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Morning all we have the sun yeah having a quiet day in need to get some cards done  loads of birthday's coming up in April. Hope you all had a good Easter we had a quiet one xx

raining and windy at first but sun came out later. Worked on a journal page in the afternoon  Smile
margaret rorie

Had a great weekend crafting - finished the layout I started at Shetland Scrapbookers and have posted a photo in my gallery. Then made a couple of cards and this month's ATCs - phew!  

Weather here was windy on Sunday but the last couple of days have been bright.  Still cold though.

Gosh!  I blinked and it is Wednesday again Rolling Eyes Easter has flown by and of course, all the things I had planned to do remain a plan!  

It is another lovely day and I am off for my constitutional.  Makes you feel all smiley when the sun shines doesn't it? Laughing

Vonny I have uploaded some pics in my gallery showing what we did i the Yupo workshop

Have a nice day everyone

Hi all having a lovely quiet day going to play with my inktense pencils and blocks see what happens. Keith took me for a meal last night for our W/A we have reached 20 years.
Your page is gorgeous Margaret. Will now go and look at yours Mickie x

you've been busy Margaret -will go and look next, and also at your pics Mickie, thank you.

Congrats on the 20 years Becky and hope the Inktense play went well -I have some of the blocks but not the pencils  Smile

Went for a walk today but very muddy and I managed to slip and ended up inspecting the grass very closely -had a soak in the bath later as I felt a bit achy. Also did some spinning in the afternoon.

So glad you are ok after your close inspection of the grass Vonny.  

I do wish I had bought some Inktense Bars - I have all the pencils and love them.  In fact I'm  just using them to finish a watercolour that started off as an in class project

Congratulations Becky and Keith on notching up 20 years

Enjoy your day everyone

Congratulations to Becky and Keith  Very Happy I hope you had a lovely celebration.

Well like Mickie the week has gone in a blink and here were are at Thursday and I'm still battling to get everything done before I go away on Saturday. Not least as the decorator is doing our bedroom while I am away so I've had to sort that out and move us both into the guest room - which is still piled high with the grandchildren's toys, bikes and chairs! Nearly there though.

I am away on Saturday visiting my brother and sil in Shrewsbury and then off to stay with a very elderly aunt and uncle in Lutterworth for the rest of the week before heading into Coventry on Friday for the Andy Skinner and Kate Crane workshops. Back home on Monday. So a bit of a whirlwind trip really, but I hope to get some rest! I've got my knitting Vonny - this year's Shetland Wool Week Hat, the Crofthouse hat, so hopefully I'll get it finished while I am away before the inky stuff.

In the meantime have a great weekend and see you soon (I just know tomorrow is going to be flat out too  Very Happy ) x

Thanks for all the congrats never had my inktense day so will try over the weekend to have a play must get some cards done before I start anything else my spare box is empty so got no backups. Lovely and sunny here but cold so glad I am staying in. x

good luck with the hat Jennie, it looks fun -and I'. sure you will enjoy your visits and the workshops

Mickie hope you got your watercolour picture completed -makes you feel good to finish something. I have managed to cross a few small things off my to do list this week.

Becky -never good to run out of cards so hope you get a chance to make a few this weekend. I managed a crafting session on thurs and got my ATCs made so feeling quite virtuous. We were aiming to do a bit of shopping in Dunstable this morning but there was a long queue going in as the north bound M1 was closed as a lorry had collided with a car and spilt it's fuel so re-surfacing was needed -the diversion is on A5 which is into Dunstable!! So went to Iceland instead (sadly the shop not the country  Laughing )
Sunny but chilly here too Becky so sat indoors and did some spinning

Enjoy your Progress round Britain Jenny.  The workshops will be brilliant too

Went to the Art Society meting today and had a picnic lunch in the gardens of the venue, in lovely warm sunshine.  When we came out it was pouring down.  We had a demonstration by Crawfurd  Adamson using oils.  Loved it and feel quite inspired, if a little tired!  These demos really take it out of you Rolling Eyes

No Vonny, the watercolour is still a WIP.  I'm now contemplating adding some Twinkling H2Os for added lustre Wink

Morning all another sunny day here hope your trip goes well Jennie and have fun at workshops which I am sure you will.
I we going to being buying your art work in years to come Mickie toy seem to be enjoying it.
I have 1 more card to do and April birthday will be done then must start on my supply box. x
margaret rorie

Congrats to Becky and Keith on your anniversary.

Quite dull here today so will have to put off the gardening again! It's been quite cold here so haven't felt like working outside. Will have to craft instead.

Had a meal with friends yesterday - to make it easy we had an Indian takeaway which was very good. My friends are home from Spain for a few weeks so it was good to catch up with them.

Hope all your travelling goes smoothly Jennie - enjoy your workshops. I'm planning to knit the croft house hat but I took all my knitting stuff down to Orkney so will have to see what wool I have when I go down in a couple of weeks. I'm going to a conference on the theme of Mapping the North - lots of interesting lectures and a tour of places of interest so looking forward to it. Hubby coming too so we can catch up with family and friends.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

you do find some unusual and interesting things to do Margaret -and with hubby too!  Very Happy
I think you have to concentrate during demos Mickie as you don't want to miss anything which is why they are so tiring!

Did some patch working today and also mended a  hole in the drivers seat of the car -used some wool fleece to replace the lost stuffing -has been on many to do lists but finally completed  Very Happy Forum Index -> General
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