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Morning a lovely sunny Easter Monday morning what are all you planning to do  we have nothing planned will pop back home for a few hours then back with dogs.

       Becky x

I thought I might have a go at the France Papilon journal page so walked into town to see if any of the shops were open as I need to get linseed oil.  Couldn't believe it when I got there - only a handful of dress shops were closed.  There weren't many people about so it must be a long slow day for the shop assistants.

It is still  bit chilly but the sun is out and it is nice to be outside

have fun with the dogs Becky

REally warm here so did a bit of gardening then sat outside and did some knitting. Have been looking at the journal pages that I started with leftover paints from using the Gelli plate but am rather daunted by the size -each page is A4 so 2 pages looks massive!

It feels more like Autumn here rather than Spring - rather cold with a very cold wind. I did manage to do a little in the greenhouse though, just tidying up. It is more of a sitterooterie these days  Very Happy

Only two more sleeps until I travel down to London and then on to New York - I am so excited. I am making the final adjustments to the packing this morning, leaving a half empty case as we are having a shopping day in Maceys. Lots more planned, Bev and Cath have been many times before so have a great itinerary planned, so we shall "hit the ground running".

I think it will be a tidying up day in the craft room today. I have got all my  DT pieces done for April and May, so it's been a bit frantic! Nice to know they are all done though. I always find I come back from a holiday and can't get going at all. Have a lovely day x

How fabulous is that Jennie - wonder if you will actually sleep the next two nights Laughing   Have a super super time

Vonny I do feel A3 is just a bit on the large side!  Perhaps you could do some sketching over your backgrounds?  That can look quite cool, especially if you use a thick black marker

Well, I started my France Papilon page and all was going well until I got to the point where I needed the linseed oil.  Then disaster struck.  I couldn't get the top off the jar, so went down to the Kitchen and hit the top a couple of times with a meat tenderiser.  The outer casing from the top came away leaving the inner top firmly screwed to the bottle.  I grabbed the scissors that have a bottle opening thing between the handles and latched this firmly onto the bottle top and  whoosh the top came off, the contents of the bottle flew all over the drainer, down the unit and what was left, together with the bottle, ended up on the floor.  All I can say is that if you think eggs go a long way......................Rolling Eyes

Anyway, I managed to salvage just enough oil on some kitchen towel to carry on the page.  Photo in my gallery
margaret rorie

Oh Mickie - what a disaster! Glad you rescued enough for your project.

Hope you have a super time in New York Jennie - sounds like you're going to have a busy time. We're away down to Orkney tomorrow just for a long weekend. Hubby was going to see a football match but they've changed the venue to the mainland. it will be nice to see all the relations again - the youngsters are home from uni so we can catch up with them.

As Jennie says the weather here hasn't really warmed up yet so I havent got into the garden yet. I'm busy with essay number 2 - the course finishes at the end of April but you don't get any extra time to write the essay. Hoping to get some reading done on the boat tomorrow evening as the trip takes about 5 hours.

Mickie what a disaster!! At least you managed to save enough to do your page tho! Laughing  I always put lids under a warm tap to help undo them -generally works for me.

Jennie you have done very well to get all your DTs done for the next 2 months- Are you doing the ATC swap in April/May still? I have just sent you my April ones

Margaret -enjoy Orkney and catching up with your family.

Had another warm day today -doubt it will last long but better than the cold weather we have been having

Think I will remember that now Vonny; always put lids under a warm tap before resorting to meat tenderiser Laughing Mind you, I have a really shiney kitchen floor!  Unfortunately there were no small children about (it was one of those tops) they can always get in it seems:roll:

Have  good time on Orkney Margaret.  Hope the weather is kind and allows you to get back Laughing  Good luck with the essay - we know you'll get a good mark in any event

How's it going with the dogs Becky?  I have a mental image of you haring down the lane on your scooter with the dogs battling to keep up Laughing

Oh dear Mickie that is the sort of thing I would do mind you I like the smell of linseed so it wouldn't be too bad use to use it when I had the horses.
Have a good time in New York I must have missed that one is it just for a hol.
Have fun in Orkney Margaret catching up with friends
We have another beautiful sunny day and we can't have the door open Flower {cat} is wearing a lampshade and not allowed out more little thing.
Going to Eastleigh today to sort out our mobile modem so we can get internet when down in Sidmouth in a couple of weeks.
We don't walk the dogs Mickie while we are here mind you it would be fun to do  Laughing  Laughing

    Becky x

Another nice day.  Yayyy!  

I am in the throes of making a book today.  Have finished the outside cover, just the signatures and the inside cover pages to go..................

It is all go in the craft world isn't it?

Oh Mickie, that was some mishap! Look forward to seeing your book when it is finished.

Yes Becky I am off to NY for a week with two of my old school friends. We couldn't all make it this year, so just the three of us. I have never been so VERY VERY excited !!!!! Everything is now packed and I fly down to Heathrow tomorrow morning and will stay with my cousin and his wife for a couple of days. They are only 20 mins from Heathrow so will get me there on Saturday for the evening flight to NY. Will have lots to share when I get back  Laughing

Have a great time in Orkney Margaret and you two in Sidmouth Becky when you go.

Speak to you all in a couple of weeks time xxx

Not sure about the long flight but New York will be absolutely fabulous.  Ooooh you lucky girl Jennie.  Enjoy.  We shall, of course be looking forward to your return. Wink

the book making sounds good Mickie- and you have reminded me that I wanted to get a couple of book making/binding books from the library as I think this is something i would like to do with my gelli printed pages

Loved the image of Becky walking(running?) the dogs along behind the scooter  Laughing

Craft and coffee session yesterday and I even managed a little knitting- it was quiet which was good as there were only 2 committee members there. All the members helped out tho so it was easy and we packed away earlier that usual!

My volunteer craft session later and we might paint glasses for candle sand -I need fewer people than usual as the candle sand I bought was much smaller in quantity than I expected and won't do 16 glasses. Otherwise we will finsih some paintings that have already taken 3 sessions!


Vonny this is a link to Neil Walker's blog.  He has provided a three part tutorial on book making that you might find helpful, although be warned it is centred around his book kits.  This is the middle lesson.  Neil's kits aside, the principles of book binding remain the same.

Would be great to use your mono prints in a book

If you have time and some old candles you can grate them to use as candle sand -  I used to use all the old candle stubs up that way.

Morning all my last day of dog sitting I have so enjoyed it but want to go home now so I can play with my new Dylusion stamps and paint that I have got this week.

Have a great trip Jennie

  Becky x

Oooh! Becky! New stamps too!

I called into M&S on my way back from having my nails and facial this morning, treated myself to lunch and a smart casual outfit for Spring, so that's my "loose change" gone for a week or two. Rolling Eyes

Vonny I bought that magazine you mentioned on my travels too.  That certainly is an amazing set of stamps

Couldn't believe my eyes on the way home, my car temperature read out was 15 degrees.  Wha hey!  A mini heat wave Laughing

wow Mickie, a real makeover -don't let inky fingers spoil it tho  Laughing  Thanks for the link and the idea about grating candles! the sand was actually very fine but might try this out at home!

Crafting session with friends tomorrow and aim to work on tag and challenge Xmas card. then Sun aiming to go to Ally Pally -have a couple of stmaps I actually want so hope will be able to get them there

Have a good time at Ally Pally those who are going.  Be interesting to see if it is as undersubscribed as the NEC was reported to be

After a dull morning; the sun has come out again and is calling me to the beach so think I'll have a wander down with my camera

Evening all..... sorry I've not been around.  Work has been crazy and I have not been feeling well.  I have not had much crafting time either - and when I have I have concentrated on what I have needed to do!  You may have seen that I was featured on the Paper Artsy blog again on Wednesday 8th. Had great fun doing it!

I went to Ally Pally yesterday - an awful long way to go but there have people that I have chatted to for years but not met!  The show itself was dreadful.  It almost could have been mistaken for create and craft!

I hope to catch up with you all soon.....

You are not the only person to say Ally Pally was not good think it has been the same with all the shows this year.Now rest hope you are feeling better soon.


We went to Ally Paqlly on Sunday. It seems to get smaller each time I go, although 59 vendors were listed in the programme. A better range than at Stamperama but still lots of die cits, a few less stencils, embossing folders tended to be the larger ones. i was not able to find anything I had on my list, even a Sizzix embossing folder I liked -it was very much go and see what there is and buy that rather than being able to get things you planned to get. no Darkroom door or ven Crafty Individuals stamps -there were stmaps but  the same companies on a number of stalls or newer compaines promoting thier own stamps (which rarely appeal to me) Also unmounted stamps seem to be getting much pricier!
There were however some bargains to be had. there were a couple of £1 type stall and also Stamposauraus had a great offer on a range of stamp sets 3 for £5, and lots of other items at a £1 (they do shop clearances when they close apparently)

Other news is that the Newbury show will not be ARtStamps any more as the guy running it has retired. There will be a much smaller show with 8-10 vendors (!) at the race course but a different building and on the Saturday only -linked to this also 2 new shows -Bracknell 25 July and Cornwall 22 Aug. If you want e mail contacts for more info let me know -no website!

Good to "see" you Miriam.  Sorry the work life balance is a bit waring for you at the moment.  Do rest up as much as you can.  Missed your PaperArtsy blog appearance on 08 April - will go and have a look.  So nice to have famous friends!  I understand Alison was demoing on the PaperArtsy stand for at least one of the days.

Vonny thanks for the info on Newbury.  I was actually thinking of going this year too but I am not travelling all that way just for ten stalls with the possibility that none of them would be of interest to me.

The craft world seems to be floundering a bit at the moment with no clear idea of where it wants to go.  I see Clarity are going in for parchment craft too.

I know change is good for you but I am not sure I want too much at any one time.

Newbury has been going downhill the last few years I wasn't going this year although I use to catch up with you Vonny which was nice all shows are struggling this year at this rate they will all disappear.

    Becky x

I've just seen a thread on Facebook where all the people are raving about how fabulous AllyPally was this year and that it was the best one yet.  Rolling Eyes

I think it would depend on what you want and how long you have been crafting and going to craft fairs! Perhaps we were spoilt in the past (before die cutting machines were invented!). Forum Index -> General
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