a class with Andy Skinner today at That Craft Place in Polegate.  The shop overlooks the A22 and we could see the traffic was nose to tail all day, in all directions.  It was a good day and once the glue has dried I will post a picture of the masterpiece!

Well done for getting the essay completed Margaret.  I'm sure you will catch up with the reading.  As for the new DI colours, I have pre-ordered them all right up to December at Country View Crafts starting with the March colour, which I agree is fabulous and I cannot wait for mine to arrive!

I ummed and ahhd about pre-ordering the inks but as Ranger seem to be doing their usual (send over not quite enough so that a demand is created) I thought it would be simpler in the long run to pre-order.  The lovely thing about this is that surprise packages will arrive every month with a new colour in!

Becky once I get comfortable with the artwork I might just let you have a peak!
margaret rorie

I think it is probably a good idea to pre-order the distress inks. I haven't done that yet as I thought I might not like a colour!! It would save having to remember to order each month.

It hasn't been a very nice day here - I can't believe that you were sitting outside spinning Vonny. I haven't been in my back green for ages as the grass is so wet. Hope it warms up soon.

I hadn't thought of pre-ordering the inks but will have to wait a couple of months till my bank manager is talking to me again  Very Happy . It is overcast here this morning but yesterday was lovely.

      Becky x

Summer must be here - had breakfast in the garden.  It was so nice and warm - mind you I'm still wearing a winter woollie.  Nonetheless it was really lovely to feel the warmth in the sun.

Hope the sun shines for you very soon Margaret

Have a nice day everyone

Evening all.

Sorry I haven't been around.  I've been really poorly but have stayed at work as I am now looking after the 3 branches.  So I have not been well at all when I've been home.  Still not great, but I have a week off this week so will be resting!!

Looks like you have all been busy.

Vonny - I am hoping to go to Ally Pally - it's a bit of a drive  but I have always wanted to go!!  Must buy my ticket as that will force me!

I will catch up over the next few days....
margaret rorie

Sorry you've not been well again Miriam - hope you're feeling better soon.

Ally Pally sounds good but I would need to tie in a visit to London with something else. Do you folk think it is one of the best craft shows?

I was at the AGM of the Yoga Club this afternoon so have some work to do as I'm the secretary. The meeting went well and we're all set for the summer yoga.

Managed to make a card for the Less is More challenge too - it was nice to have time for crafting.

what day are you going miriam? We will be there Sunday.

Margaret -I like the one at Newbury but have even given that a miss lately. Ally Pally does have the advantage of being in London with lots of other things to do as well but it might be following the trend of lots of die cuts and stencils. Paperartsy do go usually but best to check the vendors list to see who will be there

I guess I am quite lucky as I generally get to see the PaperArtsy and Clarity people locally, otherwise my only reason to go to Ally Pally would be to hook up with a craft buddy or the MDF man (who does't have a website).  

Not sure it'd be worth you coming all the way down to London just for AllyPally Margaret.  The last couple of times  I have been it was all stencils, die cut and "licky sticky" bits other than Lavinia, Clarity and PaperArtsy. Forum Index -> General
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