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Morning all another sunny morning here I am enjoying the sun at mo as it doesn't get too hot Having a day in and going to have a go with the flow day. x

A gorgeous day here too. Had a great walk, done some paperwork this afternoon and now off to sit in the last of the sunshine with my knitting. Should really be weeding the borders, but what the heck - I need the start of a sun tan for my visit to Minorca next week. Don't want to shock anyone with my lilly white legs  Shocked  Cool

Well the day started off beautifully sunny and after art I had lunch with a friend sitting out in her garden listening to the birds singing.  Then committee meeting in the afternoon which went well but as we left the air felt damp and I'm now sitting here waiting for the storm we have been promised Rolling Eyes I guess that might mean I shan't have to water the flowers so not all bad Wink

You sound to have had A lovely day Jennie

Hope the flow was good to you too Becky

I just went out to water the garden and it has started raining -so one less job.
My friend cancelled our craft session but I did a few ATCs anyway.

Sun is still shining here  Cool

We have rain but it is muggy. Ended up going for a meal with my dad last night which was nice today I have speech therapy which is fun. x

It is misty out there just now.  Hope it doesn't turn into fog as I really do have to go into town.  Or maybe "someone" is trying tp prevent me spending any money Laughing

it was foggy here first thing -then dry enough to plant out some flowers =then it kindly rained and watered them in!
Did some quilting -nearly finished now just the hand sewing on the binding to go. Also a tiny bit on a journal page as well as die cutting some small flowers for the art and craft group tomorrow.
Knitting group this evening too  Very Happy
margaret rorie

It's been another lovely warm day here today so worked in the garden in the morning and then sat in the sun with a book. We have to make the most of any sunny days here in the far north!

Must get my tag finished tonight - I've made a start but got stuck as I can't decide what else it needs and it needs to get posted. Sad

Bit of a blip at my art and craft group today -we were doing altered matchboxes -but they hadn't been bought (despite me talking to the manager about it last week). I felt rather annoyed and not very supported but didn't want to cancel the group as the clients really enjoy it so went and bought matchboxes myself from the Co-op round the corner -have just sent a snotty e mail to the manager!
Having dinner at my parent's house this evening -aiming to walk there as it's warm and sunny (even tho the walk back with a full stomach is not so appealing!)

fun workshop with Brenda today - I think you have done this one already Becky (Journaling for success 1 and2). Certainly quite laid back compared to previous workshops. 2 double pages very nearly completed and 2 more started -and very messy fingers!

Sounds a fabulous workshop Vonny.  Love to see the pages.

The sun has finally come out of hiding so I think it will have to be a garden day for me today.  Make a change to have a nice long read. Laughing

been working on the journal pages today as well as making a couple of cards so have been inspired  Smile
Very busy day tomorrow with line dancing, a knitting group then going to the theatre with my parents to see The Lady in the Van in the evening  Shocked Forum Index -> General
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