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Morning all very wet here this morning and we are going to Salisbury we are looking at homes for Dad he is not doing to good and needs extra care. I have a had a play with the oxide pads they look softer and chalky when dry need more playing with them so will keep you informed 😀. The craft show was good very busy I only brought some dies and a couple of  stamp sets. But did stock up on card and glue got a heat gun for 6 and a brush to get the bits out I'd dies

Morning Becky. Good luck with your hunt for a home - I hope you fine a suitable one. Wet and miserable here with quite a strong wind but nothing like last week. Got errands to run and household stuff to do today.
margaret rorie

Sorry I've been absent for a while. Good news - our house is sold and all our stuff away!  We're staying in Shetland until Friday to say our goodbyes and then off on the boat.  It's taken so long that I still can't believe its happened. It will be nice to be in a properly furnished house again as we've been camping in our old house for the last two weeks with very little furniture.  Might even get back to my crafting.  Very Happy  Very Happy

Congratulations Margaret!

great news Margaret -must be a real relief  Smile
good luck with finding somewhere for your Dad Becky -it will make you feel better that he is being kept an eye on all the time and helped as needed I'm sure.
Line dancing this morning then a bit of card making in the afternoon.

That is wonderful news Margaret  and as you said you can finally settle down in your new home. Think we have found a home for Dad it is like a hotel I wouldn't mind living there we are over to Salisbury again for him to have a assessment and then take him to see the home so that is our day gone.

hope he likes it Becky.
Jennie -fab samples at PA -you make the stamps look rally inspiring  Very Happy
mainly knitting today  -a new lady has joined the stitching group in the afternoon and needed a lot of support but was getting the hang of cross stitching  Smile

Well the lady came to assess Dad we then took him to see the home he then said I want a nap so we said we would take him home and he said no he wanted to stay there so there he is on respite for 3 weeks so glad my brother was with me and Keith so we had to go back to the house and then back with his clothes today I am having a day in I am completely worn out so will go with the flow and hopefully I will get some crafting done.

great that your Dad liked it Becky even if it meant more work now -would have been much worse if he hadn't wanted to go and live there. Once he is settled things will be easier for you all Smile
hope you have managed to rest and maybe done a little crafting - i managed a bit this afternoon and it always makes you feel better

Dad seems happy think he is liking all the attention have just spoke to him and he is happy. I am shattered so having a couple of days rest got craft club tonight so it will be nice to catch up with the girls. Hope you are all ok and enjoying life.

enjoy your evening Becky.
I had only two people at my art and craft group this afternoon -most of them are involved in a drama session. We worked on some 'props' for a while but finished earlier than usual so i managed to miss the school run on the way back.
Knit and natter tomorrow morning then line dancing in the afternoon.

Becky that is great news about your dad, that you found a suitable place and he is happy there. It will make life so much easier for you and he will get the attention he wants Smile

Margaret that is superb news and so happy for you. Two years ago we were in a similar situation except most of our stuff was in boxes for almost 12 months!! Not a place I want to be in again. I was overjoyed when all the paperwork was finally completed and we could move. Hope you can soon be settled and crafting.

It has been windy again down here for the last couple of days with rain showers. I managed to miss the showers during the dog walk on both days and she had her beach run too! In fact it was more sheltered from the wind down on the beach than up on the coast path. Shall be so glad when the winds die down and the sun is allowed to shine more. I have gardening to do but have definitely become a fine weather gardener Laughing There are shrubs and roses waiting to be planted in their permanent homes, at the moment they are planted in the veg garden!
We also have hard core and paving slabs to put down so we can get the shed put up - that is lying in pieces in the back garden! We have enough to do to keep out of trouble but not the weather.

sounds like you will be busy then Rusticus  Smile The sun has bee n out here most of the day and quite warm as no real breeze -perhaps it will come down your way now.
Crafting session with my friend was cancelled so went to Hitchin instead just for a look round. Made a birthday card for Mike this afternoon while he is out!

Gosh you have all been so busy!  Sorry to have been missing all week - don't really now where the time goes.  One minute it is Sunday and I'm catching up with Taboo and the next it is the following Sunday and my serial has ended Rolling Eyes

I'm so glad your Dad is settled Becky - once you've caught your breath back it will be so much easier for you.

Margaret - what can I say?  It has been so long in coming.  I wish you every happiness in your new home.

To everyone else - glad you are all safe, happy and crafting like crazy Laughing  Laughing Forum Index -> General
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