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Morning all we have the sun shining off today crafting with friends hoping to get some Atc's done. What are you all up to if this nice weather stays hopefully you will get your shed done soon Rusticus
margaret rorie

We have now moved to Orkney and are getting settled in - the house is a bit small for all our stuff but it's nice to be settled. I've ever got a crafty space set up so looking forward to getting some craft done. Still no phone line as BT are saying it will not happen until the end of month- managing to find WiFi in various places.

As you say Becky - hope this lovely weather stays with us now.

Glad you are settling in Margaret - it has been a long time coming for you.  There'll be no stopping you now Laughing

Super day painting in the sunshine yesterday - just what was needed I think.  Sunday was a full on payday with friends - we attempted to make a rusty panel we had seen on the DecoArt blog.  Shame we didn't read the instructions before the event - we would either not have bothered or at least got our panels to a stage so that we could have finished them!  Hey ho! that's how it goes.  It was a great day with a lovely buffet lunch (everybody brought something to share).

Inky Fingers tomorrow and we are attempting a Tando Journal.  This will be another fun day and we will go home with another UFO - we just can't help ourselves.  Laughing  Laughing  

Have a lovely week everyone, just in case I don't get chance to get here again this week.  Wink

That is good news Margaret at last you can settle into your home and finally get to empty boxes.
Hope you have fun at inky fingers Mickie I don't seem to have journalling for ages I am back with Atc, Postcards and altered things all on FB
Spent most of yesterday in Salisbury with Dad so today I am enjoying a day in I love him to bits but it is very tiring I don't think it helps the home is so warm we had lunch with him lovely food.
Hope you are all enjoying yourselves whatever you are doing

Margaret, I am so pleased to hear that you have managed to finally make it to Orkney! and are settling in well.  I shall miss you though. Looking forward to our get together in September.

Wow painting in the sunshine Mickie! That sounds good.

It is just amazing that the week is nearly gone AGAIN!! I seem to be doing an awful lot of things with the SWRI at the moment which is taking a lot of my time. My new Distress Oxides have now been sitting on my desk for nearly a week and I haven't managed a chance to play.Something wrong there!  I have finally got two of my DT pieces finished (a tough call after the Ireland holiday) so perhaps I'll now get some play time.

We have John Bloodworth here this weekend (The Gentleman Crafter) doing his all counties challenge. He's on the boat tonight and it really is windy so I hope he is ok. He is having a look at Shetland tomorrow and we have a workshop both on Saturday and Sunday. I have been the organising link for his visit so I hope it goes well. Will show you what we make.

We had John Bloodworth at Pickwell just before Christmas and I was unable to go which was a shame have fun doing the workshops Jennie.
We have the sun here today I am having a day in as we are over at Salisbury all weekend sorting the house out ready for sale Dad is doing well in the home and seems to have a new lease of life.

I now know I am getting old as the weeks seem to be flying past  Smile Perhaps it is because my days are full!
Margaret so glad for you that you have finally got settled and will soon find a home for all your belongings. I was pretty ruthless when we moved; thought I had got rid of loads only to realise that we had still got more than we needed Laughing  I soon weeded out even more!

Becky it is great that your dad has settled into the home well but I don't envy you having to deal with his house!

How fabulous to be painting in the sunshine Mickie!

Well the shed isn't yet up but I have finally cleared the last of the compacted mouldy old grass from the compost bin and the compost bin is now rehomed, large pieces of hard core for the shed's base have been chucked over the wall from the drive onto the shed's site. Smaller stone will also be spread out and then slabs put on top! The weather was so lovely here on Wednesday and Thursday that I managed to get quite a bit of gardening done and some lily bulbs planted too! Weather has turned windier and cooler with misty drizzle now:(

A great weekend with John Bloodworth. He had a terrible trip up on the ferry on Thursday night and I actually saw his van in Tesco's car park early on Friday, but he was very pale and very tired then! We have had two days of workshops - seven each day - making a mixed media clock. I paid to go for the two days as I was making tea, coffee and organising the hall! So today I took some of my own bits and pieces and made a clock more to my style ......   Laughing   It has been great fun though and we are so pleased, as was he, to make it to the top of the UK. We don't normally get included in these sort of challenges. He had hoped to do a Skype with live Create and Craft TV yesterday afternoon, but the WIFI and mobile signal were both to low to do it. But that would have been fabulous!

I'll post a picture of the clock when I can get a photograph tomorrow. Just putting all my stuff away and having a (rare) night in!  Hope you have all had a great weekend. Forum Index -> General
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