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Morning all ladies another new week but it is sunny here so lets hope that is a good sign.Had a quiet day yesterday did do a journal page and got a bit more done to christening cards hope to finish them today. We have to pop out and pick some boxes up for Keith and a bit of shopping.What are you all doing

   Becky x

first line dancing for 2 months! Did remember some of the dances and those was only one totally new one they had all done. Quite a few new faces tho -and the fee had gone up. Still good value tho at 2 for the hour. Then had lunch with my parents which was lovley and did a bit of shopping with them -got a potato masher with round holes to use on my Gelli plate.

Becky- I have never made a christening card! or been to one for that matter (well I was at my own but can't remember that!)

no plans for tomorrow apart form getting my hair cut

Hoping for another sunny day tomorrow.  I have no plans so shall just take it really easy.  I think sitting in the sunshine did me some good today.  Might even get some stuff ready to go to the tip..........  We'll see.

sunny here again but still breezy which takes the edge off sitting outside. Did some journalling today including lots of fish scales! Craft club tomorrow -need to sort things out as our treasurer has resigned. Luckily AGM already booked for early July so just need to tide things over until then
margaret rorie

Our weather improved for some of the weekend so I managed to get out into the garden.  Did quite a lot of weeding and got  enough rhubarb to make a few pots of jam. Also got some cards done for wedding anniversaries and finished the Golden Wedding invites - I've put a photo in the gallery as my friend won't see it there. I kept the design simple as I had a few to make.  I do like the clean and simple look.

Glad you're able to get back to your line dancing, Vonny.  Sounds like very good value at 2.00!  Hope you are all well now and enjoying better weather. Margaret

Vonny, I meant to ask how the line dancing went.  Are you a little on the stiff side today?  Looking forward to seeing the fish scale journalling

Our speaker didn't turn up tonight at Tuesday Group so we had a beetle drive instead.  Have to say it made a change and everyone enjoyed it.

I didn't spend too much time outside as the weather was a bit overcast.  Finished my ATCs instead.  

Glad you were able to get in the garden Margaret and rhubarb jam sounds lovely

Going to another matinee tomorrow - seems ages since the last one.

You have all been busy I use to Line dance about 45 years ago I use to go to a country and western night great fun. Margaret I love rhubarb and rhubarb jam sounds yummy do you grow a lot.Hope you enjoy the matinee Mickie and that you are feeling better. We are taking Mum [Keith's] to a hosp appt today and then going out for a meal tonight for Jay's[grandson] 21st it makes me feel old when it is my grandchildren's birthday Libs is 10 next week how scary.

  Becky x

hope the jam making goes well Margaret -you can use the leaves and roots as a dye by the way and the leaves as a mordant (dye fixative).
didn't feel achy after line dancing but dod go out to lunch and enjoyed a beer which relaxed me rather  Smile

Mickie I haven't played beetle for years -we used to draw really way out ones with mega curly feelers etc. Enjoy your matinee.

Ha Ha Vonny, that is exactly what we do  Laughing  The aim is to have no two the same and if we get the entire "beetle" then we give it a smile

The Matinee was excellent - it was The Business of Murder and only had a cast of three.  However, they kept us on our toes and I have rarely experienced such a quiet audience and at the end the applause was thunderous.

Went to the Garden Centre today to get my summer hanging baskets and patio tubs organised.  It never stopped raining and it came down so hard as I pulled up at my house I left the plants in the car - they're still there   Hope it lets up soon and I can at least empty the car.  It is quite cold too

Yesterday I really met Isaac here are a couple of pics of him

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

He gave me a lovely sloppy kiss apparently he has never done it before so I was honoured.

Becky x

I am having a really quiet day the busy week has taken it's toll I am afraid. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Oh Becky, how delightful!  Sorry to hear you've overdone it a bit and hope you recover quickly.

I've had a bit of a me day.  Had my nails done this morning and a facial so feeling quite calm and serene Laughing

Spent some time this afternoon tidying up my craft room so not only calm and serene but a little virtuous too Wink

Becky what a lovely smackeroo -and it was caight on camera  Very Happy

Mickie sounds like your halo is shiny and polished. We'll wait to see how many things you have 'lost' after your tidy up. It took me 30 mins to remember where I put my book pages the other day

Had a committee meeting today and am now worn out! Piano lesson tomorrow morning then not sure what the rest of the day will bring

Yeah we have the sun back hope it stay's had a lazy day yesterday hope to get some crafting done today I have plenty to get on with lets see if it happens   x

I cannot believe it is SATURDAY !! where has the week gone. It has been busy here as we are getting the boat ready for the season. Terry sailed around to Lerwick and then Mrs Muir came out of the water yesterday and had her bottom scrubbed  Laughing Also rehearsing every night for the Shetland dialect play/musical. I play a posh lady sent from Balmoral - Lady Perskeet but also sing in the chorus. My mouth makes the right movements for the dialect but what I say doesn't sound anything like Shetland  Laughing

Becky what wonderful photographs of your lovely grandson - he is just gorgeous.

Mickie, send some calm and serenity up here please. I'll live without being virtuous  Laughing

Have a lovely weekend x

Beginning to wish I hadn't bothered with the tidying up!  I cannot find the roundies I cut earlier to a swap with a friend and deadline fast approaching Rolling Eyes  

Staying calm.  Not sure about the serenity!

Sun came back this afternoon and they say it will be a nice day tomorrow so planning to plant up the hanging baskets and the patio pots with all the lovely plants I bought on Thursday.  

Right, back to the seeking out of hidden craft stash.  Have a lovely evening everyone

Keeping busy as usual Jennie -good luck getting the Shetland right! Nice to play someone posh.
Mickie -i alwsy can't find things after tidying up , but we don't learn do we? hope they come to light in time.
Done nothing today really as feeling wiped out (again). At least there isn't much I actually have to do. Have made a start on my Xmas card challlenge tho Forum Index -> General
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