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Afternoon all we watched Zoe and Matt do a relay marathon it was great fun Libby  did the kids one in her electric wheelchair. Had my hair done this morning so feeling good.Out tomorrow for a crafting day with friends.

  Becky x

where has the day gone?  One minute I am doing amazing things with watercolour at my class and the next it is tea time Rolling Eyes

Today in class we did masking, using texture paste, using a thickener, and an iridescent finish - I kept thinking I was crafting!  This class just gets better and better

Book club yesterday at the Craft Barn.  We made a super album sitting on box with four drawers in.  Will post a photo when I get a mo.

Mickie that class sounds great- much more my think than drawing! Also think your book club is rather different to Margarets  Laughing

Have we confused the week dates? I think Miriam started one for the current week on Sunday?

Had a crafting session with friends this pm and got my CS ATCs for May done and a birthday card -lots of chatting too. One friend had gone to Ally Pally and had enjoyed the cheaper offers that were there. Here's the ones I got!

Click to see full size image

Yes Vonny, I rather think Margaret reads her books Laughing  At the Book Club I go to we make books to stick things in (back in the day I'm sure these were called albums)Wink

Must have missed Miriam's start for the week.  Ooops!  Sorry Miriam

Vonny, that is quite a haul all in all.  I love that stencil with the arrows on.  Must look out for that one

I have been out for the day.  I met a friend in town this morning and we jumped on the bus to Hastings where we had a fish and chip lunch and then took ourselves off to the Jerwood Gallery (new purpose built art gallery).  We broke the journey home by calling in at the garden centre.  I wanted to call into a shop in town but they were all closing when the bus arrived so will do that another day.  I walked home along the sea front, the tide was in so enjoyed the play of sunshine on the water all the way home.  All in all a lovely day

sounds like a great day out Mickie  Smile
I liked the arrows stencils -am looking at things differently now I am starting art journalling as design elements are important for this
margaret rorie

Sounds like you're all busy - I was at one of my book groups last night. I had chosen The Day is Dark by Yrsa something with an unpronounceable name as she is visiting Shetland in November as part of a Shetland Noir book festival. As you can probably guess she writes thrillers. That book wasn't one of her best - her first book Last Rituals was better. I do enjoy reading books but like making them too!

I'm expecting a visit from Jennie this morning with some goodies I'd ordered from Stampin Up - can't remember what I'd ordered! I won't have time to play for a few days as I'm still working on the essay - had to start again as I wasn't on the right lines. This course is certainly demanding but I feel I've learnt a lot and I have enjoyed it.

Vonny - glad to see you got some goodies at Ally Pally.  I think Miriam's post that you mentioned was at the end of last week.

Morning all I have always started the week with a Monday so my fault  Very Happy
You got some nice things Vonny love the arrow stencil.You are so busy Mickie do you have time to sleep.  Margaret I am not a real book reader love books you can pick up read a bit and then put away although I do have and love Kathy Reichs books she is a forensic anthropologist so her books are all about bodies and bones.

      Becky x

I used to read Kathy Reichs books too Becky.  Quite fascinating how they go about it all isn't it?  I seem to read a lot of Skandi authors nowadays

I watched the first couple of episodes of Banished, which I thought was about the beginnings of Australia as a penal colony. Thought the whole thing became a bit of a soap - definitely not jimmy McGovern's best work, so I gave up on it but remain interested in Australian history.  Does anyone know of any author's whose books might be set around how Australia went from being a penal colony to becoming the nation it is today?  Preferably something more factional (fiction based on fact), rather than a text book?

Apropos starting the week with a Monday; I seem to recollect that we agreed to do this back in the beginning of our little group.   My week always begins with a Monday - hangover from the work life I suppose.

I like Kathy Reichs too apart from a couple of her more recent works with teenagers as the main characters- not very believable. the Tempe Brannen ones are good and I've read them a few times and no doubt will again!

hope you enjoy your goodies Margaret, whatever they are!

I have just oredered a couple of books -one Gelli plate one and one about making simple books. i looked at them both at my friends yesterday so can see that they are what I want.

Am back to having a tickly throat and aching a bit -this virus just keeps popping back. Trying to ignore it now!

Am doing colouring of the english flag and a picture of St George and the dragon with my group today.

Happy St George's day everyone  Very Happy

Yes,Happy St George's Day to you all.

Am going out for a meal tonight to celebrate.  The restaurant is in the converted West Station that Dr Beeching (remember him?) axed all those years ago.  It is one of the few restaurants we have that serve English food so we thought that might be appropriate

Sorry to hear your throat is back Vonny.  I get a tickle throat off and on and find that honey mixed with lemon juice helps.  I use runny honey but you can use the other one to good effect - just whatever is in the pantry.

Lovely sunny day again so I think I shall have lunch in the garden Laughing

Just catching up and apologies for not popping in before. You all sound as though you are having a very interesting week!

I got back very late on Sunday evening, having been travelling for 22 hours so it has taken a while to get going again. I LOVED every minute of New York and still can't believe I have been there and come back! I have lots of photos to scrap and journal and did spend a little money on crafty goodies from the Ink Pad (Marjie Kemper runs her workshops from there but unfortunately she was out of town so I didn't get the chance to meet her).

Right off for a cup of tea and then bed! Body clock still a little off ……..

Just catching up and apologies for not popping in before. You all sound as though you are having a very interesting week!

I got back very late on Sunday evening, having been travelling for 22 hours so it has taken a while to get going again. I LOVED every minute of New York and still can't believe I have been there and come back! I have lots of photos to scrap and journal and did spend a little money on crafty goodies from the Ink Pad (Marjie Kemper runs her workshops from there but unfortunately she was out of town so I didn't get the chance to meet her).

Right off for a cup of tea and then bed! Body clock still a little off ……..

will take you a while to get back into your routine Jennie -look forward to seeing some of the photos in layouts  Smile

Hope you enjoyed your meal Mickie -good that the station is being used. In Wales we went to one that was converted to a craft shop (finished items not supplies).

Taking my Gelli plate to my craft and coffee group today as people wanted to see it. the friend I saw on Weds had made her own using glycerin and gelatine and they looked pretty good

Morning all good to have you back Jennie was the craft shop you went to good and have lots of things different from here.

Hope your throat is feeling a bit better today Vonny.
Did you have a good meal out Mickie.
I am hoping to get some crafting done today but have to sort out stuff to take to Sidmouth I love it there but mush prefer to go away for a couple of days I don't like the packing and messing around and Keith  is no help at all  Very Happy.We are coming home on the Thurs so I can have a couple of quiet days before doing workshop with Kate Crane and catching up with Miriam.

    Becky x

Welcome back Jennie.  Hope you catch up with yourself quickly.

How's your throat today Vonny?  Hope it is improving.

Meal out was lovely.  Very good value too.  They do an OAP menu concurrent with the regular one (same meals different prices) so we did a comparison and there was no difference in portion size at all so those of us who ate OAP saved £7.55 without drinks.  Still trying to work that one out but not complaining.

Use of the old station is quite interesting - the developers managed to parcel it up quite sympathetically.  The old waiting room is now a cafe and in amongst it all is a shop selling hand cooked frozen foods - very tempting and there is also an antique type shop.  I say type because, although I realise I have clocked up  few years, some of the items on offer were definitely manufactured during my lifetime:roll:

Having a quiet couple of days now.  Well, that's the plan

enjoy Sidmouth Becky- i would have thought you had packing sussed out as you pop down there (across there?) so often  Laughing Good to have the workshop to look forward to -is it an art journal one (sorry can't remember if you said?
throat improved but still achy and wheezy. Was supposed to go to a spinning day but the hour and a quarter journey there was not appealing so I stayed at home and did some spinning then watched an old Ealing Comedy in the afternoon.

Have a good time in Sidmouth Becky.  Lucky you having a Kate Crane and Miriam to look forward to.

I was supposed to be doing a Mark Gould workshop tomorrow but when I enquired earlier today what we needed to bring I was told it was actually today but had been cancelled Rolling Eyes Just as well then.  It appears that three people rang at last knockings to say they would not be going as they couldn't really afford it.  All I would say is that the price was never a secret

I stayed at home and played with my Gelatos instead. Anyone feel a ner nerner ner ner coming on? Laughing  

So tomorrow I shall be mainly watercolouring - have two lots to do for homework so all is not lost.

Thatsvery clever MickiMickieickie should have let you know. Well we got to Sidmouth and it was very wet looks better this morning. We are having trouble with our modem so hopefully will sort that out today so glad I hsve got my phone and we have to do some food shopping so fingerss crossed it stays dry

     Becky x

yes they should have let you know -and I agree about people knowing the price beforehand. Perhaps you could spend the fee on some goodies!

I ordered a couple of things yesterday- forced to go online by the limited options at the shows!

Have sepnt the day writing minutes, constitutions and newsletters! Did squeeze in a quick visit to my parents too!

Evening all.....

Hope you are enjoying Sidmouth Becky.

Jennie - NY looked amazing!  

Mickie - shame about the workshop Sad

Vonny - hope your throat is better

It's been a crazy week - as I knew it would.  I have been quite poorly as a result this weekend.  Need to preserve all of my energy for next weekend!

Because I felt so rubbish today I spent the day putting some stamps on Ebay - I have a HUGE box of stash to sell.... you wouldn't know it from how full my craft room is though!

So sorry that your workshop was canceled like that Mickie - it must be really annoying. But in the general gist of things at least you didn't lose out.

I hope Sidmouth is nice and warm Becky - we had snow yesterday and today is just freezing. Heating is back on  Crying or Very sad

I enjoyed a lovely Stampin Up day yesterday with a number of SU friends and made flowers - all day. Was a bit "flowered out" at the end but it was really lovely to be attending a workshop instead of giving one.

Today seems to have gone in a flash and now I am getting packed up for the start of my intermediate photography class tomorrow. I have done six weeks for beginners so now on to the really technical stuff. Actually it has been quite interesting and like Mickie with the water colouring, have just gone with it and been amazed what I have achieved - mind you the camera is doing all the work  Wink

Actually, the savings on the workshop are considerable - must be a litre or two of petrol in there, not to mention anything I might have spent in the shop and that is apart from the class itself.  

Had a really good time with the Gelatos too, so it was a win win situation.  Apropos the Gelatos, I did the Helen Chilton Masterclass out of a back issue of Craft Stamper and ended up with a few backgrounds for cards so am really pleased.  However, having learned some more Gelato tricks I am still not sure if I will expand my collection.

Today I caught up with all my outstanding art class homework.  I feel pretty virtuous right now.  Have decided that I do like watercolour Laughing

Jennie can you use pretty much any camera for the photography class?  I'm thinking that will be my next move - learn how to take a decent picture.  

Miriam you must pace yourself a bit more - we like having you around you know Laughing Haven't been on eBay in years - will have to have a look and see whats occurring.

Good for you Miriam -hope they sell well.

Photography course sounds good Jennie -and I bet it is wonderful to just sit at a workshop and get on with things  Smile

Mickie (or anyone) -do you know what you can use over watercolour if you want to protect the item e.g if you made a book cover? Having used PVA over DIs I know that they run as it is a waterbased product.

Vonny, I will make enquiries at my next class but in the meantime I understand Golden make a spray varnish for watercolour - explained on their website I think.  I should be inclined to go with several layers of hairspray - there are some that are not supposed to yellow so might have to be a not so cheap one but worth a try.  I do like the idea of covering a book with your very own work  Laughing

I've just re-read your post Jennie and am trying not to sit here bemoaning the fact that today has developed into cold and wet from a lovely sunny start.  At least we haven't got snow.

Hope it is warmer in Sidmouth Becky
margaret rorie

Vonny - I'm not sure whether the new Tim Holtz product would work - can't remember what it is called but you can use it over distress inks as a mask. It is the new set of stuff he has recently released. You could look on the Country view crafts site.  Found out it is called distress micro glaze! Margaret

thanks both. The shop where I am doing my Gelli playe workshops next week sells golden so will see what they've got. I think it has to be acrlyic rather than water based

Vonny you could also use DecoArt Faux Finish spray.  To be on the safe side you would need to spray very lightly to begin  with.  Judikins do a product called Microglaze that sounds to be very similar to the new Tim Holtz Distress Micro Glaze - looks like they're all at it now!

I'm off to Inky Fingers tomorrow nd will ask Helen if she knows of  way of waterproofing distress inks

thanks Mickie. i would prefer something that isn't a spray if possible. Should get a few good answers any way.

Sorry Vonny, I did ask the question but it would seem that the Tim Holtz/Judikins Microglazes might be your answer.  These are like a cream/paste that you put on with your fingers.  

Winsor and Newton do a fixative that Helen thought should work with Distress, although it is really for pastels and chalks type of thing.  However, it is in a spray.

Will try and remember to ask art teacher on Monday

thanks mickie for you help  Smile

What about Multi Medium Matte which can be used as a sealer or Deco Art Varnish also matt it might be worth a try.
Re hairspray I have always been told to go for the cheap one.

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