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Morning all got to Sidmouth ok on Sat had lovely weather. Yesterday we went to the donkey sanctuary as Zoe,Matt and the girls came down which was lovely they then went home afterwards. Today it is dismal outside so don't think we will be doing much I am going to the art shop they sell the Abstract paint so will get some so I can play later.Hope you all had a good weekend. x

glad your journey was ok -I think my brother sponsors a donkey at that sanctuary. sounds like the Art shop is just the thing for the weather today.
am going to help my dad with some PC stuff later -let's hope I can do what he needs!

Well woke with a reasonably heavy covering of snow ........ and there was an accident at the Junction below us which means the roads must be icy too. So after some housework  Sad  play time  Very Happy

Glad you got to Sidmouth ok Becky and have a great time at the art shop.

A few of us thought we might visit The Towner in Eastbourne after class today, so everyone piled into my car and off we went.  Parked easily, (warning bells should have rung), dashed round to the gallery dodging rain drops the size of golf balls (!?!) and found everything locked up.  The Towner is closed on Mondays.  We felt it a shame to waste the parking money so trekked into town and visited all the charity shops.  Rolling Eyes

Do hope the weather picks up for you Jennie, although if winter keeps up you'll get plenty of crafting time

Hope you have better weather in Sidmouth as the week goes on Becky - don't get too carried away in the art shop

Hope you were able to help your dad out Vonny.  At least you didn't have to do it over the phone, that is always dire Wink

Fingers crossed it will be dry tomorrow afternoon when I come out of the hairdressers Laughing

my dad and I sorted the problem together -I now know how to alter tabs!
Had my hair done today so it is tidy again. Started a journal page but wasn't feeling very creative so didn't finish it. also pinned together the 3 layers of a small quilt ready to sew them together -had hoped it would fit on the table but it didn't so crawling round the floor was the only option.

Morning all we still have  sun but very cold we even had snow yesterday. Went to craft shop Vonny small but not a bad little shop brought some
stamps  Tim Holtz,Clarity and Indigo can't wait till I get home to play. Not sure what we doing today Dad's not well so we are just going with the flow. x

Sorry your dad isn't too good today Becky.  Fingers crossed you get some better weather and he perks up

Loved that you and your dad sorted the computer problem together Vonny.  Nice to have a father daughter moment

Weather has been much improved over here today.  Lots of lovely sunshine but still a biting cold edge on the wind.  A friend and I took an old friend out to tea this afternoon to new tea shop that has just opened.  It was really lovely getting together and catching up.  Hoping the sunshine will last all through the weekend

Sorry to hear about your Dad Becky. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Yes it has been very cold here too, but thankfully no snow! It was too cold for gardening, so I have had two long walks the last couple of days. I am now up to 3miles which is great. I have now lost 8 lbs since the beginning of March, another 8 to go .............

It is Shetland Folk Festival this weekend and we were treated to a fabulous concert last night. My favourites were the 1930s gyspy jazz band complete with 1930s microphone! By the time the concert finished and we'd spoken to everyone we didn't get home until 1am. So feeling a little tired today. We have more concerts tomorrow and Sunday. I thought I would have tonight off! Terry is out playing at a session in the club house, but the speed of my concertina playing doesn't allow me to join in ........  Laughing I play the tune perfectly, in perfect time but at about a quarter of the speed  Laughing

Have a great weekend - I think it is a holiday one for those of you south ?

yes we have a bank holiday this Monday -not that it makes a lot of difference once you are retired  Smile
Hope your Dad is feeling better Becky and that you are getting out and about again .Nice that you got some stamps to enjoy on your return. I went to the shop in Leighton buzzard today but didn't find much to tempt me this time.
Jennie the 1930s session sounds great  -sounds like you will need a few days to recover from the event.
Sunny but still cold here -hope to go for a walk tomorrow

Morning all got back from Sidmouth yesterday and just had a lazy evening hopefully I will get a play today. We had a great time but I am shattered Dad is now hard work and looking after him and his dog is not easy but we had a lot of laughs and fun. Every day is a holiday for us now Vonny I have a job remembering what day it is  Laughing. Sounds as though the fol festival is a lot of fun Jennie my Dad was President  of  one in Sidmouth for many years he also perform, it is still going on but not as big as when Dad was doing it.x

glad you had fun Becky -it makes the effort worthwhile and I'm sure your Dad had a good time.
Been spinning today and doing the ATC swap for UKStampers.
Not feeling very creative at the moment but mulling ideas for our ATCs.
Tomorrow meeting a friend at a garden centre for a catch up and lunch -might even buy a plant or two Smile

Well just finished the last of the four days of Shetland Folk Festival, and what a fabulous time we have had. My feet are sore from stomping !!! We had a trio at the afternoon concert today which would lift the heart on a very difficult day. I bought their CD so I can listen to it on a Monday  Laughing 1930s rag time. Think I am stuck in the 30s - born too late !!!

I also managed an hour tidying in the garden, but it is still very cold.

Hope you all have a lovely extended weekend  Very Happy

The Folk Festival sounds wonderful Jennie.  Glad the feet were up to it Laughing

Shame there were no stamps that cried out to your purse Vonny.  I can empathise though as I don't have much inspiration at the moment when I'm working in my craft room

Beautiful weather up in Lingfield on Saturday but as I drove home I could see that much rain had fallen en route.  Sunday was lovely and sunny but still with a bit of a chill round the edges

Decorated a watercolour sketch book (Pink Pig) with Helen Chilton on Saturday.  I'm sure I should have phrased that better!  Pictures in my Gallery Forum Index -> General
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