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Morning all we have the sun here I am off out crafting with the girls today and the tea with Cas and the girls. Spent the weekend sorting Dad's house out he has gone into a home now so he is safe,warm and having loads of company so he is happy yesterday I felt like a over inflated balloon with pins and needles for arms and legs.

Hello everyone from a very windy Cornwall!
Reading the Important announcement at the top of the forum does this mean that Rebel Stampers forum will be having a new home or will it be disappearing?????

Oh I just thought it was me that could see that as I have just booked the Ibis in Gatwick  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

I am sure your Dad's move must have been a difficult one Becky, but sounds as though he is very happy.

Fabulous sunny and WINDLESS !!!!! day here.

What a difference a day makes!! Today we have had a beautifully sunny day, the wind still had a cold edge but was much lighter. The weather makes such a difference to how you feel too doesn't it?

I have been slaving over a mixed media project and I am hoping it will all turn out okay when it is finished - please don't let me over work it!!!!

We seem to be back to one day glorious and one day rubbish again - I suppose two glorious days in succession would be too much to ask for?  Never mind, Oh to be in England and all that ........ Laughing   You are right Lynne the weather does make a huge difference to mood.  So I prescribe and good laugh and lots of sunshine and we will all be 'young" again  Laughing

Went to watch a demonstration by the artist Joe Francis Dowden at the weekend - he does mainly watercolour but with a difference - no washed out colour for him!   I knew there was more to them than is made out.........!

I have an unexpected day at home tomorrow - oooh, what shall I do?  Think my ATCs might be high up on the list - seems a while since I did any..........

I seem to be amassing another stash of UFO's.  Doesn't take long does it?  It's when you lose the instructions/guidelines that it gets really interesting.  Well, they say you shouldn't copy don't they?   Wink

Hope you are all having a super week

I also have the message  about the forum closing. Think we have the sun coming out which will be nice. Having a day in too Mickie,  Keith is out all day helping my Brother Paul move some furniture  so it will be a crafting day for me I don't seem to have crafted properly for days so hope I still have my mojo with me.

I've been away for a couple of weeks and have just read this worrying forum message. It seems like a lot of forums are going to be affected but I'm particularly worried about this one. It seems I've only just settled in and it's going to disappear . Crying or Very sad .
Having just returned from a daytime temperature of @34 degrees, my boiler decided to stop[ working. Luckily it's not been too cold and I have a fan heater plus my Peter Rabbit hot water bottle was dragged out of retirement (sods law it stopped working just as DH went away). The engineer is fixing it now as I type so hopefully I will have heat and hot water today.
Enjoy your weekends everyone.

Yeah we have the sun and my first lot of washing is on the line which is lovely and it is towels yeah. Hope you manage to get heating and water sorted Scrapmate and it is not too expensive. It is a bit of a worry about the message hope it won't close. Off round to Mum's this morning then some shopping and then home and will hopefully get some crafting done. x

hi all
sorry not to have  been around but have been having a couple of weeks in Devon.
Have also seen the message in Red re closure but can't seem to click on it at the moment as my PC is on a go slow -has someone got Miriam's e mail so they can flag this to her as I don't think she has been on here for a while -thanks. Perhaps we should pm our e mail addresses to each other just in case?
Weather pretty good for first week but much clouier and wet second week. Did find a few stamps to buy at Trago Mills but no other real craft shops now although there is a community one in Dawlish that sells peoples finished items and stocks a few bits and pieces for making too -got a couple of things for quilting there.
Been in the garden today doing some tidying as it has been lovely weather (!) and back to line dancing tomorrow and a craft session with s friend (provided there are no problems with the MOT on my car) Forum Index -> General
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