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Morning all we have the sun here still a little chilly. I am a bit wary of clicking the message Vonny  Laughing I have sent a text to Miriam and she has replied it is nothing to worry about.. I will go with Keith when he goes to the Post Office and then do some shopping but that is it for today.

I have clicked the link now and have pm'd Miriam about what it says as it certainly did worry me -don't want to lose this forum!
Lovely day here but by the time I got to sit outside for a bit the sun went in immediately and didn't come out again even tho I sat out for about 20 mins! If it's nice tomorrow I may go walking instead of line dancing.
Got a few ATCs made on Monday with crafting friends as well as having a good catch up.

Well we have a dull day after some lovely weather but have had to put some washing on. Staying in till later we are going out for a meal it is our 21st Wedding Anniversary today. I have to finish some atc's today.

The messages about the forum worried me too. It seems that if money can't be raised then the forum either has to find another home or close.  Crying or Very sad

Did you have a lovely time in Devon Vonny? The weather here was lovely and sunny on Saturday and Sunday but the darn wind kept temps down and blew our hair all over the place  Very Happy  Monday was gorgeous with less windy conditions, Monday there were some spits and spots of rain but it wasn't unpleasant until the afternoon when the rain became torrential and it has only just stopped at 3.15 today (Wednesday) and that's it for your weather forecast  Very Happy
Did you have a lovely holiday Scrapmate? Temperatures sound awfully high! Hopefully your boiler will be working again soon - not what you want just as your DH goes off!

I thought you were all referring to the adverts which run across the top of the page. Just seen it now. I do know that Miriam did pay a fee, because we did all discuss putting something towards it.  I do so hope it manages to survive.

We had the first night of the play last night On Golden Pond. It is as nerve wracking doing the sound as being on the stage! But everything onstage and backstage went without a hitch last night and I would say it was a flawless production. Certainly well received.

It is cold today with a brisk wind and likewise keeps the temperatures down sadly. I had hoped to do some tidying in the garden, but it is too cold!

congratulations on 21 years Becky and enjoy your meal.
Devon was good Rusticus -first week was pretty good weather but the second was alot cloudier and rainy -not good for Dartmoor walking. We did go to an event called Campfire crafts run by the Rangers for Teinbridge -really fun day and we tried lots of new things including nettle soup and damper bread and made dibbers and walking sticks.
Didn;t know you were doing sound for another production Jennie -sorry if I missed the post, but glad it went well.

The forum message is to raise 10,000 by mid April to upgrade all the forums hosted onto the cloud (I think!) or they are saying the forum will close by end of June !! I pm'd Miriam about this and she is going to follow it up. She has paid the forum fee on our behalf regularly (as Jennie mentioned) and apparently they have asked for money before -so we will wait to see what she says

Well done on your production Jennie is it the 1st time you have done sound. Had a fab meal best steak I have had in a long time. We won't be doing Sidmouth this year Vonny we did it for 10 years so had a good run will miss it but Dad wouldn't be safe there might go to Sidmouth folk festival this year to represent Dad he has done the service there for 40 odd years the 1st sunday of the festival. having a day in but going to craft club this evening.

What a glorious day it is today - the first day of t-shirt weather this year. Went into town (Kingston) as I had some errands to run and had a browse around as well. Had coffee and cake looking out over the Thames. My ticket for Ally Pally arrived so I'm looking forward to that. Isn't it strange how the weather  and the seasons affect the colours you feel like using? I'm trying to come up with an idea for the 'days gone by' ATCs but I'm in more of a bright colour mood than a sepia one Confused

Please send some of that sunshine down here Scrapmate, definitely not t shirt weather here more raincoat and wellies  Laughing  The sun is struggling to come out and it isn't cold just grey. Hubby and I still managed to sit outside and watch the wind surfers while drinking our coffee.

sorry Rusticus but it made 20* C here today. Went to the woods where the knitted nature trail will be this morning and I was very surprised just how sunny it was there as the leaves are only just coming out. Saw a number of Brimstone butterflies and a speckled wood as well as a Jay. the woodpeckers were going strong too!
Craft group of one this afternoon -the others doing drama -but we finished making the props (hot dogs!) and then made a flower using screwed up pieces of tissue. The whole group will be there next week so will do Spring/Easter cards are am then discussing what happens after Easter
Becky it would be good to represent your Dad -he must know lots of people from over the years  Smile

Yes Vonny he has  it is rather scary how many people do know him, he has settled in the home and is now the chaplin and taking a prayer group on a Sunday in the home it has given him something to do. I went and brought a new Big Shot was lost without it. I am having a lazy day been finishing some project and writing cards.

I've been enjoying the lovely weather and trying to keep up with crafting commitments.  Not done too well with these as I just keep dozing off!  Feeling pretty rested .....................!

Glad your Dad has settled so well Becky - must be such a relief for you.  Expect when Sidmouth time comes around it will feel pretty odd just going up for the day - enjoy!!

Jennie I hadn't realised you were sound manager this year - there's no end to your talents......

You all seem quite busy it must be the lovely spring weather - it either knocks you out or fills you with energy  Let's hope this is a taste of the summer to come

that's great that your Dad has found a role -he settled in really quickly Smile Hope you feel better now you have a Big Shot again Laughing
Went for a walk on the Downs this morning -not sunny but dry, then a bit of shopping -our carriage clock stopped working and the replacement one is making a very loud tick -bet I won't put up with it for too long!
Sun came out in the afternoon so sat out for a little while and did some knitting. think tomorrow will be a day in and hopefully a little crafting Forum Index -> General
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