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Evening all well the weather has certainly changed it is horrid out. Took mum for a eye appt spent 3 hours there what a nice time out. Hope you all had a good weekend

very quiet on here! I have been a bit under the weather with s sore throat, coughs and sneezes but am taking it easy and things are getting better -watched Ghost this morning as didn't feel like doing anything else! hoping to go out and meet a friend tomorrow so saving my strength.
Becky regarding the denim cardi Mike suggested I wear a dark jumper or blouse so similar thought to you. The denim has to be washed at 60* C once the pieces are knitted to shrink them (length wise only apparently) and I'm sure a lot of dye will come out then -but have only done the tension square so far so not really started it yet.

It's very wet out today but quite muggy. I had a marathon session outside yesterday planting up some new pots for the front and I am very achy today. At least the plants are getting a good soak though!

Well I'm up bright and breezy this morning - awake since 5.30! At least I have got a whole load of things done before breakfast!

Crete was a fabulous holiday - the villa was amazing and the family so lovely. Mother baked us cakes and cheese pies through the week and came with some lovely olive oil for us to take home. She was quite taken that we were three women on holiday together - apparently not something that is done in Greece! The weather was lovely - about 24 degrees - so not too hot but hot enough for me! I had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh on my way home and stopped with Robin in the flat. On the Sunday I met up with Astrid (you might have seen her work) and Annie and her mum Rita (we are all on the AVJ DT) and had a wonderful day crafting making little mini journals using Eileen Hull's Passport Die. So a great time.

I spent yesterday hacking away at the very overgrown fuchsia and rose hedging in the garden. So like you Ruckshana I am also really sore today!

Hope you are feeling a bit better now Vonny. Intrigued by the jumper - will have to go and check last week's posts! Margaret I am so pleased to hear that you are now out of hospital AND that you have managed to find a house. I hope the move goes well.

I had also planted things just in time for the rain on Weds and again today (but a bit less persistent) Met with my friend to visit a shop run by Freya Jones -it is fibre for spinning and also weaving yarns as well as spinning wheels and looms. Really lovely and I bought some blended merino tops and a contrast colour as well as a spool of lurex to included when plying. Also some Sari silk waste to try which is a real mix of colours. Freya was full on info and enthusiasm. On the same site is an art gallery -really beautiful things -I bought some bird earrings made from paper and acrylic. Also a fabric shop which does workshops -pattern cutting was taking place that day. A handmade book store was sadly shut. A real craft haven  Very Happy
As the sun was out we ate in the picnic area then Freya cane over and we decided to spin outside -I had a go with her double treadle Kiwi2 which was really smooth and quiet to use. Also saw some yarn bombing in a local village to celebrate 100 years of the W! there

What a great day but I am now rather tired!

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Very interesting Vonny - where was the shop ? And is it online?

Love the yarn bombing! We've not done that for a while up here  Laughing

The shop is near Aylesbury and is on line at -but as often is the case there is much more in the shop than on line and you get the ahhh factor as you stroke stuff.
Have just  got a bit carried away and ordered a 24" rigid heddle loom!

Sounds as though you had a good day Vonny and then treating yourself to a new loom must of inspired you. Good to have you back Jennie glad you had a good hols and  it will soon come around that you are off on Mrs Muir.
we are off to a BBQ tonight so hope the weather is good.

enjoy the BBQ -the sun is out here. we are having roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing made with the sage we bought last week for the garden.

hanging baskets have been filled and hung so will have to keep and eye open for frost warnings.

Just been for a short walk and an even shorter shop in Sainsbury's! Yesterday we watched a DVD of Titus Andronicus -very bloodthirsty and a rather weird production. But made us feel cultured watching Shakespeare Forum Index -> General
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