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Morning all had a lovely 90th party on Saturday until he did a speech he which he thanked everyone for coming so that he could say bye to a lot of people in ome go and there were pics of Mum and Dad on a slide show. It would have been her 90th today so I am now writing this and blubbing.
Having most of the day in and then off to see Cas and the girls later.
What have you all got planned l

Really not happy I have killed my big shot it doesn't like being dropped from a great height,  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad

Oh Becky.......... do hope the eyes aren't too sore today.  These elderly people certainly do know how to throw a curved ball don't they?  I do wonder sometimes what we will be like and then I remember that old is always ten years older than you are!  Laughing

I cannot believe that I have missed chatting with you for a whole week!  I feel I have hardly had a paint brush out of my hands - funny how it all comes at once - a week last Friday I did an Art Class where the topic was horses in watercolour, Saturday an Art Workshop painting a bald eagle in acrylic and on the Sunday I did a Craft Class with Jane Colman at Lingfield with the Craft Barn and painted a bottle (rather than a picture of a bottle  Laughing).  I also came away with a set of the Oxides and a set of the new Infusions - oooh what yumminess.....and have not had a moment to touch any of them Rolling Eyes

I am so inspired by our Jennie too - she makes the Infusions look so delicate I really want to  see if I cannot attain a degree of delicacy with them -

The Craft Barn Blog is doing a blog candy and the candy is a complete set of the new Infusions.   Here's a link if anyone interested:

It is a lovely day here - might have to see if my garden is still there - and what needs to be done to bring it back to par - I can see daffodils and hellebores from the window and the trees all look as though they are about to burst forth.  Oh happy days, spring is almost upon us Laughing

What a disaster Becky - have you got a reserve Cuttlebug or some such?  It is sod's law that everything you want to create now will involve a die cutting machine.

great to celebrate 90 Becky even with a bit of sadness. i was chatting to a chap outside Poundland the other day who said he didn't care what the weather was he was just glad he had got up for another day.
Sorry to hear about your big shot Becky (what were you doing with it?) they are pretty expensive now too but hope you get it replaced soon.
Mickie it sounds like you have had a lot of nature painting last week and lucky you for getting the oxides and Infusions -and I agree that Jennie's work is absolutely beautiful  Very Happy
Yesterday I thought I was having it easy as there was no line dancing in the morning and so as the sun was out I went for a walk up on the downs -then popped into the new Range for a quick look round -where I bumped into 2 ladies from the line dancing class who told be about a group in the afternoon -so I ended up doing  2 hour class as well.  Taking it easier today tho

Morning all it has been quiet on here this week. I knocked the table over that had my big shot on it I have got a electric machine but I love my Big Shot my lovely MIL has said she will buy be another I have said no she says yes. We went to a Pub quiz at the home with my brother  and Dad Tuesday we came 2nd . You sounds as though you have been really busy Mickie I have some of the oxides they are really good I am pleased with them. You don't get off that lightly from line dancing Vonny  Very Happy  My plan today is to stay in and craft think I have don't all challenging and swap for March do now I can get some cards done.

nice MIL Becky! and well done with the quiz  Smile
Went out for a meal with my parents yetserday- wnet to a pub that has been done up -a few different dishes on the menu and the food was good- I had lemon piri piri chicken and pepper skewers, very nice.
Quilting group today -made a couple of blocks then realised I had not cut enough squares for the rest -and the fabric was at home -so had a little extra trip!

That is super news Becky- what a lovely lady to buy you a new one!

I have an electric die cutting/embossing machine but for preference use my Cuttlebug - I live in fear that one day I will push it too far.  

Good to have you back Jennie - you look to have had a super time away.

Your pub meal sounds lovely Vonny - nice to try somewhere new.  Shame about the extra trip you had to make with your quilting.

Have a good weekend everyone

Just trying to catch up with all your news! What a shame about your Big Shot Becky but how lovely of you MiL  Very Happy

We got back from Ireland late last Sunday but I seem to have been on catch up all week! Not least as I am helping to paint the set for the next drama production. Believe me doing a brown stone paint effect on a massive fireplace is a HUGE responsibility! I did say it was a bit out of my league but they do seem to be pleased with the effects. In between paint drying I am also painting doors and windows. We are doing On Golden Pond.

Ireland was fabulous! very hard work for me though. I was really the only beginner and so got put into the intermediate class for the concertina ....... Noel (the tutor) was very good but initially I did feel a little intimidated, but, I really surprised myself in what I could sight read musically and play. The playing was tough, practising three or so hours a day with each new tune (two per day) but it was good to really test the old grey cells .... and my arthritic fingers! The trad festivals either end of the concertina week were also fabulous and of course we met up with the many friends we have made (both on the course and in the village) over the last seven years.

Have a great weekend and I hope to be back to normal  Laughing by next week (should finish the fireplace on Sunday .....!)

Morning all wet here today. Glad you had a good time away Jennie sounds hard work but you enjoyed and that's the main thing.
Glad you enjoyed your meal Vonny  it is nice to go out for food and you don't have to do the dishes.
I love Jennie's work as well Mickie she certainly got the knack and I bet that fireplace will look outstanding it must be boring working with brown all the time.
Have put a joint of beef in slow cooker so that is dinner sorted now to play

Oh dear Becky that was a little sad at the 90th birthday party but how fabulous to have reached that age.
Shame about your Bigshot, yes I can quite imagine that it wouldn't like falling from a great height, how super of your MIL to buy a new one for you.

Everyone sounds as though they have had very busy weeks whilst i don't seem to have done very much at all. I have emptied the large compost bin and spread it around the veg garden and am in the process of carrying hard core to put down prior to laying slabs for a new garden shed to stand on. Said shed is lying in pieces in the back garden! Surely it is the easiest thing in the world to say I want a new shed and it arrives and is soon standing on its new base ready to be filled???? It seems not! The weather here has been awful for the last couple of weeks so not conducive to emptying compost bins!!
The weather today though has finally cheered up - still a tad breezy but at least there are blue skies and some sunshine! Forum Index -> General
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