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Morning all up bright and early not sure why. We are off dog sitting this week so have to sort clothes out and craft stuff to take with me. Had a great time yesterday with all the family will sort some pics out later. What have you all got planned for this week.

  Becky x

Bit dull out there today so spent the morning reading and will catch up with television this afternoon.  How ever did we manage before On Demand TV?   Rolling Eyes

Not much planned this week but I do have Inky Fingers with Helen Chilton on Wednesday to look forward to - we will be playing with stamp board and having seen a couple of samples she has prepared it will be a really fun day.

Also intend to get at least one page done in my journal.  Seems ages since I last touched it!

Enjoy your dog sitting Becky

My kids and partners

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My grandchildren

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margaret rorie

Lovely photos of your family Becky - how many grandchildren do you have now?

We've had a great time at the Orkney folk festival - fantastic music and lots of informal pub sessions which hubby enjoys.  Will spend the rest of the week seeing family.  Weather still not great here - it hasn't warmed up yet.

Glad your musical production went well Jennie - sorry I missed it.

Hope you're all well. Margaret

great photos Becky -you must be proud of them all!
Glad you had a good time Margaretmaybe it will warm up a bit
mickie -nice to have an easy day -and enjoy the workshop tomorrow  Smile

I spent yesterday dyeing a colour wheel using acid dyes. Sadlt the turquoise was very pale so this affected the results somewhat. just been for a laoc walk and there is a moorhens nest on the river right by the footbridge -you could just see the tiny chick while she was feeding it.

Becky you must have had a fabulous time - Good they had a settee long enough for you all.  Your dad looks so well too.  

Colour wheel sounds a good idea Vonny.  Did it take a long time to do?  

I've just spent two hours making a colour chart using earth colours mixed with blues - that's a lot of different shades of green

Sorry you are not getting any warmer up there Margaret - hopefully June will come blazing in and give a couple of months of warmth before the cold begins again.  You sound to have been having a good time anyway so that's good

Morning all I have 12 grandchildren Margaret  I am very proud of them all. We have a lovely sunny day I am staying in Keith is off to help my brother so it is just me,the dogs and workmen. So going to do some colouring and journalling.

 Becky x

What wonderful photographs Becky and how lovely to have everyone together at the same time. I find it difficult enough with two!

Sorry not to be around - I could not log on to RS at all, in fact it has taken two goes tonight to get in. No idea why ?????

Bit of a dull day here today - so I have been making cushions for the bunks on Mrs Muir. Well scatter cushions really - they will no doubt scatter at the first wave! I have even piped the seams and put a zip in the boxed one. One more to make and then I have to do the navigation seat cushions which will be a more difficult job.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday for my feet and have to have surgery sometime in the next 4/6 weeks. I will have to have COMPLETE feet up rest for 14 days  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy and then 4 weeks of only light walking and no driving for about eight weeks  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad Not sure how I am going to get on as I have never had an enforced period of rest  Laughing but I have a few weeks to plan what to have around me  Laughing

Mickie -the colour wheel probably took about 4 hours to do 36 colours including setting up and putting away (including cleaning the microwave properly) -you need a lot of jam jars! How was your workshop today?

Jennie -feet up time sounds like a golden opportunity to craft -and maybe sun bathe a little if you get any sun! Won't it clash with when you are on your boat or is that before?

Did some crochet out in the sun today and finished the quilting on my quilt too. Feeling quite virtuous  Smile

just popped on to check out next ATC themes.
Made a card and done a bit to a journal page so far this morning -after going shopping for food!

Oooh Jennie how will you cope with not being able to dash about all over the place?  You will have to have a serious plan and I think we should all do a sun dance for you - so much easier to laze away the time when its warm and sunny.

Had a super time at Inky Fingers Vonny.  Not too much traffic with it being half term so good journey in both directions.  We played with Stampboard and I started three different things and finished none Rolling Eyes  A wall hanging that I decided to make into a book cover, an accordion book and a couple of tiles (2x2) that will just be hanging ornaments of some kind.  Will post photos as and when each item is finished.  

Have decided that a colour wheel is well worth the effort = such a useful thing to have.  I wanted to get Seedless Preserves and Milled Lavender Distress Paints yesterday but only one of the colours was available so I decided not to bother and will make up the colours myself using the colour wheel and paints I already have.  So I have joined you on the Feeling Virtuous step Vonny.

Dogs and journalling - what's not to like Becky?!  You sound to be having a lovely time

Morning all well it is cold and overcast here. Are you still going to be able to go on the boat this year Jennie and you will have to be organised for your time of rest what are you having done to be on complete bed rest for 14 days. You do some good workshops Mickie. We are going home today so packing up this morning for me dog sitting is over till August 😀 the builders have been ever so good as well. X

Yes the holiday is on hold at the moment until I get a date. Terry might get up to Fareoe, or we might both get down to Orkney for a week, but until I know the date then we can't really plan anything. They are fusing both my large joints (the one under the big toe) with a plate so no weight bearing walking until it has had 14 days of healing. Still in shock really as I fully expected them to say keep taking the tablets  Laughing Had the dentist yesterday and I have to get a tooth out as well. I shall give the optician a miss for a bit I think.

Having finished making a ton of cushions for Mrs Muir I managed to get some inky time last night and had a play with the new Twisted Citron. It is a bit bright but absolutely fabulous with the new Mermaid Lagoon. I have made a lovely underwater tag, but sadly my fingers are still very blue  Laughing Looking forward to seeing pics of your workshop makes Mickie - they sound interesting.

I did a colour wheel with Catherine Scanlon on one of her online workshops using my own inks and colours. It really is fascinating and having also spent some time with Anne Barron, a fabulous artist here in Shetland, realise how important it is to try and put colours together for different tones and themes.

Another wet and cool day here with the sun managing to get through at times. I think I might get some more crafting done today  Very Happy Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Had an unintentional lie in this morning listening to the Radio.  I have the Chris Evans Breakfast show come on at 8.00am and this morning was the final of the 500 words story writing competition - Sir Kenneth Brannagh, Jeremy Irons and Charles Dance were among the celebs reading the winning stories out and what fabulous stories they all were - the best yet.  

I am finding the brightness of the new DI colours a little off putting!  This is a little surprising because generally I go for bright colours.  Maybe it is because I have had my DI collection since they first came out and are obviously going to be a little on the paler side after all these years

Well done on getting the pillows finished Jennie - hope you get a date soon and then you can plan your life again.  On the plus side, you will be able to give those new DIs a really good workout - just have lots and lots of baby wipes within reach

My craft room thermometer is telling me that the temperature is "comfortable".  It is lying to me - I have just had to go and put a jumper on.  Cold and windy outside with the potential for rain.  

that's me - am now going to craft Laughing  Laughing

Morning you shame you have to put your trip on hold Jennie specially after you made those beautiful cushions it is unusual that they are doing both feet together but on the other hand you only go though it once. Terry will have to run around after you. Back home woke up early so taken my weekly tablet so have to sit up for 30mins then I can get up for a cuppa. Hope to get some crafting done I am liking Tim's new colours haven't got them all.
 Becky x

Well we did a practice for Tesco yesterday - Terry sent off with a list and did reasonably well.  The washing machine may be a bit more difficult  Laughing

Not sure that feet higher than heart for 14 days will allow much crafting, but I might get some knitting done  Very Happy  Spinning is off for a while too, shame as I have just got a whole load of new tops to spin  Crying or Very sad

It has been a day of isolated showers and sunny intervals (BBC speak) believe me if the shower fell on you you knew about it - hailstones and torrential rain. There was literally  a line across the road as I went into Lerwick this morning - came out of the rain into the sunshine. Weird !!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend x

I can't imagine that Jennie do you have to stay like that for 14 days I wouldn't be able to sleep  how long will you be in hosp for.

We are off to Aldershot today to catch up with Mark, Ashlie and Isaac they are going back on Tuesday going to miss them. We have horrid weather here this morning very wet and windy.

  Becky x

Cold, wet and a gale blowing up the Channel - think I'll have to get a replacement thermometer for the craft room; this one's still trying to kid me its "comfortable"!!  

Well done to Terry negotiating the aisles of Tesco.  Think you might be having some interesting menus during your convalescence Jennie.  I have generally found that if you send a man to buy the groceries he will come back with what is on the list plus change Laughing

Shame they are going back already Becky, although it has been so good for you to see them - wonder if Isaac will be giving you great smackers next time you meet up Laughing

Have finished two of the things from Inky Fingers this week; a big book and a little book.  Pics in gallery

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