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Morning all another Monday weather is indifferent nothing planned for today but might pop out for a bit. What are you all up to.

Went for a short bike ride this morning -bit of a shock for the legs and bum!!!
Am thinking about a smart phone so am trawling the net to see what might suit me

Playing with my new smartphone. Site looks very different

What make have you got then Vonny  have fun. Had a tough day yesterday Dad keeps saying he is going to marry a old friend of his then it is off and now it is back on well we ended up having a rather long and trying  heated discussion where I told him and Jenny to go ahead and get married instead of talking about it and other things I am afraid then that I ended up walking out well rolling out on my scooter in tears I am afraid I have had enough it is so sad I love him to bits but have had enough now my siblings don't like Jenny so it is difficult it is a long story and goes back years so as a result I am bad today moan over. We have to wait for a phone call at lunchtime and then we are going out shopping hope the weather warms up it is chilly here not helped by the fact we have no heating or hot water. I am smiling and counting to ten as I write. Laughing  Laughing

A tough time for you Becky. Hope you have a better day today.

I can't believe it's Thursday already! The weather  has been a "bit" better so I have been doing the borders in the garden, although was rather stiff the next day. Ive also been trying to up my walking so now doing three miles a day which takes a chunk out of the morning. But ..... now lost 10 lbs since I started in January and had to buy a whole new wardrobe of trousers as I have dropped a size.  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

I also did my first Level 2 Pilates yesterday - boy am I stiff today! For tiny little movements it really is a workout  Shocked Wish I could get back on my bike Vonny but my hands can't take it these days (probably the bum as well!).

so sorry to hear you are having a hard time with your father Becky. Glad you are still smiling tho  Smile Big hug from me.
I have been having a short break from line dancing and volunteering this week but start back again tomorrow. yesterday I made a skirt using one I have as a pattern (simple A line). Today the friend who was coming to craft couldn't make it so have done some ironing(!) and will do some crochet later instead.
Doing well going into the level 2 Pilates Jennie -I have never tried this but that and your walking sound like they are helping with the weight loss -hope enjoyed buying some new clothes
Just managed to get my hew phone (only a Samsung Galaxy J3 Becky but seems amazing to me!) to connect to the Wi-Fi even tho we are getting a new router soon. but all good to learn

Happy new phone Vonny!  Not sure I could live without mine now........ Rolling Eyes

Well done Jennie - must have felt so good to be buying trousers a size smaller.  I have good intentions but there's always some reason why I cannot regularly hack up and down the sea front Rolling Eyes

Becky I am so sorry you're having a hard time.  Wish you lived nearer - I'd be round with cake and hugs.  Hope you are feeling a little better today though.

Have you all seen the announcement at the top of the page about the forums being under new ownership?  Hoping it will just be a formality and we can carry on as usual!

Lovely sunny day again here - bit on the noisy side though as everywhere you look the seagulls are mating - they don't care - they're quite shamelessly at it out in the open.   Not even hiding behind a chimney pot Laughing

Laughing  Mickie! We have the same problem with noisy seagulls mating all over the rooves  Very Happy
Went to one daughter's last Friday by train for the Easter weekend as I had to meet the new addition to the family - a gorgeous black Cocker spaniel, only a baby and tinier still as he was the runt of the litter. I had forgotten how sharp their little teeth are!!!
Other daughter and family brought me back home and stayed for a couple of nights and then found that something had happened to my computer! Couldn't print, go onto the internet or even delete old emails. So have had to do a restore and hope all is okay now.
Have finally managed to plant up the flower bed that I dug over and it looks more respectable now  Very Happy Weather has been glorious down here! Not much crafting has been done though although one of our grandsons wanted to learn how to make rosettes and have shown him how to make a Kusudama flower so that will keep him out of mischief for a while. He raided my paper box too!

Well done Jennie on your weight loss, it is such a buck to the ego isn't it?

Well done on weight loss Jennie I am afraid I have had to but some summer trousers in a bigger size  Crying or Very sad . Weather has changed here now that I have brought new clothes and flip flops.Got gas man coming today so hope to have heating and hot water again.

sounds like you and Jennie need to swap clothes Becky!

Those seagulls sound a pain -when we stayed on the Isle of Man a massive one stood at our window and tapped on the glass so hard I thought it would break -looking for food I guess.
Morning seemed to disappear tho I did do a little weaving -then line dancing in the afternoon

Well we have heating and hot water again thank goodness, A good idea Vonny about clothes mind you don't think Jennie has ever been as big as me  Laughing Seagulls are a pain when we use to stay in Sidmouth there were loads 1st time in 10 years we haven't been to Sidmouth. We have the sun back out this morning what have you all got planned for the weekend.

If the weather forecast is anything to go by it is just as well they got your heating going again Becky!  I know Jennie has had snow recently but they've forecast it for us too!  Don't they now I've turned the heating off?!! Rolling Eyes

I was quite taken with the Tim Holtz/Sizzix Cityscape dies - oh my!  O dear!  These should come with a health warning!  Some of the dies are so small if you drop one on the floor it will be lost forever.  They are strangely addictive though ....................  Maybe the mindfulness version of dies as opposed to those colouring books that are around everywhere now

I'm having a quiet day today in preparation of Helen Chilton's Kit and Kaboodle club tomorrow - I haven't even finished the kit from last month either so I might even see if I can't do that today as I do know that there is more work in tomorrow's kit than can be completed on the day - happily I will have all the paints I will make sure I stamp everything I need to while I am there Wink

My other plan for today is to go through all the photographs and see if I can't find a fiery sunset, which is the topic for the next art class

Hope you are all as busy as I am and enjoying it  Laughing

Yep busy here Mickie - can't believe the week has just gone so quickly!

We had a lovely walk ..... in snow, hail and gale force winds ....this morning. I was well wrapped up but to top it all I fell, or rather slid ......, into some very deep mud and had to wash everything  I was wearing when I got back. Aimee enjoyed her walk though.

We had a lovely meal out last night at the Scalloway Hotel - VERY expensive but absolutely fantastic. I had been given a present for meal there by the crew and cast of the pantomime and due to various reasons only just got  to use it last night. Not normal for me to have a three course meal but it was just so delicious and plenty of time between courses and some lovely "palette cleansers" in between. My favourite was the pineapple sorbet between the starter and mains course. Might try and convince Terry I need to go there for my birthday  Very Happy

My life is leisurely compared to you lots seem to be spending more time in than out at the moment at least I am getting some crafting done I nearly finished some challenges for May.

can't believe it is so cold up there Jennie as we have been walking in lovely sunshine today. Yesterday we had friends round for some crafting and a curry. Have started next months ATCs so feeling very virtuous.
Glad you didn't hurt yourself in your fall Jennie -mud washes off after all.
Mickie hope you got everything done yesterday so you could enjoy your day today -and look forward to hearing about it
Becky enjoy your time crafting as no doubt other things will crop up soon  Smile Forum Index -> General
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