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Morning all looks like we are in for a nice day today had a lovely day yesterday and was spoilt so I am having a quiet day had 5 of the grandchildren love them all but looked as though a bomb had gone off I did get them to draw a pic in my journal book which has been signed and dated also loads of new pictures on my fridge.

     Becky x

what a lovely idea to get them to do a journal page! I can just imagine the devestation in your house after their visit tho!
was wet first thing but keeping dry so have got some washing out -nothing more exciting so far today!

That is a great idea Becky.  After such a hectic time it's a good thing you have nothing planned for today Laughing

Art class this morning was not quite so tiring.  The theme was heads and the lesson was how to draw a face.  Nor that I could draw a face prior to this morning but at least I know where all the bits are supposed go now Laughing  Laughing

Evening all.....

I had an odd week last week.  Don't feel too rested.  We adopted a new cat on Tuesday night - a 5yr old male from Cats Protection - he's not had a good life and so we thought we would give him a new home Smile  He is a lovely boy - though huge (considering his past) - 6.8kg!  Trying to get him to settle into his home and realise how lucky he is!  I'm sure he will soon have us running around after him!

Back at work today.  Busy as usual!

I managed to do only a tiny bit of crafting last week - I was lucky enough to buy alot of the new Kate Crane stamps..... I love them!

I am booked onto the Lin Brown workshop at the Stamp Attic on Sunday - can't wait!!
margaret rorie

I had a great weekend at Jennie's workshop - this time we made a travel journal using gorgeous Graphic 45 papers. Lots of cutting and sticking and a lovely book to take home. I've put some photos in my gallery. Thanks again Jennie for sharing your expertise and ideas. Margaret

Lucky you Miriam.  I know you will enjoy Lin Brown's class.  I always manage to miss her when she is at the Craft Barn.  Congratulations on the cat, hope you all settle down together quickly and that he will own you before you know it.

You look to have had another super workshop with Jennie, Margaret.  You do get some lovely things to do.

Off for my daily constitutional now.  Might have to sashay past the art shop for some specialist paper............  So far it is a lovely day but fingers crossed it won't rain before I get home

Enjoy your day everyone

Going to pop along to the gallery Margaret - Jennie always does lovely workshops - shame you are so far away Sad

Hope the rain stayed away Mickie.  Did you get your paper?

I've had a busy day today - just sitting down with a cup of tea Smile

In case you are not aware, the Stamp Attic have got lots of clearance bargains.....  I bought some lovely stamps.....

great that you have a good workshop to look forward to Miriam. lovely to adopt a cat -hope he is settling in.

Margaret it sounds like a great workshop.

Started work on my next tag swap and also played with drips!

Gosh you have been a busy lot I am no good at faces Mickie I try to copy them but mine look as though they have been done by a 2 year old  Very Happy
Have fun at your workshop Miriam I am too scared to go online at the Stamp Attic I could spend a fortune and you lucky thing getting all Kate's stamps I want them but I also want some of the new Dylusion stamps as well.Sounds as though Jennie did another lovely workshop Margaret wish I lived nearer.
I have some cards to make but also a trip to dentist today what fun.

   Becky x

Hope all goes well at the Dentist Becky.  The appointments always seem to come round so quickly don't they?  

I'm a bit scared to go online to the Stamp Attic too because I know I would spend a fortune Rolling Eyes   I did go and look for Kate Crane's stamps but couldn't see them, maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

I did get the paper I wanted Miriam and it stayed dry too.  Had it have rained I would have had a soggy mess - don't think this paper would hold much moisture.  We have a homework exercise to draw a head from a photograph of a Roman bust.  The Canson paper was needed because we had to do this exercise using white, ochre and sanguine pencils (that's like a dull yellow and an orangeybrown).  The paper is coloured, in this instance a green grey and it also has a rougher surface.  

Did the exercise last night but my drawing doesn't even look a though it might be a distant relative of the original Rolling Eyes Still, the walk into town did me good

So pleased to hear that you have a new addition Miriam. I am sure he will settle in very soon!

That sounds quite an art course you are doing Mickie! Good for you.

It looks like a summer's day outside - thick fog! We did have sunshine for a while and it was lovely but then the mist started to roll in. Terry is getting a little worried about his flight out on Friday, but hopefully it will have cleared by then. I don't think we shall be seeing the eclipse - the forecast is for misty rain and cloud. There are two very large cruise liners in the harbour today apparently full of tourists on their way to Faroe to see the eclipse - I think they may well be disappointed as Faroe looks to have the same forecast as us Laughing

Its a fast day today, so trying to keep busy - just made a curtain for the downstairs toilet Such a simple, tiny little curtain and I am reminded why I only sew on paper Laughing

that drawing exercise sounds rather daunting mickie but you sound like a real artist talking about the colours! Smile

sounds like the curtain was a challenge then Jennie -hopefully you will be back to sewing on paper soon.

Have done some more to my tag (that's the problem with this painting and layering, it all has to dry) and some more drips as a start to a journal page.

Been at craft committee meeting all morning and gots lots sorted -we are starting an evening group in May which should be good

That is great Vonny - always nice to craft with like minded people

Jennie I know someone who made a pair of large curtains using wunderweb and an iron plus a little fabric glue - you would never know to look at them

Quite chilly and grey outside today.  Certainly not inviting me to go for a walk - perhaps I'll just do a quick nip down to the sea and back.  Hope it isn't like this tomorrow for the eclipse; we shan't see a thing Rolling Eyes

The drawing exercise is daunting Vonny - quite like the effect but I have drawn him a few times now and I still don't get even a vague likeness.  Maybe he will be my summer project when I'm sitting in the garden Laughing

Dentist was cancel she was ill going next week now,Mickie Kate's stamps are under Stampotique at Stamp Attic.I am waiting for the eclipse but as weather is grot won't see a lot I have a stinking cold and feeling sorry myself  Crying or Very sad can't stop sneezing but don't have to leave the house till Monday so just going with the flow hopefully I will get some crafting done.

   Becky x

Oh Becky, sorry to hear you have a cold, what rotten luck. Hope you get rid of it quickly.  Thanks for telling me where to find Kate's stamps.

Went out to see what I could of the eclipse but disappointingly the sky was overcast didn't get to see much except that it went dark and cold.  

Looking out of the window now, it seems like the sun is trying to break through.  Steady on there, I can't take too much excitement in one day Laughing

Hello all! Great to hear the excitement for today's eclipse, unfortunately it was far too cloudy where I am so I had to make do with creating my own total eclipse using a jaffa cake. It went down very well Razz
I've just confirmed my place on a local dabble day in Leighton Buzzard where I will have 6 different tutorials to create 6 different craft projects. I'm treating my friend too so that should be a fun day out for us both.
Must be something in the air as I had to have my dentist appointment this week too, came back ok though so that's another year done and dusted Very Happy *toothy grin*

Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well Becky. I hope you feel better soon.

Well we were supposed to be the darkest in the UK with eclipse at 98% but there was a lot of cloud. It did break through a bit here and there and I had some good views with my home made pinhole viewer! It didn't go very dark but it was darkish and there was such an eerie silence. I got this photograph but not very great. You will have to look VERY closely to see the eclipse! A jaffa cake might have been better ...

Click to see full size image

Terry is now in Southampton for his sailing week, so I have a week to catch up with lots of things crafty. I am teaching a workshop tomorrow and have a few folk coming through the week to do flowers here at the house. So a busy week.

Have fun at your workshops Rachel - wow! six different tutorials!
margaret rorie

Great photo Jennie. It was certainly quite an experience yesterday - we didn't have the glasses so did the pinhole thing with card too.  When it clouded over I managed a quick look! The darkness was amazing - not like the usual night time dark.

I've been helping at the lifeboat coffee morning which is held on one of our ferries. It was really busy so hope it has raised a lot of money.

Going to have a crafting afternoon as hubby is going out to watch the rugby.

Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

Had a session with my Gelli plate yesterday but got a bit carried away and wore myself out as I am still recovering from a nasty virus! Went and did a bit of craft shopping at the shop in Leighton buzzard mentioned by Rachel- better selection of stamps there than at Stamperama!

Enjoy the dabble day when you go Rachel -I've heard they are fun.

Margaret -hope you made lots of money for the lifeboats -and that everyone enjoys a bit of crafting while their hubbies/partners are busy doing other things!

Thanks for sharing the eclipse with us Jennie.  Enjoy your crafty week

Rachel, that sounds like a busy day - six tutorials.  You will have to upload pictures in your gallery.

Love the idea of a coffee morning on a ferry Margaret.  Hope you managed to raise a goodly amount.

Hope you are feeling a bit better too Becky and Miriam.  Not sure this cold weather helps.  Looks quite grim outside - almost as though there's fog rolling in.

Hope you feel better again soon too Vonny

Well I feel a bit guilty about not helping out at the Lifeboat coffee morning this morning, but I was teaching a beginner's srapbooking workshop today. No beginners! all old hands, so we had a great day and got everything done well in time. That was my last big workshop so now to pack everything away until they start again in October.

It has been a lovely day here in Shetland today - blue skies, sunshine and hardly any wind. Wish it had been like that yesterday! I see the fishing season has started with loads trying their luck on the loch by the house very early this morning.  Aimee and I had to find another field for our early morning walk - she would have just gone up and said hello to everyone. All they need when concentrating on that elusive fish!

A close one - I thought the clocks went back this weekend. I could have been VERY early for church tomorrow  Laughing

I guess you would get brownie points for being early for church Jennie!

Have been sorting the backing for a quilt that is nearly ready for layering today -my brain didn't want to know about the matchs tho! Forum Index -> General
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