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Another monday morning this year is already going to quickly. We have the sun shining again which is nice taking Mum to have her eyes tested so hopefully glasses will help a little bit. what are you all up too. x

Some of us lunched after art class today.  Thought we might celebrate the sunshine Laughing   Lovely and warm too.  

Spring seems to have arrived Laughing

I agree Becky, this year is flying by. I did wonder if it was because Easter is so early and we traditionally like to get things done by then.

Shall have to make a start on my ATCs and get my tag book organised

Margaret you do find some interesting classes to do -I would find it really hard to have to write essays etc so good on you. Glad something is happening with the house even if only slowly.

Becky glad you are feeling a bit better and getting more done -hope you keep going  Smile
Think you are right about Easter Mickie -clock change day is Easter Sunday -we will be back to darker mornings  Sad
Line dancing this morning but in a much smaller room with a low ceiling -we had to be careful not to bump into each other especially when stepping backwards.
Then had to get the car MOT'd -needed brakes (which I knew) and 2 new tyres ****pot holes!!

Yes Becky the weeks seem to be flying past at an alarming rate. I've not really stopped since we got back from Ireland having 6 weeks of housework to catch up on  Sad  Sad  Sad  and trying to get DT pieces sorted.

It has been a lovely day here today - so thank  you for sending it up Mickie  Cool I managed to walk for half an  hour and then spent another hour pottering in the garden. I have bought a garden kneeler which is high enough to sit on so I can just trundle around the garden doing the borders. I don't know when I will be able to kneel - if ever! the toes just don't bend anymore! I feel quite irreverent in church !

Looking back at last week, so glad to see that you did another workshop with Brenda. She really does have a lovely style and she does seem to be offering some lovely workshops at the moment. I am hoping to stay with her in September if possible to catch up.

Phew Margaret !!! that sounds an amazing course. Are you speaking as well ?

Well now I am able to drive (just these last few days) I am off to a drama meeting tonight to discuss the panto - oh yes it does start this early! I have put my head above the parapet for this year so have to start getting organised, although I am having a younger member shadow me this year and she is going to take a couple of rehearsals too as I am going to be away quite a lot. Hopefully it should be fun - I always say never again, but I still end up doing it!

Have a great week in case it is suddenly Monday again  Rolling Eyes

had to laugh about it being Monday again Jennie, but do know what you mean.
I have enjoyed Brenda's workshops so far -she was going to send you a picture of us together?
Managed a little crafting this afternoon and hope to make a start on the tag book tomorrow

It has been another glorious day here, so went for a walk this morning and managed an hour tidying the borders, just sitting on a little plastic stool, but you can at least see where I've been Laughing And tonight we have just been setting the cameras up for a possible aurora night. Probably because we are so organised we won't get them. Mind you Terry only has a black and white film in his camera Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

I can't seem to get into the mood for crafting. I've had to make some tough decisions this week about where I'm going and I feel a little bruised but I know they are the right decisions. Onwards and upwards ................

Morning all am so enjoying the sunshine I am going to Wales next week so hope it is still around then. We do have to make decision sometimes Jennie hate doing it but I am sure you will make the right one you are one busy lady where do you get your energy from. That is one good thing about having a motability car Vonny we don't have to pay for anything but fuel it gives us piece of mind. Must do my Atc's have started my tag book well I have stamped my sentiment   Very Happy x

It seems I've just turned round and its nearly Monday again Rolling Eyes  I went to Inky Fingers yesterday where we played with Yupo paper and alcohol inks.  It was fun and we had a good time.  Not sure about Yupo but on the plus side; it did get us all thinking about where our stashes of alcohol inks might be buried Laughing

Apparently Yupo was originally developed as an alternative to watercolour paper.  As its a non absorbent, synthetic paper I'm interested to see how does in watercolour painting which seems to rely on the absorbency of the substrate.  We shall see

Shame about the two new tyres Vonny, new brakes were bad enough.

Hope you saw the Aurora Jennie.  I've been trying to catch sight of the International Space Station as it comes round but no success so far.  I take Terry was intending to take art photos Wink

Went to Art Group this morning and managed to ruin yet another piece of watercolour paper.  I'm really not getting the hang of it.  

I started a humdinger of a cold on Tuesday so am now going to cave in and stay indoors with lots more honey and lemon and let it take its course.   Rolling Eyes

poor you Mickie =take it easy and try to rest! Have seen the Yupo paper around (strange name) and you are right that the alcohol inks are sitting unloved high up on the shelf, unloved and unused! Hope to see what you did.

Jennie -hope your decisions turn out to be right for you, life can be difficult at times. Did you see the aurora? and that you get your crafting mojo back soon.

I had a crafting session yesterday and started my tag book. Also worked on a journal page. Went into a local charity shop in the morning for a couple of books  only to find they had loads of stamps for sale -so had to buy a few of course! Also got about 3 yards of binca fabric( 6 stitches to the inch) for the ladies that I am teaching to cross stitch -it is yellow but at 3 is much cheaper than the 99p they paid for a 10'' square!

This morning I taught a young man to stencil and helped him add a border to his scrapbook page -this is the first one where he has changed his layout as well as adding the stencilling and some embossing  Smile Visited a friend in the afternoon for a knit and natter

Hope you are feeling a bit better Mickie - and hope the honey and lemon worked.

You have some lovely crafting sessions Vonny. The Yupo sounds interesting but unless I can see it I don't think I will order any yet. I have a little play today as well with the Tim Holtz Doily die - it cuts beautifully but the floor is a mess with all the bits  Laughing

I did get some good shots of aurora - think this was my best. It is actually very difficult to get a good shot as you are shooting into the dark but I had focussed my camera in the daylight and set it all up on the tripod and carried it around very carefully. Seems to have worked!


What a super photo Jennie.  Can't imagine such an amazing sky outside of a fantasy movie.  Just so long as no-one came up and asked you "what's it got in its pocketses then?" Laughing

I liked the sound of the doily die but having had a poor experience with a couple of the other newish dies I was a bit wary of buying it.

I think the honey and lemon did the trick.  Feel so much better this evening.

Vonny I have taken a couple of photos of the Yupo experiment and will see if I can upload them tomorrow.  You do sound to have had a good couple of days Laughing
margaret rorie

Fantastic photo Jennie. We didn't see the aurora in the town - too much light pollution so kicking myself that we didn't go for a run in the country.

Glad you're feeling better Mickie. I've made a few cards for challenges this week and now spent some time tidying my craft room. Even though a lot of stuff is packed away I still seem to make a mess! Must look and see if I have enough tags - here's hoping.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

great photo Jennie -quite fantasy looking as Mickie said so must be part of living the dream  Laughing
Glad you are feeling better Mickie as sometimes these things can carry on for ages! Forum Index -> General
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