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Morning all have just had my hair done the sun is shining had a good weekend so I am a happy bunny. xx

That sounds good Becky ! Had my hair done today too and straight home and washed it  Laughing I do like to blow dry it myself, they do it so flat and straight !

It was a lovely day here yesterday and I spent most of the day in the garden in t shirt and shorts. Bit of a change today with a strong wind and temps nearer 8 degrees  Rolling Eyes Packing up for Mrs Muir at the moment with all the clothes and bedding done.  Now the food - just done a click and collect with Tesco's - not sure they are going to understand why we need so many tins and UHT Milk  Laughing
margaret rorie

We've been busy painting at the new house this morning but I'm feeling quite tired so having a quiet afternoon. We're painting a few rooms before we move in as it's easier. Another lovely day here today with the sun shining.

When are you away on your travels Jennie? Are you going back to the West Coast? Remember to contact me if you are in Orkney - I'll pm you my phone number.

Got good news yesterday- I got a good mark for the Viking essay I wrote while in hospital! I really thought I'd be lucky to just pass it. Now I only have one more module to do - and a dissertation if I want to finish the whole course.

Hope you are all well and busy crafting!

I seem to have missed a week Rolling Eyes   It's that time thing - it just disappears.  I can't even remember what I did last week

Went to the Hochanda Day thingy at Detling - the Kent County Showground on Sunday 14th - six of us went in three cars and arranged to meet in the cafeteria as close to 9.30am as poss.  To get to the meeting point we had to walk through the whole of the building and looking from left to right all along the way it didn't seem that there would be much to hold us until 12noon, let alone the afternoon.  How wrong can you be?  We were the last to leave.  There were some good make and takes and a really good Brusho workshop held by the SAA.  Unfortunately for the stallholders, the show was not that well attended.  However, fortunately for us it made it sooo much easier for to get round.

Wednesday was Inky Fingers and goodness, did we get inky giving the Distress Oxides a workout.  One of the ladies gave us an interesting tip to clean our hands after a good crafting session and that is to Arm and Hammer toothpaste instead of soap.  It did the trick and we all came away smelling minty fresh  Laughing

Spent yesterday in Kew Gardens  just for a change.  It was a beautifully sunny day and Kew Palace was open too - hadn't been in there before and if you get the chance, do go it is well worth a visit

Congratulations Margaret - You must be walking on air achieving such a good mark whilst being poorly.  Good to hear that the house is coming along nicely too.

I can just see them scratching their heads and making up stories as to why you suddenly need all those groceries Jennie.  What fun.  So when do you set sail and where to?

Enjoy your week ladies

the hair comment made me smile Jennie- mine used to be too puffy for my liking. Now I just have a wet cut (which is cheaper) and they just rough dry it for me so I don't go out with wet hair -and it tends to go into style anyway. The problem I was having was I would put a hat on and ruin the style and they actually suggested the wet cut.
Mickie you sound like you have been having a great time -so what are the Oxides like?  Must say I would be worried about using that toothpaste on my teeth!
Jennie I reckon Tesco won't bat an eyelid. We often bulk buy various items in various shops as they are better deals -all they want is the sales. I expect with you tho they need to make sure they have enough as you can't shop around so easily (do you have other supermarkets at all?)
Lovely weather the last couple of days and I even have a skirt on today. Am going to sort out various yarns for knitting and spinning projects and also see what I need to prepare for some dyeing. hope my loom is going to arrive later too . going out for a meal with my parents this evening Very Happy

Congratulations Margaret on your exam result and while feeling poorly at the same time hope the moving is going well don't overdo it.
I am sure Tesco are use to it Jennie  and at least Mrs Muir will be well stocked.
I tend not to plan anything when I am having my hair done as I seem to end up with red dye on my skin so the following day I have a shower  it is easier to get off the next day.
Hope you get your loom ok Vonny  and have a nice meal with your Mum and Dad You have had a busy time Mickie how do you do it all. I am not doing anything today hopefully will get some crafting done.

Hair dye on your skin struck a chord with me Becky - for reasons I do not understand my hairdresser manages to get the stuff way past my hairline but all is not lost, the lovely apprentice is very good at getting it off with some special cream stuff and cotton wool - gives us a moment for a nice chat too.  that doesn't prevent my shower looking as though the mad axe man had joined me when I next wash my hair though  Laughing  Laughing

Vonny I'm not sure about the Oxides - for me the reinkers would have been the better buy.  Having said that, they are piled up on my desk and I keep using them - probably more because they are within reach and the other ink pads are stored at the other end of the room.  They do layer up quite nicely though.

We have been having some fabulous weather lately.  Dare I say that summer has arrived?  What is it like up there Jennie?  Do hope you have good weather too.  Any one doing anything exciting over the Bank Holiday weekend?

Well while the rest of the country, including Orkney has been basking in warm sunshine its been cloudy here with a light drizzle  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad It is lightening a bit now so I do hope we get a better day tomorrow.

Spent this afternoon packing all the food away on Mrs Muir - it took 2.5 hours! Tesco managed to provide everything on the list - quite amazing really. Everything has its place on the boat and has to be wrapped up first in bags  as it does have a bit of  time of it at sea! Clothes are next and then I can think about my little box of things to do.

Laughed about the hair dye Becky and Mickie! I have always been very lucky and now have my own colour (grey/white) which is actually very nice (quite a few people have asked where I get it done  Laughing )

Well done on your exam result Margaret - you must be feeling pretty chuffed with everything else that has been going on.

well done Margaret -great to do better than you expected Forum Index -> General
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