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Morning everyone another blinking Monday what happens to the other days of the week. Managed to get some crafting done over the weekend which was nice on top of swaps for April so I can get some cards done as spares. What are you all up to.

Don't know what happens to the other days Becky, they certainly seem to fly by.
We have sunshine but a cool wind, still it is nice and dry. Would like it a tad warmer so I can get my seedlings hardened off. Finally finished digging a new flower bed and it is ready for the new shrubs and roses but still have one more flower bed to create. It all seemed like a good idea last autumn but one I now wish I had never had Laughing

sounds like hard work Rusticus. Luckily we have a very small garden so it doesn't take too much time to keep it looking ok.
Walked to and from line dancing today (around3-3.5 miles I guess) so now sitting and resting!

Your garden will be lovely when it is done Rusticus it just takes time,  like Vonny we have a small garden the back being slabs and the front is stones with a few Poppies dotted in it and a small Stonehenge in the middle so no real upkeep. Popped out yesterday for a ice cream which was yummy and then sat in the car and watched the world and boats go by. Today I am staying in.

You must have been tired out after walking home after line dancing Vonny.

Yesterday was perfect for sitting in the car watching the world go by Becky especially here as the wind was a tad cold. Beautiful today though and I have been undercoating the back gate and posts - one of those tall wooden back gates which hasn't been painted before so it is soaking up the undercoat!

Love the thought of your mini Stonehenge Becky  Very Happy Amd a great way to enjoy the day. i was almost fooled into wearing sandals today but it has been pretty chilly even tho the sun has been out so glad I stuck to shoes! Spent the morning crocheting eyes for the knitted animals -very fiddly! Then stitching group in the afternoon.

Hi everyone - sorry I've been awol .......again!  

Like the rest of you I really don't know what happens to time - it goes so fast even when you are not having fun  Laughing  Laughing

I had a super weekend - was booked on Ministry of Mixology and finally met Miriam.  Yayyyyy!  the weekend was pretty full on - we spent Saturday with Kate Crane and Sunday with France Papillon.  Saturday evening was super too, we were given the option of make and takes, or quiet time finishing off our Kate Crane boxes - you can guess which won!  There were more make and take options than we individually had time to do and of course I enjoyed those I did but would like to have done at least two of the others - always the way isn't it?

Miriam said to send you all her love too and not to worry about the forum - all is well and it won't be closing

So, now I'm back home and it has taken a couple of days to wind down - think I'm back in the usual rhythm now and trying to make some time over the Easter weekend to fit in some long overdue gardening.  Wink

It was good to get away and meet old and new friends.  Not to mention getting some great inspiration.

I've just noticed that in the top right-hand corner of the first post in a topic there is a button that can link to Facebook.  Is that a new thing?

Well done Mickie for noticing that I hadn't seen it. I am so jealous you went on Ministry of Mixology it is just too far for me Keith is brilliant but I feel a bit guilty I am enjoying myself while he has to find something to do it not so bad 1 day but not the weekend. I am delivering eggs today and then craft club tonight.

Glad you enjoyed MOM Mickie - I was sorry to miss it, but unfortunately the tickets went on sale last summer when I was away so I missed the opportunity completely! I was on the reserve list but I am now doing another workshop in Coventry with Sue Tucker at the beginning of June with Anna Dabrowska, France Papillon and Marta Lewandowska. Three of my favourites! Not cheap but  I am also combining it with a family reunion in Brightlinsea, Essex so it will be great fun.

Look forward to seeing your projects Mickie too.

Weatherise we seem t be getting wet and windy days and beautiful calm and sunny evenings! I am still walking everyday and my weight is still coming off  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy I can't imagine being in sandals yet Vonny   Shocked Would love to be painting fences but freezing cold for that. Even for planting seeds ......

lucky you mickie -bet you got loads of inspiration and great that you met Miriam. I'm not finding much time for paper crafting apart from making ATCs at the moment even tho yesterday I went to line dancing only to find no-one was there. but after walking there and back I was still tired so just took it easy -have started a cross stitch -the first one in over 18 years (!) so did a bit of that too.
Visiting a friend near Stevenage today and popped into the market there got some fabric for a skirt and a bit of veg too. We tend to do crafty things at her house and I was weaving on my inkle loom. A few years ago I made loads of braids and used them to make a door curtain (like a bead style curtain) but they are all now old, faded and often ripped so am starting to make replacements. mmm can see why card making doesn't get a look in  Smile

I'm glad you've still got enough eyesight for cross stitch Vonny - I didn't do anything larger than 27x27 stitches to the inch so think I would have to tie a magnifying glass to my specs to do that nowadays  Laughing

Jennie - your Country weekend sounds fabulous - would love to do that one!  Mind you it has taken me three days to catch my breath from this weekend's romp Wink

I'm now in training for some gardening over the weekend - hope the weather holds

You are all leading such busy bees I can't keep up with you. I was hoping to do a workshop with Mark Gould but I have already done the workshop he is doing a 12x12 box  so I won't be going. My local shop as stopped doing them which is a shame she has also scaled down the shop and nothing that I like or need.
I am having a day in almost done all my swaps and challenges for April.

Becky you're lucky to have a shop near you. The Craft Barn used to be the nearest to me and that was a 45 min drive away so not really somewhere I could just 'pop into as I was passing'. Sadly even that has gone now so I get my retail satisfaction online or at Craft Shows.
Vonny, strangely enough I just started a very small cross stitch initial yesterday for the first time in years. Some of my stuff is in storage so I had to make do with a very old needle and my eyesight has got worse so I had a magnifying mirror next to me for when I needed it.

Such a shame you had to cancel Mark's class Becky.  There was a selection of his workshop samples on show at MoM. I did recognise quite a few of them.  He's such a good teacher too.  

Scrapmate, as you are only 45 minutes away why not come and do one (or more) of the classes on offer at The Craft Barn?  Sandy always has a well stocked pop up shop and if you let her know what you might be interested in, she will always bring it along.  Thinking about it, do you mean when the Barn was at Priory Meadow?  If so, then Lingfield would add another half hour to your journey......... Wink

Having said all that, most of us still miss the old Craft Barn in Lingfield, which is still empty.............  For those not in the know, it was a converted cow shed and the erstwhile feed lofts was where the classes were held - steep staircase, low beams, cold in the winter and too hot in the summer but great fun!

So, onwards and upwards I shall now do some gardening........... Laughing

Oh yes I remember the old old CB. I used to love the extravaganzas there when the whole village seemed to be full of crafters. It used to take @ 1 hour to get there if the M25 behaved itself but oh so worth it.

Happy Easter Everyone xx

Happy Easter from me too Wink

hope you are not all bingeing out on chocolate! Must admit that I haven't had an Easter egg for years.
Taking it easy today as went to a line dance social last night so had a late night. Also did manage to dance quite e bit even some of the dances I didn't know! (luckily it was fairly roomy on the dance floor). The second half of the night was certainly better than the first -and not because of drinking -with some I had done before even if the music was different. I don't know how most people seem to be able to remember and do most of the dances -must keep practising  Smile
Thinking about dusting off my bike tomorrow -haven't cycled for about 3 years!
As to the cross stitch Scrapmate if I struggle I take off my specs as I am VERY short sighted so can see small things well like this  Smile Forum Index -> General
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