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Morning all have had a lovely weekend facial on Sat well it was a pamper morning we had breakfast the facial followed by champagne sandwiches and cake which was lovely only downside was it was on a boat a very posh one but not easy for me yesterday I had another son here with 3 of the grandchildren who are all gorgeous but hetic then Mark phoned me early this morning to wish me a belated Mother's day so am up but feeling rotten so hope I haven't picked something up. Think a quiet lazy day is on the cards for today. What have you all planned for today. xx

that sounds lovely Becky and you did well to get on the boat  Smile hope you have just taken it easy today and relaxed.
Line dancing felt like hard work this morning as I hadn't been for a month -luckily my legs know what to do. there was a fast new dance and it was rather like an aerobic workout!
Had to get a new tyre this afternoon and have then spent some more time cataloguing some of my stamps -all the ones in ring binders are now done  Very Happy
margaret rorie

Sounds like you had a great weekend Becky - hope you're feeling better.

I'm very impressed Vonny with your cataloging your stamps - do you do this by theme or make?

I'm off to my lecture shortly - this year I'm going to the local college to watch the lecturer on a big screen. There is another student here which makes a nice change. Today the lecture is on phonetics which is hard!  I find it difficult to differentiate between the different sounds - probably explains why I'm not musical! Sad

Just popped in quickly to say that I'm back from Ireland, having had a great time. I managed to keep my feet up a bit (during the snowy days!) but did get to do a little walking out on the nice days I also did two short concertina workshops and managed three lessons with the great Noel Hill (Ireland and the world's best concertina player). I am now having to relearn all my fingering so lots of practice for me over the next few weeks.

Will catch up with you all over the next few days  Very Happy

So impressed Vonny.  That's something I was always going to do once I had retired............ Rolling Eyes

Your Saturday sounded lovely Becky.  Nice to do something so different

Are you and the other person the only people on the course Margaret?  I agree phonetics is not easy

Your trip to Ireland sounded quite hectic Jennie.  Happy re-learning Wink

It is a miserable day here but mine was brightened by having lunch with a friend.  I think I'm cooking a cold so m going to spend the afternoon with my hot lemon and honey in front of a DVD!

I catalogue by theme Margaret -for many of the stamps I don't know who made them. I do put a note by some tho e.g. PA for Paperartsy
Phonetics is very hard especially when the sounds are none English -mind you intonation transcription is even harder! Hope the lecture is good  Smile
Sounds like you had a good time Jennie -I'm sure there will be some good tunes coming out of your house soon
Hope the cold is frightened away Mickie by your treatment  Smile
Have just been cross stitching with my group -some did really well but others ended up doing their own thing -they were happy with the results tho which is all that matters. Just some Easter egg cards to make then a new plan for after Easter

Morning all Glad you had a good trip to Ireland and the concertina where do you find the time to do it all. Hope you kept your cold at bay Mickie.I started cataloguing my stamps but gave up and now have too many wouldn't know where to start  now.   I have  had a week from hell blinkin Fibro/Lupus  guess going on the boat didn't help. Went out yesterday for a couple of hours and that was enough went to Hobbycraft brought some paint it was half price and it is fab paint it is called Abstract by Sennelier and it is pouches which are so much easier and fab colours. Not doing anything now for a few days. x

Oh Becky, I wish you hadn't used the words "Sennelier", "abstract" and "half price" in the same sentence!  I am now desperately trying to resist going down to Hobbycraft!   Do hope you enjoy the paints and I am sorry to see you are having an otherwise terrible time.  Hope things get back to a more tolerable level quickly

Well my cold didn't come to anything other than a barking cough, which I can keep at bay by having lots of hot drinks so.  So pleased it didn't turn into a proper cold.  Oh the power of honey and lemon Laughing

Decided that today would be a craft day when I got up this morning so I went down to make a cuppa and see if the post had been and promptly, tidied, dusted and vacuumed.  Now here I sits wondering what to do - I seem to have cleaned all my inspiration away Rolling Eyes

sorry to hear that you haven't had a good week Becky -but some reduced price paints sound good -hopefully a few quiet days will help.
Glad the cold didn't develop mickie -you made me smile about cleaning away your inspiration -should have started with the craft!
Visited a group doing Memory Scrapbooks this morning -I was hoping to volunteer but they said they didn't need help as only 3 students -but today I was able to help with lots of suggestions so I have been invited back -am going to show them how to do stencilling with acrylic paints -does anyone know if these are archival?

Tomorrow I am doing another of Brenda Brown's workshops featuring 3 butterflies in a reverse frame so looking forward to that  Very Happy
margaret rorie

Hope you are feeling a bit better Becky - hope you are soon able to play with your purchases. Glad your cold didn't come to anything Mickie. Your Ireland trip sounds like it was great fun Jennie.

The lecture was good on Wed but thankfully we are moving on to building words this week which is easier. There are only 4 of us doing this course - 2 here and 2 in Orkney where the lecturer is based. Still working on the essay so no time for crafting this week.

I am going to my crime book group tomorrow - we've got coffee and cakes as the librarian is going on maternity leave. Our group is continuing though which is good as I'm really enjoying the books. Have a good weekend everyone.

Vonny if you are using artist quality then yes, acrylics are probably archival.  The packaging should tell you the lightfastness of the individual colour.  Much will depend on the substrate.  You can get paper specifically for painting acrylics and then there's canvas, wood, metal and so on.  Other than that the good old acid and lignin free should do it.  Glad they took you on Vonny.  Am envying you the Barbara Brown workshop -do show us your completed canvas

Good that your course can go ahead with just four people Margaret.  Good luck with the word building

My inspiration is still awol.  Think I might have a tidy up in my craft room - that might do the trick Rolling Eyes

good that your book group can continue Margaret -did I miss you saying what your course is? Hope words are easier than sounds  Smile

Mickie -thanks for the reply re acyrlics -I did have a little look on the internet and the general view is that they are archival, even the craft versions.

The workshop with Brenda was great and less rushed than the previous one -I didn't actually feel tired until I got home and sat down. She has also given us a preview of what future projects will be -the next is recipes for journaling and I have never done a workshop on this so should be useful. The lady sitting by me, Jo, had her journal with her and she had done some wonderful pages, often including her own art. Will post my canvas in my gallery.

Off to a spinning day tomorrow -think I will just sit quietly!

Morning Glad your group can continue Margaret and lets hope words are easier is this connected to the Vikings.
Lucky you Vonny another workshop with Brenda I have to wait till June for mine and we are doing a journal page.She is a good teacher and a lovely lady.
Glad you cold stayed away Mickie although sometimes a cough can be worse.
I had a much better day yesterday felt human for the first time in a week.Got some backgrounds done hope to do some crafting today joint is in the slow cooker,washing on so now the day is mine. xx
margaret rorie

Enjoyed the book group yesterday - we now have a list of books drawn up for the next year. And there is a similar group in Orkney that I can go to when we move.

I don't think I did say what my current course is - it's called Orkney and Shetland tongues looking at the dialects in both places as a lot of it comes from a language called Norn which was spoken here up to about 1700. Norn is closely related to Old Norse which the Vikings took here. Must go and get on with my essay - I want to get it finished so I can get back to packing boxes. There has been some movement on the house front but still don't have any idea of when we'll be moving. We're in limbo at present and can't book holidays or anything.

Glad you're feeling better Becky. Forum Index -> General
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