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Morning all we have lovely sunshine here today which certainly makes you feel better. Having a lazy day having my feet done at 1-30 and then later off to see Cas and the girls, What are you all up too, We seem to be flying though Y7  it is scary

hope your feet are feeling card for now Becky. I went line dancing then had lunch with a friend -took 3 hours! Tomorrow going to the knit and natter at the library to see where we are with the knitted creatures and then doing stitching club in the afternoon

extra fun at knit and natter today as they had a bike that worked a blender and for a minute of pedalling you could make a smoothie -yum!

Well that sounds like a different way of keeping fit Vonny and fun. I am having a day in and playing  Laughing  Laughing  we have the sun shining here which is nice.

Just got back from the Ideal Home Exhibition (we got free tickets). It was fun but pretty much the same as every year. It's a gorgeous day today so I may sit out and enjoy it now.

A busy week here at Tingwall House with the grandchildren (and Mum and Dad) staying. We've done lots of crafting but today is a play day and a visit to Mrs Muir. Just wish the weather was better! Gale force winds and driving rain!

Have a great week everyone !

shame about the weather for you there Jennie -but sounds like you all have fun anyway.
Scrapmate I think i only went to the Ideal Home exhibition once when I was a child- my ideal home is full of crafts -not sure they would cover that??
Art and craft group this afternoon and it was just like old times with 8 people all making Spring style cards using my new stamps (luckily I didn't rely on the photocopies I had left in the cupboard as they had disappeared!). Even the staff made a card and learnt how to use a paper cutter.

Sorry the weather is bad Jennie we have the sun here I will try and send some your way.  That is nice you had 8 yesterday Vonny and bet you had some interesting cards. Yes shame there was no craft at the ideal home Scrapmate it is Ally Pally this weekend we are not going sadly.   Spent the day with Dad yesterday had lunch then took him to see my brothers flat that he has just moved into but there were stairs so I am in rather a lot of pain so will have a lazy day today and hopefully get it back under control.

sorry to hear that you are in pain Becky -hopefully a restful day will help. I have been litter picking in the woods today -warm enough for short sleeves while sitting for lunch in the glade. Bluebells are out and some butterflies too. Two people also saw one of the muntjac deer that are resident. Found half a bike, and edging tool and a large piece of pipe but not as good as last year when they found a sewing machine and a gold painted wheelbarrow!!

It is another sunny day here and another day in for me but I am getting some crafting done so am making the most of being in although wish I was at Ally Pally maybe next year. It is surprising what people dump Vonny and I guess it is a ongoing things mind you I don't think dumps are helping they have strict regulations now.
margaret rorie

It's a lovely day here today - I've just been to the gym so sitting in the car park as there is good wifi! We should get our phone line in this week but that will have been 6 weeks.

I'm busy with my Viking course - I have one essay to write a day then a  break. I haven't done any crafting get for ages as I don't have the space at present.  

Have a good weekend everyone

Ally Pally was busy with long queues to pay. I bought a few stamps, some wires for my Bind-it-all some Brushos and a couple of Distress Inks. I resisted the temptation to get some of the Distress Oxides but will succumb soon I think. Stallls were charging 5-7.50 for them so it pays to shop around. Peel-offs seem to be coming back into favour (although they are now called stickers). There were masses of dies but nothing really grabbed my attention. The exchange rate has hiked the price of many American goods. Altenew stamps which used to sell for @14.99 are now 19.99! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Forum Index -> General
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