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Morning all well it is piddling down outside and we have to go to town great fun not. Had a quiet weekend got some crafting done will put some in my gallery. What have you all got in store for this week. x

Had a busy weekend getting hardly anything done.  Quite an achievement I thought Rolling Eyes

Hope you managed to get some sleep Becky

Raining here as well, although on the plus side it isn't cold so don't need the heating on until evening.  

Our last oil pastel session at art class this morning.  We are back on acrylics next week, which we are all looking forward to.  Oil pastels can be used with white spirit to achieve the look of oil paints.  However for H&S reasons (we are told) we cannot use white spirit in the classroom and therefore had t use an eco friendly alternative, which takes ages to dry amongst other things.  We do suffer for our art......... Rolling Eyes

Hope to get some crafting done this week

mm- I was using white spirit the other day -do you know what the H&S issues are?

Went out for lunch with parents today which was nice then did some patchworking.
margaret rorie

We seem to be getting the best of the weather this week - lovely and sunny though not warm but much better than wind and rain. Off down to Orkney today for a long weekend.  We're flying down so much quicker than the ferry.

Hope you're all well and keeping busy!

Morning all lovely and sunny here and warmer than it has been. Have a lovely weekend away Margaret hope the weather stays good for you. I am afraid I don't know the H&S issue are Vonny you will have to go and find a alcoholic they might be able to help.  Had speech therapy yesterday but as I had been out crafting all day  and talking more my voice wasn't very good so she just made me do a little bit back in a month. I am having a day in today x

Sorry not to have been visiting despite getting back Monday lunch time. I had a  FABULOUS weekend with Kate Crane and Andy Skinner and met so many people that I knew or had got to know online. And of course many many new friends as well.

It was a very early start Monday morning - 4am - but all the flights worked (minor miracle with two Flyby flights) and I got home at midday. Unfortunately Terry had a very bad fall late in the afternoon and landed on his good lung. He was so breathless I had to get him to A&E for advice and painkillers which took 5 hours so my wish for an early night didn't happen and I finally got to bed at 1am. It took a bit for us to get going again yesterday, but pleased to say Terry is doing a lot better today although very bruised and sore. I slept like a log last night!

I have been packing up for a weekend workshop this weekend - An Any Occasion Journal, so hopefully I might get around to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

Hope you are all well, will try and catch up later xxx

Glad you had a good time Jennie I saw some of the pic's on FB it looks as though you all had a good time and sorry to hear about Terry hope he is ok.
I have had another bad night dreamt I had a load of melons land on me and have woken up with a headache gods know's what I was doing. Going to craft club tonight so will just take some colouring to do. My phone crashed yesterday and have lost some of my phone numbers I know I had a few of yours could you please let me have them again. x

Margaret hope your weekend is going well -very wet here so haven't gone to the outdoor plant sale as planned.
Glad you had a good time at the workshops Jennie but sorry to hear about Terry -hope he is on the mend.
Becky -weird dream about melons but not surprised you had a headache when you woke up!
Have had a busy week but did manage to get my Gelli plate out for a play on Weds -I am trying out a number of stencils to see how they look when printed.
Doing some spinning today and hope it will be dry enough for at least a short walk tomorrow  Smile

Morning Sunday another bad night for me but I am downstairs now with a nice cup of tea nothing planned for today so can have a nice easy day. Had Libby yesterday she is so funny but getting so grown up certainly keeps me on my toes. Hope you manage to get out for a walk  today Vonny I am thinking of getting a gelli plate they have some in the craft shop near us but it is round and I think I would rather have square or oblong. x

you can print round things on a rectangular Gelli plate but think it would be harder to print rectangles on a circular one, so think you are right

Been watching all the videos from the Ministry of Mixology Retreat Jennie and you certainly look to have had a great time!  Sorry to hear of Terry's fall.  Hope all's well with him again

Becky I expect your dream was all about chest enhancement Laughing  Laughing

Think Vonny is right about the Gelli plate.  Hope you find an oblong one Becky

Did a watercolour workshop on Saturday with a local artist, Stephen Cheeseman.  He mainly does horse racing and motor bike racing so bit of a change for me!

Laughing  Laughing Mickie I certainly don't want a chest enhancement I would rather have some taken away.x

didn't know you did dream interpretations Mickie. I thought the melons landed on Becky's head thus the headache

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