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Morning all well home now after dog sitting plan to have a couple of days in now to play did some background papers at weekend.
Weather a bit overcast but starting to clear.

   Becky x

Been making a few cards with the stamps I got at Ally Pally (the bargain ones) and working on my first A3 journal page!

Oooh Vonny, the very thought of an A3 size journal terrifies me. Think you are very brave to tackle that one

I started on the watercolour section of my Art Course today. Didn't think I would take to it after the drawing but goodness! I'm really into it. We spent the time learning various techniques and all of them could be (and some are) applied to stamping. Felt quite at home with it all Laughing Laughing Still came away feeling as though I should have a lie down

Becky I think you've successfully sent your foggy weather down the coast to us, I can hardly see the houses opposite.  It feels quite chilly with it too.  Let's hope tomorrow is more promising

Well Mickie sorry to say it is very foggy today worse than yesterday glad you are having fun with your art class at least you are trying it all.A3 Vonny you are brave,I have had a bad night so up early and have already gessoed 6 journal book pages I usually do it in the evening so they dry overnight.
Another play day for me yeah.

   Becky x

Have a great day Becky.  More Dylusions painting per chance?  Thanks for the weather warning too - it looks ok so far Laughing

The art course is great fun - after the Watercolour section we will go on to do Acrylic and Oils.  Can't wait to do the Acrylic section - I did tentatively ask what acrylics we would be using and was told "doesn't really matter, acrylics are acrylics - they're plastic".  That's a relief then, at least I shan't have to buy any

Have a birthday card to make for an uncle but can't seem to get my ideas to flow.   I would rather be outside in the sunshine:roll:  Might just have to have lunch out there

Enjoy your play day Becky -hope you were inspired  Very Happy Do you gesso all your art journal pages before you start?
The watercolouring sounds great mickie and it will be interesting to see what tecniques there are for acrylics. As for oils that is something I have never tried (and don't own) but I think linseed oil may be involved so suggest you get a BIG apron  Laughing

You may well have a point there Vonny, it will have to be a huge one and maybe like those plastic ones you can get for toddlers with a drip tray at the bottom Laughing  Laughing

I don't use Gesso on every page Vonny just do a few now and again I put it on quite thick and it gives a texture get a pencil and do a pattern or write in it.Yes more Dylusion paints Mickie they are yummy colours.
No crafting for me today seeing grandchildren this morning then Dentist my crown fell out. the going to catch up with Dad to sort out arrangements for Sidmouth this year.

    Becky x

I'm not crafting either today - just on my way to pick my friend up - we are going to a song and dance version of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.  Something different I feel

Catch you later

Hope you had a good time with your friend Mickie what was Rebecca like in a song and dance theme. Today I am going out for lunch with Zoe and the girls and taking Keith's Mum. The sun is already out and I am in my summer clothes fingers crossed it lasts.

   Becky x

I am very untrusting of the weather Becky -but did wear sandals yesterday  Smile
My volunteering group this afternoon -finishing some paitings that have taken ages to do and making a get well card for a member of staff

The Matinee was very good.  I quite like this genre (wish I knew what it is called - will have to see if Jennie can help on this).  It is a super way of telling the story in all its gory details in such a short time.  As ever the acting was terrific.  

Called into HobbyCraft on the way to the theatre yesterday and noticed  Galatos in sets of four were on offer at 7.00, which I thought was a good price

Spent the morning in the garden - it was really warm and sunny and now I shall spend the afternoon crafting.  

Hope you enjoyed your lunch Becky and haven't had to regret the change into summer clothes Laughing

Do hope your group get the paintings finished and you can all move on to something else Vonny.
margaret rorie

We had a good time in Orkney last weekend catching up with friends and relations. The time just flew past but we'll be going back in May for the folk festival.

The weather here still hasn't warmed up so I'm still in my winter coat and socks! I had bought some pansies in Orkney so got them potted up this afternoon. That's the nearest I've got to the garden so far.

My Viking course is nearly finished so I'm working on another essay. I have enjoyed the course although it has curtailed the crafting. I'm looking forward to having a bit more time over the summer.

Did you see the new distress things that Tim Holtz has brought out? He has produced an ink pad that you can customise with reinkers. He has videos on his blog and you can pre-order from Country View crafts.

Have a good weekend everyone. Margaret

Good to have you back Margaret sorry the weather isn't better for you mind you it is blinkin cold here this morning. Had a lovely meal out yesterday and then craft club last night.Got a couple of days in now got some new Stampotique stamps yesterday so will play with them and I must do some cards I have loads of birthday's in May.

    Becky x

Hi Margaret!  Shame it is still cold up there.  Mind you, it's cold down here today too!  There's a strong sea breeze about.

Bet you haven't got your sandals on today Vonny Laughing  

I'm back in my winter woolies Becky - how about you?

I've been going through a pile of old magazines and taking out anything that might be of future use and came across a fun idea for the Christmas card challenge so it was well worth the time spent.

Enjoy your day everyone

no sandals today Mickie! Did you get any gelatos?

Margaret -at Ally Pally there was very little ranger stuff- a couple of years ago it was everywhere

Becky- enjoy your new stamps -aren't they always more appealing than old ones (which of course were appealing when you bought them??)

That is so true Vonny which is why I am trying to be good and sell old ones I don't use to new ones I will it is very hard to do though after my last clear out still haven't use the stamps I decided to keep.

The sun is trying to come out my must admit have socks on today my linen trousers didn't stay out for long

  Becky x

Much nicer and dare I say warmer, day today.  Have been doing a little light gardening which mostly consisted of hanging a wind chime in the lilac tree.  

No Vonny, I didn't get any Gelatos.  I'm still not that impressed with them - they use up far too quickly for my liking.

On the other hand I'm loving the new Tim Holtz Distress Accessories set and I think I shall have to get one.  I love the idea of making my own ink pad but what I like most is being able to make Distress waterproof, although doesn't that sort of defeat the object? Rolling Eyes The possibilities become evermore endless

Margaret I'm so glad you put us onto Country View Crafts they are reasonably priced and I really like the fact that you can pre-order.

You are good Becky, I don't seem to be able to part with any of my stamps!

love your idea of gardening Mickie! I agree that the gelatos do use up quickly so I tend to save mine -I think they are very good for adding colour to raised embossed images without getting it anywhere else -as they have a flat base.

Waterproofing distress would allow you to stick over tissue paper images  without all the stencilling/colour runnung/blending but agree the whole point of them is the way they react with water!

Did a little journalling today and started some crochet
margaret rorie

It's Jennie you need to thank for telling me about Country View Crafts - I'm amazed at how quickly the stuff arrives here. Sometimes it comes the day after I've ordered it and I don't know how that is possible. Especially since other stuff sits in Aberdeen for a week until the carrier decides to take it up! Having heard about your disappointing experiences at craft shows I don't think I'll be rushing off to one. I seem to manage okay ordering online!

To get back to Tim, I'm sure I bought the waterproof stuff after one of his courses. Must go and look - I obviously haven't used it much.

Weather here has warmed up slightly but I've been inside all day working on this essay. I keep finding more to read so now I think I should just start to write it. I like the idea of your gardening, Mickie.

Becky - where do you sell your old stamps? I think I should have a clear out too.

Evening all.....  Where has the weekend gone?!

I have managed to do some crafting this weekend.  I made 3 birthday cards (one involving knitting) and 1 of my May ATCs.  I cannot for the life of me remember where i have put my Craftstamper ATC though!!  Hopefully it will turn up!

Looks like you have all been very busy and up to lots!

It turned chilly in Bristol today - couldn't dry the clothes on the line!  

Have a great week - will try to catch up soon.....  and will try to post my pics of the cards I made when I take photos of them

Margaret I  use E-Bay Keith does it for me.

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