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Morning all we have lovely sunshine been for a Hosp Appt have to go back tomorrow for further tests  Sad   having my hair later today. X
margaret rorie

No sunshine here today and a little rain which is helping the weed killer on the lawn to work. Now there's lots of black bits where the moss was!

Had fun this weekend making a couple of cards - have put these in my gallery. Have just found out I've got an Honorable Mention for a Xmas card on the Merry Monday challenge blog. Very Happy

Hope your hospital visit is not too stressful Becky.

Beautiful sunny day today.  Last day in the current Art Class term Crying or Very sad  The good news is we start back again on 6th June Laughing

Hope the tests aren't too horrid Becky.

Glad your weedkiller is working Margaret.  I'm struggling trying to get two different ones to work.  Not together, I hasten to add!  

Congratulations on the Honorable Mention

I couldn't decide which one to get so I bought two different ones.  I've used one at one end of the strip alongside the hardstanding and one at the other end.  Not sure there is anything to chose from between the two Rolling Eyes  Laughing

well done Margaret for your Honourable mention.
Good that your art classes keep going Mickie -a few weeks off does give a you a breather tho.
Hope your hair looks good Becky and that the tests went ok today.

Boring morning doing the ironing but then stitching club in the afternoon -pretty relaxing really. Getting the air con sorted on my car tomorrow then having lunch with a friend.

Morning all very wet here. had my biopsy yesterday had 3 stitches and have to eat soft food for a couple of days fingers crossed I don't get a phone call.
Suppose to be going out for lunch with Zoe and Mum guess I will be having soup. Must get some cards done as well. x

my fingers are crossed for you too! Hope you enjoyed the soup -quite good on a cold wet day!
Did a little shopping in the Works while waiting for the air con to be re-gassed -got some Ann Cleeve books which are based in the Shetlands (As I expect you all know) -haven't read any before but they were only 5 for 3  Smile
margaret rorie

That was a real bargain for the Ann Cleeves books - I like them but you do need to read them in the right order  - won't give the game away but it is to do with Perez.  They are easy to read and not gruesome  - a bit like Midsomer Murders.

Gosh!  That was a bargain Vonny.  Enjoy.  Think I liked the back story as much as the detection.  I first came across Jimmy Perez on Radio 4 some years ago.  I imagined him to look more like the guy who plays his daughter's father in the tv series.Rolling Eyes

Soup and mashed potato for you for a few days Becky.  My favourite comfort foods.  Of course that is when they aren't all I can have Rolling Eyes I have everything crossed for you. Hope you enjoyed lunch anyway

Inky Fingers today and we played with the new PaperArtsy Infusions.  Of course I had to buy a set Laughing  Hoping to get some playtime in at the weekend Wink

did you get the whole set Mickie? I limited myself to 3 but will probably get some more in August at Stamperama.
I don't mind gruesome crime type books but a good whodunit can't go wrong.
Found some time fro crafting this afternoon and finished one of the pages from Brenda's workshop -she favours quotes as the main focus of her pages but also uses die cuts see my gallery. another 2 double pages have also been started  Smile

I have got a workshop with Brenda in June that I am looking forward too we did the workshop you did Vonny last year. I am out for lunch today with Zoe and Mum. x

I did get them all Vonny.  I couldn't decide which colours to go for. Rolling Eyes  

Have you read the Vera books?  They are pretty similar but set in Northumberland.  As you say good whodunnits and no gore.  I have never read a Midsummer Murder story.  Are they full of simmering sexual tension as on tv?  Have to say I love the dog and the way he manages to "solve" the crime:lol:

Looking forward to seeing the results of your workshop with Brenda in June Becky.Enjoy your lunch

I'm off to Eastbourne the morning in an attempt to track down the elusive Gillet-that-covers-the-derriere.  Seems the fashion is currently for those that come just below the waist and I really don't want to frighten the horses

haven't read any of Ann's books at all Mickie -or Midsummer Murders, or seen them on TV! Have checked out the order of the Shetland ones -I have the first three.
Working on my Tag book page today.  Smile
margaret rorie

Must do some housework today and get on to crafting. I need to make the ATCs this weekend as we're off to Orkney on Wednesday for the Folk Festival. We're staying down for the next week too to catch up with friends and relations. Looking forward to a trip away. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

Hope you have a good time away Margaret does that mean you are away for your birthday. We are going to Mum's birthday tea Keith's brother is doing it for her and some of her friends. x
margaret rorie

Thanks Becky - I will be away for my birthday.  Enjoy the birthday tea - lovely to have a family get-together. Forum Index -> General
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