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Morning all fingers crossed the sun is coming out as I have stripped the bed. I have the most unexciting weekend although I did watch Badminton Horse Trials yesterday. and I have a unexciting week ahead hope you all have a better time than me planned.

that made me smile Becky -sometimes a quiet week is just what is needed tho -hopefully a bit of crafting will get done  Smile

Met a friend for lunch at our usual venue (Venue 360 where we went Becky) only to find they no longer do cooked meals -but did have some ready made sandwiches we could buy . Very disappointed and voted with our feet by going to the Beefeater down the road. Not such a comfortable place at all so now having to find a new venue! Sad

That is a shame Vonny as the food was lovely there it was nice and quiet as well so we had a good old chat.We are going to  tea with Zoe and co  well we are treating them to a take away it will be nice to go out in the fresh air 1st time since last Thurs  Very Happy

enjoy the takeway Becky -yum!
had hoped to do some crafting this morning but housework got in the way!Stitching group this afternoon and the back stitch is almost done now -quite a relief as the lady needed 1:1 for most of it -and the other ladies also needed help from time to time -good job they are all patient Smile
Have just finished knitting my leg warmers (they were for last year!) and only have one project on the go at the moment which is very unusual for me -won't last long as I have plans to start a denim cardigan designed in Whitby.

Denim cardigan that sounds interesting Vonny. My highlight of today is that I am having my feet done and then I will do some crafting.
margaret rorie

The good news is that I have been discharged from hospital but have to stay in Aberdeen for more treatment and until the doctors say that I can go home. I'm feeling very good but getting bored! My sister is still here with me which is fine. She's off to the shops to get some travel scrabble. Missing my crafting!

Margaret, it's good to hear that you are out of hospital at least. T-bag folding is a good crafty activity to do with minimal equipment ( you can use any paper - wrapping, newspaper, book pages). A bit retro I know but it might help to keep you occupied. You just need a firm surface like a hardback book/ laptray to fold on and some small squares of paper. Then when you get back home you'll have a pile of motifs to put on cards.

good to hear that things are getting better slowly Margaret -hope you will be home soon. Like the tea bag folding idea -and I expect you are getting a lot of reading done  Smile
Bet it's nice having your feet done Becky.
I started the denim yarn and my fingers were very blue from the indigo -not a project to take out and about and think I will need to wear a pinny once it gets longer in case it colours my clothes!!
Managed a bit of crafting time today and worked on a master board -always fun as you can go over anything you don't like -but can be hard to know when to stop adding things  Smile

Morning all well we have rain today, good to hear you are out of hospital and hopefully you will get home soon Margaret,  t-bag folding that is a blast from the past good idea though. It is good to get mucky Vonny so looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan. Apart from taking mum for a meal tonight for her Birthday I have the day to myself.

Wet here too which I don't mind as the garden is so dry. Got a few errands to run today. I used to take a small teabag folding book with some squares tucked into it when I went on short haul flights. It was easy to carry and could be done anywhere.
The denim cardigan sounds lovely but I would worry about it staining my clothing when I wore it over anything.
margaret rorie

Good news is that I got home yesterday and am feeling good but will have to take it easy for bit. Still on some treatment but it can be done here.

In the meantime we have bought another house so will have to organise moving into it sometime.  No stress there!  This is a bigger house with a dedicated craft room.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Hi everyone!  You do all seem to be quite busy.  I've had a busy week too, the highlight of which was a surprise invitation to the theatre to see The Play That Went Wrong.  I really enjoyed it too which was surprising as I am not usually a fan of slapstick Laughing

Vonny I do like the sound of your denim cardigan but just one query - won't the dye come out onto your clothes once you wear it?

Margaret - such good news you are back home and you've also bought a new home. 2017 may well be your year - hope so Laughing

I started a new Art Class on Friday - this one's purely watercolour and I think I am beginning to understand this medium.  

So glad I can immerse myself in my stamping for a bit of light relief though.  

Scrapmate I thought your T bagging suggestion brilliant.  I would add quilling to that too along with making simple 3d flowers from squares of wrapping, tissue, etc

Hope you have enjoyed your quiet week Becky.  It is good to recharge the batteries now and then

mm hadn't thought about dye coming off on my clothes when I wear it -might need some advice from the shop where I bought it.
great you have found a house Margaret especially as it is big enough for a craft room
Mickie great that you have another art class to attend -you should be improving all the time -I do agree tho that stamp can be an easier option.
Went to a plant sale yesterday and got a few things to replace some dead or fading items -as well as some things not planned for of course. Very nice breakfast rolls from their BBQ for lunch too

Great news Margaret that you are home and a new home as well and lucky you a craft room.
You might have to make a jumper as well Vonny and then you can have a twin set wear it with a black bra and you don't have to worry  Very Happy
A new art class Mickie you do enjoy them so have fun.
I have had a day in and caught up with bits and pieces

I seem to have been awol for a while! I have been shutting myself away in my craft shed for some peace and quiet Laughing  Also have a lady painter/decorator in to paint the bedrooms and later she will be doing the sitting room and hall although I first have to strip the wallpaper off the hall walls! It would be so much easier to paint over it but it is embossed wallpaper and is flaking off in places.

Love the sound of your cardi Vonny and hope the dye coming out doesn't prove problematical.
So glad that you are out of hospital Margaret and back home plus what good news that you have found your new home Laughing
Weather is dreadful here today - very heavy rain at times but quite warm so raincoats are needed but they are also too hot to wear! Tricky one. Quite windy too but not a cold wind Forum Index -> General
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