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Line dancing then walked to a new knitting group so feeling rather tired this evening. just a bit of food shopping then lunch out with previous colleagues tomorrow so not too taxing hopefully

Went to Art Class yesterday morning.  Started off ok but was seriously flagging by mid morning and instead of going to lunch I came home and flaked out on the sofa .  Didn't even have the energy to switch the telly on!  So far today everything seems normal but I have hairdressing this afternoon..........wonder if that will tire me out too Laughing

Need to improve quickly as off to London for theatre trip tomorrow - we are going to see Kinky Boots.

I am flagging too Mickie and didn't go to my lunch either! Kinky Boots is a fun film and I'm sure you'll enjoy it the stage version  Smile

Hi all,

Apologies for my absence but you will understand....

I am currently dealing with another office move, an acquisition in Llanelli, a major re-structure which involves redundancies, 2 company projects, my normal day job looking after 4 branches....... and...... I'm half way through (1 month) into my external assessment to become chartered which involves..... 11 competency based 500 word questions; 1 6000 word report and a 6000 word case study which I have only 2 weeks to complete and I am1 week in!

On top of that.....I have started having hormonal injections for my endo and am suffering side effects and have a nasty virus on top!

....... and breathe!

So..... I may be hit and miss for a few weeks but I am thinking about you all and will do what I can!!

Hope you are all well..... miss you all....

Morning all sorry you are so busy Miriam and feeling poorly on top of it all I am sure you will get though it all.. Vonny and Mickie hope you are both not so tired. Yesterday we went to Bridgend outlet centre brought myself some new shoes and bra's Keith brought shoes and trousers not sure what is planned for today depends on weather. Lost big time at cards last night so have to win it back tonight. Xx

Miriam that just sounds awful !!!!! I hope you manage to get through everything.

It has been a grey day here today, but in that it should have been wet, probably not so bad. But tomorrow the forecast is DIRE ...........   Crying or Very sad but at least I can craft with no guilt.

I have just completed 15 days of consecutive walking - up to 2 miles a day now and going at a good pace. I am also doing weight watchers. Last week I didn't lose a nanno ounce despite following everything to the absolute letter (or point if you know WW) I hope my weigh in on Friday is better!

Good luck at the cards tonight Becky  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Miriam that is an enormous workload - I really don't know how you cope with it especially when you aren't feeling well either -hopefully you will manage to become chartered in spite of it all!

Becky glad you had a bit of retail therapy and good luck with the cards -what do you play?

Jennie that is very frustrating not to lose ant weight after being so good but perhaps it will all show up this week. Hope the weather tomorrow isn't as bad as you expect.

Had a quiet day sorting through some wool and fabric then got my hair cut -feels a bit chilly round the back!

a morning knitting then pottering in the garden in the sun -not bad for a bank holiday  Smile

Morning all well got home late Thursday the traffic and weather was awful coming back but had a great time. Ended up popping into Hobbycraft while visiting other friends in Wales {which was another reason for being late home} brought bits and pieces for grandkids but got myself some more of the the Abstract paint which is still 2 and then got a further 25% off cos I had spent 25 pounds not bad.Got a quiet Easter which I am pleased about. x

Good heavens Miriam, I had to go and lie down after reading your last post to recover from exhaustion Wink To think they want you to go on to 73.................!  I think we all feel blessed that you also find time to make us such lovely cards too

Theatre trip was super.  The coach was able to leave a little early which was as well because due to we know not what, some roads in London were closed so we got in a little sight seeing while we detoured.  I can now say that I have been all around St Thomas' hospital Laughing Kinky Boots was terrific.   So full of energy; there was no let up from start to finish.  Everyone came out happy and smiling, marvelling that the cast had it all to do again in a couple of hours.  The meal afterwards was enjoyable and then after one last look at the lights along the Thames most of us dozed all the way home

Weather was so very nice yesterday it would have been a crime to stay indoors so I spent the day outside

Miserable day today so am crafting Laughing

Happy Easter to you all hope you all remembered the clocks went forward. Glad you had a good theatre trip Mickie and you had a good meal afterwards.x

Happy Easter Day to everyone  Very Happy

Happy Easter from me too. Variable weather here -was just going out for a walk when is started to rain so came back home Sad  Have done some patchwork today -haven't done any for a while and had forgotten how much I like it  Smile No fixed pans for the rest of the day or tomorrow. Forum Index -> General
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