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Morning all back to reality wish I could live my life in holiday mode is so much slower and relaxing. Vonny we are on bread and water for the next year  Laughing Staying in today have washing on wet and overcast here so better find somewhere to hang it. x

Miserable day here too and grey. Not in the least bit inspiring

Art class this morning was all about jazz musicians which we had to do in chalk pastels.  Really enjoyed it and hoping to actually get my pictures finished too.  However, there's nowhere indoors that I want to use pastels - the dust gets everywhere.  My jeans look as though I have been celebrating Holi (Indian festival of colour) except that that occurs in March Laughing

Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and you can get your washing dry Becky.  Was thinking perhaps you should try porridge as opposed to the bread and water Laughing  Laughing

Laughing what a good idea Mickie I love porridge. I love pastels but know what you mean about being dusty but I do it at my desk I use my hands to rub it in and that seems better.
Off crafting with friends today which will be nice. x

Much better day today although we did have monsoon rain earlier this morning.  The sky just doesn't look so grim and its warmer too.  Just as well as I have had to open all the doors and windows to get rid of last night's curry reminder.  Love asian food but hate the morning after's reminder.  I even cook it with the back door open  Rolling Eyes

Just done a bit more to my birthday page - it isn't working out as I had imagined it but I think I'm getting there.  Will have to concentrate on my ATCs now or I'll never get done.

Oh Mickie you did make me smile with the chalk and the indian after smell  Laughing So glad you are enjoying your art class so much.

And so pleased that you had a great time Becky and of course at AFTH. I walked through the door and just stood there with my mouth open  Laughing I think he thought I was a bit odd  Rolling Eyes

It was a very wet early morning but it did dry so I got my walk in (it was too wet yesterday to even think about it). Two new pairs of shoes have just arrived from Hotter and it looks as though I can get them on. Told Terry I would only keep one pair, but they are both lovely so may have to hide a pair in order to bring them out later with the "Oh those ? had them for ages" comment  Laughing  Embarassed

Right off to see what I can make with some left over pork - might have to be a curry  Laughing

all this talk of curry is making me hungry -mind you we had spicy chicken pasta today -Mike was sparing with the cayenne but I think it is pretty old and has lost it's heat -still tasted good tho!

Glad you are enjoying the art class again Mickie -you are certainly covering everything. i saw a kit in a shop recently that was to do a shaded drawing using different weights of lead pencil -the outline was drawn so all you had to do was the shading. howver, good sense told me I just don't have time to do something new so I didn't get it.

Love the plan with the shoes Jennie  Laughing I managed a walk to and from the swimming pool in the dry but it has rained most of the rest of the day.
Did a little crafting inclduing making a bat using hand shapes for wings!

oooh Jennie, two pairs of hotter shoes.  How fabulous is that.  Do hope they are quite different in style so you don't have to have a debate with yourself which pair to wear when Laughing

Think it is definitely spicey food time - keeps you warm on the inside.  anyone got their slow cooker out yet?

Vonny, you don't need a kit to do a shaded drawing - you probably have all you need in your stash - stamps, card, pencils (inks, paints, chalks, brushos.....) or even dare I mention a stencil or two?  Well done for resisting purchasing

Had the fire on tonight for the first time in ages - Winter is coming (to quote) Wink

I have had my heating on for a few days mainly to get washing dry. I also have my slow cooker out in fact it never went away Libby loves my stews I am not into spicy foods although Keith loves it.
2 pairs of shoes Jennie lucky you I would do the same as you and keep both pairs you have to have comfortable feet.
Your art class was worth you doing it Mickie you are certainly covering it all and the different mediums you will miss it when it finishes or will you carry on doing it.
Staying in today might attempt to do some Xmas cards I have a few birthday cards to do as well. x

Well after yesterday 's euphoria on the shoe front one pair will be going back. When I tried them on again I realised they were not very high at the back and so my feet are slipping. Hey ho! At least I don't feel so guilty now  Laughing

Yes the slow cooker never goes away in this house. I do the Sunday roast in it every weekend. Just have it simmering away in a little water all day and then put it in the oven for 30 mins to crisp up abit. Always very succulent no matter how bad the meat!

Well we are back to the rain and grey today so I have been busy around the house. We have Terry's friend visiting at the weekend - we have not seen him for 32 years. He was our best man and is Adrians godfather so it will be good to catch up. Right off for some lunch!
margaret rorie

Think the house will be going on the market before the weekend so hope we get some interest. Will be very relieved when the viewings are over - it's very stressful! And it means I can't do any crafting as I've tidied a lot of my crafty stuff away.

Hubby will be watching the rugby this afternoon as Scotland are playing Japan so I'll get peace to do more on my course.

Shame about the shoes having to go back Jennie.  

I need some advice on the slow cooker front - mine is only a small one, which is fine for me but the instructions are not very clear.  Do I need less cooking time because it holds less?  My "I can't cook, so I won't cook" friend (her description I hasten to add!) gave me a Schwarz sachet today to see if I might have more success as indeed, she does herself.  Now that I am home I notice that the small print advises "recipe based on 3.5L cooker" and am concerned now whether the recipe will work in my little one.  Think what I am really asking is if I halve the recipe, do I halve the cooking time?

Becky I am considering doing another year of the art class but I have now joined the local art society and they do workshops.  Am doing one this weekend  to get the flavour of it.  So I reckon we shall see

Good luck Margaret.  Hope you will be back to crafting very soon.  I don't know about not doing any crafting - don't forget cooking cauliflower, sprouts and curry are definitely a no no for the duration. Laughing

Sad news on shoe front Jennie at least you got 1 pair.
I am never moving I would never get my house tidy enough for anyone to view  Laughing
That's good about art society Mickie  you are enjoying it and have fun at weekend.
Have a grandson who is 5 today so going to catch up with him after school and then do a bit of shopping
We have the sun out today but with black clouds.x.

sorry to hear about the shoes Jennie- at least one pair were ok tho  Smile
Good luck with the house Margaret -hope it sells soon so you can get back to crafting.
Mickie -a local art society? that sounds good and hopefully they will have some good workshops. i'm not sure how you fit it all in.
I don't use my slow cooker much as I can't cope with the smell of chopping onions first thing in the morning -like the sound of the roast tho Jennie (no onions needed of course)
Got the afternnon off from volunteering as they are all making cakes for their MacMillan coffee morning tomorrow -hoping to do a few cards later instead but also have a big pile of ironing to do!

Hmmmm an art society sounds good Mickie!

On the crock pot front: we have a small one too Mickie, but I find it dries out  a little on high, so I do an hour on high and then turn it down to low for about 7/8 hours and it is fine. Now . one of my US friends pinned this on Pinterest last night and I have spent hours checking a whole load of new recipe ideas out. The idea is you pack a whole load of freezer bags with your crockpot meal - meat, veg, liquid (tinned soup whatever) and then bag them up and put in your freezer. So you just get out the bag the night before and bung it in the crockpot. Apparently you can do a whole month in one go not sure I would do that but I like the idea of bagging up a whole load of meat and veg in one go. That would solve your onion problem Vonny  Laughing Here is one of the links:
but if you just google crockpot freezer cooking or search on pinterest you get the a whole old of recipes and even a shopping list !

Good luck with the ironing Vonny - now that is something I don't do since I got the tumble drier  Laughing

I have some ironing if you would like to do mine Vonny.Thanks for the lead to the crockpot recipes Jennie sounds good.
Why do kids leave things to the last minute Libby is off to see One Direction tonight she is so excited and the Zoe texts can she come over and print the tickets quiet day for me Keith is at the shop this afternoon then we are over to Zoe's to let the dogs out feed them and play with puppies. x

Ironing?!!  I don't even know where my craft iron is Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

Will be investigating the crock pot recipes - thanks for the link Jennie.  

Off for a walk into town to get my paint requirements for tomorrow's art workshop - painting a civet in acrylic.  Well that's the plan Laughing I think it might be a leopard cub, my grasp of animal matters only extends to whether they are cuddly, bigger than me or are likely to want to eat me.

thanks for the slow cooker ideas Jennie -would solve my onion issue and you wouldn't have to worry about cooking for ages!

Mickie -the Shwartz mix you have is probably designed to be used with 3.5. pot i.e. herbs etc strong enough for this size/amount iof liquid and food. i would suggest you use part of the packet, related to the size of your cooker e.g half. third etc

Becky -so kind of you to offer your ironing but too late I'm afraid. Mickie -I have actually used my craft iron in the last few months for something but can't remember what. I do find I have to iron a lot of my clothes as I have to wear a high cotton content so they tend to crease.

Carded some rolags ready for spinning tomorrow and got some crochet done today

Vonny I saw something in the supermarket today that might help with your onion problem - frozen chopped onions!  Wish I'd bought some as going to try the Schwartz mix out tomorrow but I have to put it on quite early as I need to leave the house for 8.30am Rolling Eyes  

Thanks for your help Jennie and Vonny - I found that my slow cooker is 1.5L size so I shall just be using half the Schwartz packet mix and ingredients

Have looked at the recipe link you gave us Jennie and I am fascinated.  Have bookmarked the site and will definitely be trying an idea or three from there.   I loved it that there was a shopping list already done

Expect Libby is one tired little girl tonight Becky  Laughing Hope you had fun with the puppies

good luck with the cooking Mickie -let us know how it turns out!

Had a lovely day spinning yesterday and felt so enthused that I did some more today! Forum Index -> General
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