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Morning all well it is 4 in the morning and I can't sleep I have put a base colour down on 3 journals already and waiting for them to dry they had better turn out ok as they are Xmas pressies or that is the plan. Off out later to catch up with grandkids. x

a bit early to be crafting but at least it is something useful to do if you can't sleep. You are organised getting things made for Xmas.
line dancing then a knitting group today (just 2 of us!).

I'm sorry you couldn't sleep Becky but on the other hand I'm quite jealous of the extra crafting time!  Well done for getting your Christmas presents started Wink

A quiet day then Vonny?!  Actually you are doing it right - a bit of activity, well, ok a lot of activity, followed by a restful knitting session and as there were only two of you I expect there was a lot of nattering too Wink

I have one more challenge to do and I will have caught up with myself for this month.  Hurrah!  I expect I will get it finished tomorrow, although I am out to what might turn into a long lunch.  haven't seen my friend for a while so much to catch up on............

Well Mickie if you let me sleep you can have my extra crafting time  Laughing  slept better last night and still feel lousy steroids helped with the lupus flare up but now it is a Fibro flare up and there is nothing I can do but go though it  Crying or Very sad  Off crafting with friends  and then the rest of week I can do what I want as don't need to go out. xx

Sorry you are not sleeping well Becky - but good for you crafting at 4am. I sometimes get up at 6 am to get things done but always a bummer if you have to use the heat gun !

I am still playing catch up but did have a good weekend getting a lot finished. I don't know why I am so behind! I am normally so organised. Terry is still in hospital in Aberdeen - his wrist op went well but it is his medication that snarls things up a bit. So he is on too much morphine to travel today. In fact they are talking about me going down to get him tomorrow. Not what I had planned ....

Still lovely and mild here - no heating on yet and walking Aimee each morning in a light gilet. Long may it last  Cool

sorry you are not good at the moment Becky -hope the crafting and friends help take your mind off it a bit.
hope you got something done after your lunch Mickie! I always tend to feel sleepy!
Can see that a trip to Aberdeen isn't what you would plan Jennie -after all it isn't just down the road. hope Terry is home soon tho and on the mend

Hope everything sorts itself out quickly Becky.  Such a shame you no sooner get over one flare up and then you get another.

My friend's daughter has just been diagnosed with Fybro and poor thing continues being tested for other issues.

Such a shame everything is so far from home for you Jennie - wish Terry a speedy recovery and you a quick return to organised life

I had a lovely lunching then dozed the afternoon away - think it might be my turn to be the "Midnight Crafter" today:lol:

Hope Terry is home soon Jennie but quite a trip for you to make to get him. You have been busy recently Jennie but I am sure you will be on top of everything soon.Now that you have to meet deadlines  does it take the fun out of crafting and do you still manage to craft for you. Glad you had a good lunch Mickie and a nap afterwards. I am in today catching up with some cards and Atc's.

hope you are caught up now Becky - I am up to date this month which is good. just got to think about the tag book for next month.
Going to yet another yarn and wool fair on Saturday so that should be good.
margaret rorie

I'm off up to Unst tomorrow (the most northerly of the Shetland Islands) for a weekend of crafting with Jennie and friends.  Really looking forward to it as I haven't done any crafting for ages what with holidays and my course.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

I got quite a bit of my catching up so happy about  that. Enjoy your crafting weekend Margaret bet you  Jennie and friends will have fun. Enjoy the wool show Vonny don't spend to much. Off for a blood test this morning and then the day is mine such a exciting life I lead  Laughing Forum Index -> General
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