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Morning all we sort of have the sun back I am having my hair done this morning and then the day is mine. What have you all got planned x

Morning Becky!   No sunshine here but the birds are singing their socks off so I guess its on its way

I'm off to the Supermarket in a moment to see what I can find for dinner - I'm hoping inspiration will come.  Ah, I've just remembered Jersey Royals are in season - oooh!  Wonder what the situation is with English Asparagus?....  Nothing like it in the world what a shame they both have such a short season.  

In between times I hope I can do some more to yesterday's project!

pretty usual Monday for me with line dancing first -very small class this week. then I went for a coffee with the some of the ladies for a catch up.
Another bank holiday next week so may have to find a line dancing class on the Tues instead.
Did a bit of crafting in the afternoon planning projects for my art and craft sessions, including a demo scrapbook page so people can see what it is about

We have the sun here hooray still chilly though. Just got some shopping to do today,

We have beautiful sunshine but boy, is that wind cold? Especially as we have had gorgeous weather most of the week. The cold wind comes as a shock. Thank heavens it is supposed to be gone before the weekend!
Haven't you all been busy bees??! I have finished this month's ATCs and they are now photographed so they need to be posted. I have just finished a mixed media piece to hang above the fireplace; just need to photograph it so I can put it on my blog. I needed to print some photographs off after finally finding some half decent frames that I like only to discover my printer is almost out of ink and no spare cartridges to hand Confused

that is so often the way Rusticus. We tried buying an extra cartridge but found it never worked by the time we got to use it. Now I just have a black cartridge and will only buy a colour one if I need it.
Cycled to knit and natter today which was much quicker even tho I had to walk up the final hill! Made me puff and pant but I wasn't nearly so hot and sweaty as when i walk all the way.
Needed lots of concentration at stitching group today as one lady was doing back stitch which I think is the hardest part.

Wish I had learnt to ride a bicycle when I was younger, I am told I could learn now but I think fear of falling would let me Confused  
I cannot back stitch in a straight line!! Even when I have lines to follow I tend to wobble so good for your lady back stitcher.
Have grandchildren who like printing things off that they have created on the computer - that ensures that your spare ink cartridges don't have time to dry out  Laughing

just set up my new router -can't say it is any quicker to access the net on the PC but may be better on my phone once I set up the WiFi.Had a good line dance session today -even the new dances were quite easy and am also getting to grips with some of the others

Snap Rusticus my printer has given up as well my is wi-fi and of course I can't find a cable to connect it to. Went to a mobility roadshow yesterday which was good we have to change our car Sept time.In most of today but have craft club tonight  we have the sun at mo yesterday we had sun ,rain, snow and hail.

Just trying to catch up with laundry and things in the house. Plus trying to grapple with how to cook a turbot we bought in France yesterday.

enjoy craft club Becky.
hope the turbot cooking goes well Scrapmate.
Made a fridge magnet and a card at craft group today. Was only expecting one lady but a couple of the men joined in too. It is the lady who really loves  art and craft but she is shortly moving to the group for retired people so she won't be around any more. So I now have a few weeks free until everyone else finishes drama and then I am doing some scrapbooking sessions.
Quilting group tomorrow so no line dancing, then a dinner at our house for my mum's birthday  Smile

Hope the turbot turned out well Scrapmate. How is the work on the house progressing?

Beautiful sunny day today so got some gardening done and planted out the sweet peas and tomatoes. The strawberries have masses of flowers. Cornish new potatoes and asparagus for tea tonight - yum!
Are you making a group quilt Vonny or do you take your own pieces to quilt at the group?

Turbot came out quite well baked with lemon slices and herbs. As for the house ... Sad  there has been no progress - we are still waiting for the insurance company to tell us how much they are settling the claim for. I am so fed up as we are a long way off starting to get the house straight again.

Sorry there's no progress with the house Scrapmate - it must be so frustrating for you.  On the other hand the turbot sounds delicious!

It is raining here today - so the car's getting washed at last  Rolling Eyes It swarm rain too!  

My niece sent me a video in the week of her daughter playing on her the snow!  Oh to be in England.......

I hope you all have a super weekend whatever you are planning

I can just see that little girl playing on her trampoline in the snow Mickie Laughing  We have a photo taken in February 2010 when we had deep snow in Gloucestershire and our grandson who was 3 then insisted he could ride his tricycle in the snow!! I recall it took some persuading to get him to help build a snowman instead Laughing

Oh Scrapmate I am sorry to hear that the insurance company are playing silly beggars! So frustrating and tremendously annoying that you have paid the premiums then they mess you about just when you need them to pull their fingers out!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend and that the weather doesn't spoil any plans. Cool

Sorry the insurance company are dragging their feet  Scrapmate  do they not think of the upset it causes the families. The weather is lousy here think some of my winter clothes will come  back out suppose I was being hopeful.I think I am getting my sprays out today haven't used them for a while. Hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday. xx

The weather hasn't been special here today either Becky. Some sunshine but a very blustery cold wind. I feel so sorry for the tourists who have come down for a weekend break. Typical Bank Holiday weather I suppose!

I have a set of square canvases - 3 of them joined together with cord that I have had forever! The last few days I have been cutting out pictures to do collages on them, I have covered them with some napkins that have been hiding in a plastic wallet for a very long time and have toned the colour down with gesso. I have finally got to the stage of fiddling around with layouts now Very Happy

Are you then going to hang your canvasses on the wall Rusticus  if you are anything like me I do one and then it is put away never to be seen. We have the sun but quite a breeze with it. Got my Tim Holtz stamping platform yesterday so hopefully when my wrist is bad I can still stamp I am finding the rocker blocks good  so do tend to use them rather than the acrylic blocks now. Off out today to visit a friend haven't seen her for a while so lots of catching up.

Been a bit of a mental week! way too much going on for a retired couple  Rolling Eyes

Trip to Aberdeen to see a play, then back for four days of Shetland Folk Festival (concerts, sessions and catching up with folk) and in between Mrs Muir got lifted out of the water for her annual hull clean - and back again). Also packing for my holiday in Crete, I am off on Wednesday.

Will catch up with you all at some point  Laughing

wow- I seem to have missed loads!
Rusticus the group is for taking your own project along and includes all sorts of sewing tho most people quilt .they also make some charity quilts. I am currently working on a half bed quilt -just for my side!
Love the idea of trampolining in the snow Mickie -and your idea of a car wash  Laughing
Good to hear that some of you are using some of your old stash. i just bought yet more stencils and a few stamps when I visited Leighton Buzzard yesterday -was on my way to an open house event where everyone tool there craft to do in a social setting. I had a little go at lace making-which was easy than I thought it would be.
Jennie I do think being retired is more active than working (well for me anyway) but a lot less stressful -and no paperwork! Enjoy Crete -we saw our fisrt kingfisher there in the harbour -much to our surprise!
Hope you all have a good bank holiday tomorrow -haven't decided what I will do yet

Evening all.... sounds like we're all incredibly busy!

I am really pleased it's a bank holiday weekend. I am not well at the moment and finding everything a real struggle.  

I have been trying to get some crafting done to keep up to date with my DT projects.... am really really looking forward to the next circle book! Forum Index -> General
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