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Morning all from a miserable day in Southampton skies are grey although not raining I have put some towels in the wash so it had better clear up fast  Evil or Very Mad I have nothing planned for today did a journal cover yesterday from the Wanderlust  course this week it was Andy Skinner will put it in my gallery.

We woke to torrential rain this morning so I was surprised to manage my 45 minute walk in the dry and the sun even came out at one point  Very Happy

It's a tidy up day today, around the house and then in the craft room. It really is a MESS!!!!! and I can't start any work when it is in such a state. Have a great week everyone.
margaret rorie

Had a great weekend at the Folk Festival- super music! The organisation was superb with the Foy last night finishing on time at 12.10!

I've just sent my last assignment away and tidied up my notes. Just have to wait for the results now. Have really enjoyed this module but have a break now until September. Off to Aberdeen tomorrow for a couple of days with my sister - I need to get an outfit for a wedding in July.

Miserable day here too Becky and we've had rain with more promised.  

Was tempted to buy a ready planted hanging basket in Lingfield.  The sun was shining, the plants looked so healthy...............  Glad I didn't give in; they would be suffering in this cold!

Had a talk on the toxins in the home/place of work.  Apart from the obvious - synthetic fibres/scents,  all pigments are toxic and the mediums we use, not to mention the solvents, add to the toxicity.  All is not lost however, introduce a Spider plant or two to your work room/area.  Apparently Spider plants are known for cleaning the air. So I've bought one.  Now I have no idea where to put it Rolling Eyes  All a question of making space and it is only a little one:roll:

Well done for having at least 45 minutes dry Jennie

Margaret it seems a long time to September.  Expect the apart from the house move you will be missing your essays Wink  Enjoy your shopping trip

Evening all....

Margaret - are you missing the essay writing yet?  I have felt a bit lost!! lol!!  I have finished the assessment part this week and now have to wait for my 4 hour interview on 24th May!! Fingers crossed.

It has rained all weekend. I managed to create 3 journal pages this weekend!  I kept feeling guilty then realising it was ok!! lol!!

I will hopefully be back on here more often again now!!  Though I never managed to make the April ATCs Sad  Not surprised though - 8 weeks without craft!

Glad you are back crafting again Miriam you must make time for yourself.  Margaret have you a date for your move it seems to have gone on for months. Mickie plants don't live in my house it is too dark facing the wrong way.  We have the sun today  am crafting with friends and then dentist.

Good to have you back Miriam.  Goodness, that is a long interview!  Good luck

Don't think this plant has much chance Becky - still haven't found anywhere to put it Rolling Eyes  The only room that gets the sun is my craft room, otherwise I'm like you; living in the shade Laughing

Having a quiet day today trying to get to grips with crackle.

Hope you 'crackled' well Mickie  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing

Today has flown by.... sat down and can't move now!! LOL!

Hope crafting went well Becky - and the dentist (hate the dentist!!)

I thought Becky was crafting with the dentist  Laughing
Miriam and Margaret -glad you both have finished essays for a while -good to have time for other things -and good luck on 24th Miriam
Warm enough to sit outside for a while today after potting up some tomato plants and digging in some manure!

Good luck on the 24th Miriam.

Well we had blue skies and wall to wall sunshine and 13 degrees ...... totally wiped out by the 45 mph winds! apparently the "feels like" was down to 7 degrees. But I battled on with my 3mile walk today. At least it wasn't raining, but it was a bit breathtaking at times. Weigh in again tomorrow, so hoping I'm still on the losing side.

Terry and I spent THREE hours tonight trying to get a wifi router to work for the boat. Nightmare! Instructions in english chinese don't help. Sometimes we both feel technology has passed us by. Everyone was using this router on the boats we met last year so it has to be reasonably achievable  Laughing It nearly went through the window at one point  Laughing

Morning all good luck for the 24th Miriam not that you need it you will be fine Hope you manage to get Wi-Fi working Jennie at least you can stay in touch  Very Happy. I am being referred to hosp by Dentist oh joy. Tomorrow I am doing a workshop with Mark Gould which I am so looking forward to doing.

Lucky you Becky.  Look forward to seeing what you make.  He is a good teacher.  Shame about the dentist.

Jennie, what you need is a 6 year old.  They are so good at sorting out the IT Wink  Laughing  Laughing   Hope you get it up and running with no more bother.  

Beautifully warm and sunny here today.  Hope it lasts the weekend at least Cool

sorry the IT is proving so much of a problem -it is so great when it works but a real pain when it goes wrong (or doesn't work at all!) Hope you get it sorted (if you are able to face trying again!)

Hope you enjoy your workshop Becky -I have one on 14th with Brenda focussing on journaling, so should be a bit different.

Has been gorgeous weather last two days 20-21* (sorry Jennie) and have sat out in the garden -shorts and sandals today   Cool

Well I am pleased to say that we did actually have the router working it just didn't work here at the house  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed

It has been a fabulous day here - the same as yesterday but without the wind. Had breakfast coffee outside in my PJs and then a wonderful 3 mile walk around Scalloway before driving home in my (brand new) little car. It is so sweet, a Toyota Aygo, and so much easier to drive that the big Rav which I have had for 10 years. I am going to enjoy it very much I think. Only got 17 miles on the clock after my driving around today  Laughing

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the workshop with Mark Gauld Becky. I met him in Coventry - what a hoot he is!

Hello all.  Margaret, Jennie, have you read the Italian chapel? All set in your part of the world, so have been thinking of you.  Got to read a large chunk of it on Thursday, sitting on the train while a fire was raging in Vauxhall Station and only a few trains could enter at a time.  Sorry for absence, have been working such long hours - and doing rather more tennis than crafting in free time.  Did enjoy doing Tag Book page though.
margaret rorie

Great to hear from you again Sarah. I have that book on my kindle but haven't read it yet. The Italian Chapel is an amazing place considering it was created out of a Nissan hut.

Managed to get into the garden today for the first time this year. It needs a lot of tidying! I'm going to a meditation/yoga class tomorrow so looking forward to that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

Had a fab day at workshop with Mark Gould a really nice guy pic in my gallery. I have one with Brenda in June Vonny which is journalling. The sun is out and it is lovely having a day in today and playing well fingers crossed. x

Afternoon all.....

What a glorious day!  My washing has been drying in less than an hour!!

Hope you enjoy your car Jennie - a friend has one and loves it!

Becky - your workshop looked great.

I was hoping to get into the garden to tidy this weekend but I ended up in hospital on Friday and haven't been able to do much this weekend. My endo got really bad but this time the inflammation has caused a large swelling on my groin - it grew to the size of a galia melon!  It's now down to a grapefuit!!  Apparently there is nothing that can be done!!

Goodness Miriam, how awful for you.  Glad it didn't stay so big.  Just what you need during a heatwave.

Nothing like rail travel for a bit of "excitement"  Sarah.  Just imagine if you hadn't had anything to read with you.  Rolling Eyes   With my luck the Kindle would have run out of battery.

Glad the router was working after all Jennie.  Think it is fabulous you can stay in touch en voyage.

Expect you are tanning nicely Vonny.  Definitely a bonus of retirement being able to take advantage of the weather as it occurs Wink

Hope you got your playtime today Becky.  

Hope you managed to tame your garden Margaret.   Amazing how the weeds grow at first peek of sunshine

Lovely sunbathing day today and i've had to stay indoors with a recurrence of the bug.  it is so loyal it doesn't ever seem to be far away Rolling Eyes

Jennie the new car sounds just the ticket -and glad the router is working now.
At least you had a good excuse to be late Sarah -and everyone would know about it
Glad your workshop went well Becky 0I expect the workshop with Brenda is the same one so I will try to keep quiet about it!
Hope your swelling has gone down some more Miriam -it must be very uncomfortable  Sad
Aimed to visit a plant sale at a school but the road leading up to it (over a river bridge) was closed and the detour was back to the A1 then up a junction -so we decided to try a garden centre we had heard about -it was good- well laid out with lots of info, helpful staff, good range of healthy plants and good prices. Will definitely be going back -got a loyalty card  Smile .
Did a bit of background prep for a crafting session with some friends tomorrow afternoon Forum Index -> General
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