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Morning all sorry not been around this is the 1st day I have got up feeling almost human have done no crafting and really need to do some.Having my hair done this morning so hopefully that will make me feel better,

    Becky x

hope you are feeling a bit better now your hair has been done Becky. i too am slowly recovering -felt well enough to have a bit of a sort out of my craft room. threw loads out but it still looks as full!

Glad you are feeling better Vonny didn't get much done yesterday so I hope I can do a bit today.  Think Keith is coming down with it now.Have Dentist later.

     Becky x

Good to hear you are both feeling much better Vonny and Becky.  Hopefully the weather will pick up too and then everything will be alright.  I think Laughing

Art class yesterday went really well.  The life model cried off sick so The Nude was the theme of the day.  I only got to do back views,  just as well as I don't think I'm ready for fronts yet Laughing

Inky Fingers with Helen Chilton tomorrow and I haven't done my homework from last month Rolling Eyes  Think that might be what I shall be doing this afternoon.

Have a nice day everyone

I don't think i would ever be up for fronts!  Embarassed
enjoy your class tomorrow -will seem like a doddle after all this drawing!

Got the car MOT'd this morning and nothing needed doing  Smile Then some crafting this afternoon so a good day.
margaret rorie

Had a great crafting weekend and got caught up on my ATCs, tag, my scrapbook page from last month's Scrapbookers and a couple of cards for challenges. Phew! I can't believe that we've got the Scrapbookers' club again this Saturday. It seems to have been a very quick month. We're doing a spring layout so I have the photo and an idea about the papers I want to use but always have difficulty with 12x12 pages as they seem so big.

Weather here has been very mixed today - sunshine and showers with some sleet in areas. Hope it will warm up soon so that the garden gets a bit drier then I might get out to do some tidying.

Your art class sounds quite challenging Mickie especially fronts of bodies! Think I'll stick to stamps and inks.

Hope you're both feeling better, Vonny and Becky.

Don't think I could draw a front view mind you if he had a body to die for it might be worth looking at  Laughing
Glad you had a good weekend crafting Margaret I have been in for a week now apart from hair being done and dentist and not really achieved anything bl***y cold.
Slept well last night so getting there hopefully I will get a chance to craft today.Having a couple of days in and we are going to Wales on Fri for the weekend which will be nice.

  Becky x

Ooooh Mickie  Embarassed Not something I could do!

It is a really lovely day here today. I woke up early and was out walking Aimee at 7 am. The fields were frosty and so for once she came back reasonably clean instead of the mud of the last few weeks!

Catching up on card work challenges and blog posts today.

Hope you feel better soon Becky - and enjoy Wales x

well done Margaret for catching up -it does feel good!

Becky a good nights sleep always helps so hope you are getting better -i am at about 90% now! Mike can hardly talk so when I meet up with parents today I didn't stop chatting  Laughing

Jennie -I love walking in frosty weather, espacially if the sun is out too. i have been waking up a bit earlier this week -getting ready for clock change I think

Good to hear everyone getting better.  

I was up at 7.00am yesterday and off to the Craft barn for Inky Fingers.  Lovely drive up - not too much traffic and nice weather.  At Inky Fingers we played with Gelatos.  OMG - never mind the fingers you should have seen the state of our hands!  Once we had finished playing we set to and created two canvasses; one feminine and one masculine.  Will post photos when I get them both finished.  We over ran our time and were threatened with being locked in.  No way was that a threat for some of us - more of an inducement Laughing

Had lunch today with an old friend I hadn't seen for a couple of years.  Lovely catch up which lasted until 6:00pm Rolling Eyes   We have decided it might be best not to wait so long until the next get together.

Enjoy your Welsh weekend Becky

Hope you get some gardening time soon Margaret.

We have the sun and just getting ready to leave. Must tell you it a long story but to shorten it I took one of Keith's tablet it sent me loopy it was really scary so if that is what they call a high I don't want if seem OK now.

   Becky x

I have a packet of Gelato's sitting here unopened  Embarassed I don't really know what to do with them!

Another lovely morning and I thought it might be warm enough to do some gardening. Despite the lovely temperature in Lerwick it is a really cold wind here so I think the garden will wait a bit! I have had three lots of crafting workshops here at the house this week - a bit of an experiment - so I need to get everything packed away and get back to some normality -  Laughing

Jennie, have look at Helen Chilton's Steampunk Glory article in the March issue of Craft Stamper. I specifically bought the Steampunk set of Gelatos to do this but on the strength of last week's class I know you can use any of the sets for this project and go your own way.

Oh Becky - what a thing to do! Hope you have come down completely from your unexpected high.

Just come back from my walk - in the lovely sunshine. First long walk this week - I haven't had time this week Embarassed

Today marks the first anniversary of my last day at work. It has been a fantastic year

Does anyone know how to copy a memory stick on a Mac?  Is it done the same way as on a PC?

Mickie- the lock in sounds great I agree! Sounds like your time keeping has become very retired now!

Becky -is Keith on a permanent high then? I do agree with you tho that I would hate the out of control feeling

Gelatos- there was another article in a CS last year I think a masterclass with good ideas. they are watercolours so you can use them like other watercolour type things but as they are creamy they are easy to blend with your fingers (the messy part). I find the flat end of them great for colour the raised parts of embossed images as you can avoid the colour going into the valleys really easily. Of course You Tube has vids too. Thunk we shoul challenge you to use them Jennie  Smile

Was at Craft and Coffee today and layered up and pinned my quilt. It only took about 1 hour 15 mins and I hadn't taken anything else so I showed a lady how to do resist embossing! We also had one meber playing his new baritone ukelele which was a very relaxing sound.

Enjoy Wales Becky -not many craft shops there!
margaret rorie

Having a quiet evening enjoying a glass of wine before I go to sort out my stuff for the scrapbooking tomorrow. I've nearly finished my page already! I meant just to plan it but got carried away! I'll take more stuff with me for some 8x8 pages which I find easier.

Jennie very kindly invited a few of us to her house for some flower making workshops this week - thanks again Jennie. I finished off my flowers so they are just waiting for a suitable project.

It seems to have been a busy week with book group on Tuesday and CAB training on Wednesday. I certainly don't have any problem in filling my time!
Hope you all have a good weekend whatever you are doing. Margaret

Really miserable day down here - wet windy, dull.  So, I am staying in and having spent all morning catching up with my book, I shall now relax with my Gelatos!  I am determined to do the Helen Chilton Steampunk project.  I wanted to start it yesterday afternoon but the Gremlins arrived.  The Gelatos packet was initially quite resistant to being opened and then suddenly all resistance ceased and with a rush and the sticks flew off in all directions.  Took me over an hour to find all the little beauties.  Spent the rest of the afternoon tidying up the craft room.   Embarassed

Hopefully, all Gremlins are banished for today.

Hope you've got better weather in Wales Becky.

your story made me smile mickie -glad you found all your Gelatos  Smile

Margret- I absolutely agree that there is plenty to do once you are retired- and I have loads of other things i would like to do too. Grat to have so many interests. What book are you reading now? I am very low brow but am currently enjoying Lee Child books featuring Jack Reacher who travels very light! Still have a few needed for my collection so gives me something to look out for in charity shops.

Wnet to a craft fair this morning which was nice- only bought lip blam tho. then round the garden centre where it was held and got some herbs and a blank journal -not sure if A$ will be my thing but it is like an exercis book so will be easy to stamp/ink etc as it will open pretty flat. Was less than 2.50 so good value. Next Gelli plate session I will start on it to clean paint off my brayer, stencils etc

Well, if I thought yesterday was miserable; I have no words to describe today - here we are 5.00pm and the sun is finally attempting to come out Rolling Eyes

Have been journalling with the Gelatos and used my Picket Fence Distress Stain for the first time.  I guess it had to happen Laughing   The Steampunk page is coming along - hope to get that finished today.

Think you will be surprised at how useful you will find your exercise book Vonny.   If only to sketch ideas out and use as a mop up book.

I'm quite envious of your flower making session with Jennie Margaret.

mopping up, yes..sketching ideas, unlikley. I tend to write ideas as wrods but have the picture in my mind. Finshed my 'green' page and also did another -definitely addictive like you said. not getting many cards made but I do have a small store so ok for now. Am trying to use a few of my Gelli plated papers before I have another spree.

Crafting was what the weather wanted today as it has been blowing and somtimes tipping it down. think we did have a gleam of sun! Forum Index -> General
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