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Morning ladies it is a lovely sunny day slept better which helps. Hope you all had a good weekend. Having my hair done later and that is my Monday. Have put some washing on have to start thinking we are away on Saturday to Sidmouth so have to decide what to take clothes wise. x

Well I do hope life starts to settle down a bit up here - I am not sure I can cope with the pace of the last couple of months !!!!!!

I taught my last weekend workshop over the weekend and now have everything packed away. It does seem strange to think I won't be doing it again. I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from the weekend ladies and a lovely card. It felt quite emotional.

The decorators have nearly finished the bedroom and Terry seems to be recovering from his fall albeit slowly. I want to get back on track with my weight watching - lost five lbs before I went away and thankfully and amazingly didn't put any on whilst I was staying with my brother and sister in law (amazing cooks but not healthy cooks!) and a weekend in a hotel. Only four weeks until my holiday in Minorca and it should be warm enough for shorts  Laughing

I hope you enjoyed getting your hair done Becky - always nice to sit and enjoy it I think. And glad you have a lovely sunny day. Very windy here and now rather wet. Have a great week.

Got a lovely walk on Sunday in some woods with fabulous carpets of bluebells -quite amazing.
Glad you had a better night Becky and hope you enjoyed your hair being done.
You did well not to put on weight Jennie -the warmth of Minorca sounds wonderful.
Back to line dancing to day, which made my legs ache but as we were back in the sports hall at least I didn't feel dizzy. then knitting group in the afternoon which I walked to so have had plenty of exercise today  Smile

Morning I do love having my hair done and a good old natter it works wonder we even had cake yesterday, Vonny we have found a craft shop in Taunton so will go next week and will let you know what it is like. Hope you can rest a bit Jennie at least you have a nice hols to look forward to. We are taking grandaughter Charli out for lunch and the a bit of shopping. Have woken up very stiff this morning my neck and shoulder hurt better get the muscle rub out. x
margaret rorie

Back home after a great time in Orkney - the conference was excellent with speakers from all over the world. I met a lot of lovely people including one woman who is doing the same course as me. We went on a field trip around some of the archaeological sites and had an expert with us to tell us all about the sites. Here is a photo of the Ring of Bridgar - not quite as big as Stonehenge but very impressive. The other photo is from Skara Brae - a famous Stone Age village.

Glad you had a good time when you were away Jennie - hope Terry is on the mend.

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

the Ring of Bridgar looks very brooding Margaret -and the Stone Age house is quite amazing -looks like it is really near the sea?
Look forward to a review of the Taunton shop Becky -we are down in Devon towards the end of May so might have to pay it a visit. Smile
Had lunch out at a café which is part of a local Baptist Church -two of the ladies who are in my Thursday craft group work there and told me  how good the food is -they were right -I had a really yummy duck Wrap and it included homemade coleslaw. It was very busy tho and full of babies! must have been about 30 at least but amazingly well behaved- apparently there are lots of parent and baby classes run in the same building.

Sounds like you have some ancient woodland near you Vonny, I love the smell of bluebells, not to mention the beautiful colours.  The Church Cafe sounds very good Vonny and I am impressed that the children were so well behaved Laughing

Have a load of bluebells in my garden and although they do look lovely, they must be imported as they have no smell

Your conference on Orkney sounded really interesting Margaret.  Love your photo of the Ring of Bridgar

I seem to have missed a few email notifications of postings on here so am a bit late in getting back to you all.  

Well done on keeping the weight off Jennie.  It can be quite hard, especially when staying in an hotel.

Glad you are sleeping better Becky.  Hope you are still relaxed from having your hair done.  Always such a boost to morale Laughing

Out for an Italian fish dinner with a friend tonight.  Really looking forward to it.  I wonder if there will be pasta involved?!

Evening all....

Gosh you've been busy!

Ring of Bridgar looks lovely.

I have 1 week left of my assessment!  Loads still to do Sad  So need some good crafting time to myself!!

Have a lovely dinner Mickie.....

The pic are lovely Margaret glad you enjoyed it bet it was interesting. I have a few bluebells Mickie I do love them. Had a fab day with Charli yesterday a lovely meal and then spoilt then  with some new clothes so today I am staying in the sun is shining hope it stays while we are in Sidmouth next week. x
margaret rorie

You are right Vonny that Skara Brae is next to a lovely sandy beach. In fact the village was covered with sand for a long time and uncovered in the 19th century when a gale of wind exposed the houses.

Hope you get your assessment finished Miriam - I don't know how you fit in studying with full-time work. I'm enjoying my course now I have time to do it.

Enjoy your Italian dinner tonight Mickie. I'm off out for coffee with friends and hope that a new coffee shop is open. It's in a village near Lerwick so it will be nice to get outside the town.

good luck with the assessment Miriam -soon be done. Good job you have crafting to keep you sane  Smile
That must have been some gust of wind Margaret! Hope you enjoyed the coffee shop -always good to have somewhere new to go.
So was there pasta with the Italian fish Mickie?
Gorgeous day here and have done my first dyeing of the year while sitting in the garden knitting. Getting a bit windier now tho. also been looking through my stamp stash for ideas for the tag book  Smile

Dinner was a bit disappointing in that the new fish department, for want of a better phrase, has been delayed for a couple of weeks, so we shall just have to go again Cool

Inky Fingers today.  We road tested DI crayons. They are a cross between Gelatos and Crayola crayons - both of which come out cheaper and last a bit longer.

It has been a lovely day.  Have just noticed that I caught the sun whilst sitting on a bench by Lingfield duckpond eating lunch.  Woohoo Summer may have arrived Laughing

interesting info re DI crayons -thought they looked a bit like gelatos. Good to catch the sun isn't it.
Been to my scrapbooking group this morning and helped them emboss some page titles. Put a couple of cards together in the afternoon but felt a bit achy so then had a bath

Well we've had snow here today  Shocked  Shocked  Shocked We were just getting up and I said to Terry that sleety showers were forecast today and when he drew the curtains everywhere was white and we were in the middle of a blizzard.  Its all gone now but we still have a blizzard  Laughing

Just been trying to set up the WIFI mobile device for the boat - gosh these things are difficult when you have no idea what you are doing. I need a son but they are both on the Mainland at the moment.

I have bought the new coloured Distress Crayons and am itching to have a go. I have no gelatos so I didn't mind investing in them. Will let you know how I get on. What did you do with them Mickie.

How was the new coffee shop Margaret? Was it the Cornerstone in Scalloway. They looked as though they were ready to open on Thursday, so I was hoping it was this weekend. It looks very nice - hope the coffee and home bakes are good.

Have a great weekend - I'll just pop out and make a snowman  Laughing
margaret rorie

The coffee shop wasn't open - think they're still waiting for some paperwork! It looks very nice though.

I've been busy today knitting the croft hoose hat but it seems very small. Has anyone finished it? Will need to get going on my ATCs tomorrow as the month seems to be flying past. I've got some of Tim's crayons too but haven't used them yet.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

No snow today but still very cold.

I have finished my crofthoose hat Margaret, in fact I've made two. I was knitting the first while I was with my Aunt and she loved it so I left it there. It is a snug fit, but good for windy days  Laughing

I got my ATCs done yesterday - I don't have much in terms of bird stamps though  Rolling Eyes You would think with all the stuff I have I might have found one which fitted an ATC  Very Happy

No snow here but it is cold.  Have gone back into thermals and woollies Crying or Very sad

Jennie have put a couple of pics in my Gallery of what I managed to get done with the DI Crayons.  Enjoy using yours and do let us know how you find them.  I confess we didn't bother comparing the equivalent colours in the other DI products.  We all felt on past experience that they would be different shades anyway and let it go at that.

Have just finished my ATCs.  I did smile at your comment Jennie, thought I only had large birds until I came to put the stamps away and there were the Kim Dellow birds grinning at me

We are to be painting bits of wood tomorrow.  The bits are in the region of up to 18" x whatever takes your fancy.  I'm using one of those flat boxes that you sometimes see in craft shops as a surface to alter.  We were to be thinking in terms of driftwood or salvaged wood (i.e old floorboards) Rolling Eyes

hope you got the Wifi sorted Jennie .
Shame about the coffee shop Margaret but hopefully you will get to go another time.
The wood painting sounds like a need for lots of distressing and resist techniques Mickie  Very Happy Forum Index -> General
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