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Morning all having hair done this morning and then meeting Mark and Aslie for a meal and a final goodbye which I am not looking forward to been in tears just thinking of it. The sun is shining. x

We have rain now and lots of it  Sad   x

missed a couple of days and you have all been chatting like mad. it was too wet and horrid to go out yesterday so I decide to shampoo the carpet in the craft/PC room. Of course it then needs to dry plus loads of stuff that lives (!) on the floor had to be piled on the desks. Mucj cleaner now and smells nice too.

well done Mickie for deciding to make your own colour blends -should save a few pence. Sounds like yet another great workshop.

Margaret glad you had a good birthday -hope you got some lovely plants (and that they are hardy!)

Jennie -bet your cushions look great. Hopefully you will get a date soon so you can get your life planned
margaret rorie

I'm back home today after a great holiday in Orkney.  Lots of birthday cards to open - thank you very much for your lovely cards.

Got off the boat at 7.30am, did some unpacking then went off to a Viking course.  It's a 3 day course with some lectures and day trips - not too serious and a lovely group of people - 2 couples from Australia and a person from the Jorvik Centre in York.  She showed us us to do some one needle knitting which the Vikings did - that's not the correct name but I'll perhaps post a photo tomorrow.  

Jennie - sorry that your op will put paid to your sailing holiday. Sounds like you'll be having to stay put for a time - hope you will still be able to craft!

Sounds like your weather "doon sooth" is as bad as we're having - some sun and heavy showers.  Hope it gets warmer.  Margaret

What a day it has been!  Am exhausted and still have the meal to cook - friend coming to dinner too.  Art class this morning and we have started acrylics.  We started off painting an A3 sheet black, then when dry, masking off eight sections and in each section we painted, sponged, splashed, you get the drift, a different technique.  When we had done and had our critique, we found the masking tape would not come off and we all spoiled our morning work Rolling Eyes So that's the homework for this week to do it all again

Just don't ask about the shopping trip afterwards.................

Funny how something like that colours your day.  No pun intended.  Am not holding out any great hopes for dinner but you never know, something must go right in a day like today.................mustn't it? Wink

Good to have you back Margaret.

Sounds as though everyone is very busy and life proving a bit up and down Mickie !!!

I had the last of my photography classes this morning - spent the hour practical taking photographs of buttons and shells. Amazing how many angles you can get! Then it was a long long long shop in Tescos getting all the store cupboard supplies for Mrs. Muir. We are packing up as if we are going away - just in case  Very Happy  Then it was a long long long time unpacking and getting everything put away  Laughing Managed to find a home for just about everything then turned round to find 12 packets of Weetabix sitting on the bunk  Rolling Eyes

Hope the weather improves tomorrow ………. can't get much worse  

Cool  Cool  Cool  would be nice

Well Jennie you won't go hungry if you don't have your hols  how far is Mrs Muir kept from where you live.

Hope your meal was ok Mickie and have fun with your homework.

Good to have you back Margaret like the idea of one needle knitting.

Very wet here today and I have put my towels on in the hope it dries up and I can hang them out. Said goodbye to Mark and co yesterday I was rather weepy.Having a crafty day today.

 Becky x

I can report that dinner was a success and I have had an idea for my "ruined" artwork - shall just cut off all the masking tape and stick the sample squares into a book with black pages.  Hurrah!  Another challenge overcome!

It is blowing a hoolie here since sometime last night so not going anywhere today.  The back garden is underwater and every now and then a black wheelie bin comes hurling down the street.  Never mind, it will be flaming June soon, won't it?...........

Colour blending was interesting - I added Distress Reinkers to DecoArt Titanium White and managed a pretty good match.  However, the darker colour has developed a paler sheen, as though they don't like each other.  It hasn't spoiled the effect; just looks a wee bit different.   Perhaps if I had used Zinc White I might have had a better result Rolling Eyes

Jennie you do have stamina - all that shopping, never mind the stowing away, would be enough for anyone.  Still, you won't starve and if the holiday has to be called off, Terry won't need to do too many Tesco runs Laughing

Margaret your Viking course sounds very interesting.  Look forward to seeing the knitting

Goodbyes are always hard Becky, think au revoir instead and let's hope you will be able to get those towels out today
margaret rorie

Really enjoying my Viking course - we went on an outing yesterday to see some Viking longhouses in the south of Shetland and then made a detour to see the puffins.  Unfortunately the puffins seemed to be having an afternoon siesta so we only saw one and by the time I got my camera out it had vanished.  However I took some photos of the scenery instead - I could watch the sea all day.  Off now to the last day of the course - on Viking ships and seafaring.  Should be good.  

Click to see full size image

A Viking corse sounds really interesting Margaret -was it nailbinding you did? It looks like knitting but is quite laborious I think. Jennie -stocking up sounds like hard work but you could camp out in Mrs Muir if needed -bet there wasn't much left in Tesco  Laughing Taking photos of shells and buttons probably made for some good images -will you use them in your art work?

Mickie- how embarassing for the tutor re the tape sticking -was it artist's quality? Sounds like you have resolved the problem -does this mean you don't have homework? Glad the meal went well and saved your day.

We also had a very windy day here yesterday and I stayed in and Gelliped -even tried a couple of leaves on it -the detail really shows up. In the evening I went to the Cheering Volunteering awards and although our craft group didn't make the finals one of our memebers was a runner up as an individual. she also won the raffle for a massive flower arrangement

Love the photo Margaret - shame about the puffins.  Cute little birds I always think with their big beaks.  

Beautiful, glorious, sunshine today - still windy but nothing to worry about.  I went to visit my friend this morning.  She is recuperating from a major operation and we were able to sit outside and enjoy her garden.  On the way home the temperature gauge in my car was reading 18 degrees

Been thinking about the Viking one needle knitting.  Is it similar to Tunisian crochet?  Have done some of that but found it a bit unwieldy.

Leaves on the Gelli plate sound really interesting Vonny.  Have put a note on the box for next time I get the Gelli plate out

Nice that the volunteering does not go unnoticed too.  Maybe you and/or your group will be up there next year.

Well Vonny, the tape was meant to be artist's quality and I certainly de-tacked mine on my jeans as well, as did some of the others but it didn't seem to make any difference to the end result.  When I showed my friend what had happened he felt it had more to do with the thinness of the acrylic paper than with the tape.  The tutor had prepared her sample on a large canvas.

We are doing a fund raiser on Saturday - Afternoon Teas and Craft Stalls in aid of Gemma's Bucket List.  Gemma is a young woman with terminal cancer who will be leaving a four year old son.  Her bucket list is full of things she wants to do with and for the boy before she goes so that he will have good memories of his mum.  Breaks your heart to say it out loud - I'm just hoping I get through the afternoon without my eye make up running down my cheeks Wink

A friend visiting here also said they had had trouble seeing the puffins this year Margaret. Perhaps it is too cold and they are burrowed deep to keep warm  Very Happy

Good luck with the fundraiser Mickie - what an emotional event it will be.

The sun is shining here - at the moment - but grey clouds all around. I am out to lunch today with drama group friends and then on to the Textile Museum for my weekly spinning demonstration.  I have some rather lovely blues and turquoise Merino mix to spin today so what comes off the wheel will be as much as a surprise for me as any visitor  Laughing
margaret rorie

Viking course finished last night with a trip in the harbour on a replica longship - it was a lovely sail as the rain stopped and there was enough wind to put the sail up.  A huge seal swam alongside the boat for a time.  

Here is a photo of the Viking knitting - you are right Vonny - it is called nalbinding and some other names.  There is a workshop on it during our Wool Week in Oct but it is sold out already!  

Hope your fundraising goes well on Sunday Mickie - that will be tough.

Sorry your group didn't win a volunteering award Vonny but hope everyone enjoyed the experience.  

Click to see full size image

Sailing in the longship must have been fabulous Margaret what a lovely way to end the course.  Love the nail binding - looks like something you can do in odd moments.

It is a beautiful day here.  I have had to come in to cool down!  Not to mention give the shoulders a break as I have been doing some gardening.  Slowly, slowly it is getting there.  Had my lunch outside too along with all the creatures of my garden.    Mr & Mrs Blackbird had an almighty row; she flew off in a huff and all his mates came to commiserate  Laughing  

I came out to see if I could get some photos of clouds for my art homework (yes, the class might end in disaster but we still have the homework to do Rolling Eyes)  Managed to get a couple of shots of mare's tails but I need fluffy cumulus.  Maybe tomorrow as we have light showers forecast.

Mickie hope that fundraiser goes well -I can't imagine what it must be like to be facing something like that.

I have been sitting out in the garden a bit too -even got too warm yesterday!

Lovely photo Margaret and the sail sounds blissful!

Hope the spinning goes well Jennie -those tops sound beautiful. I am currently spinning some rolags done on a blending board, reds, pinks and browns. Am trying to keep the colour sequence so it will kind of line up when I ply -time will tell!

Morning all you have been busy lucky you Margaret a sail on a longboat.

Hope the fundraiser goes well Mickie it is so sad when it is for a younger Mum. In May both my Dad and Keith's Mum have been diagnosed with cancer Mum skin cancer and she is having a op next week Dad's is throat cancer and nothing can be done   Crying or Very sad

We have the sun here today so will get some washing done having a day in as out tomorrow visiting a friend. x

oh dear Becky, that isn't good news. hope the op goes well tho.
We have had washing out here too but it is very blowy (again!) -I'm sure it never used to be as windy as this.
Went to St Albans market today to stock up on herbs and spices as there is a fab stall there. also got some Artisan bread -German rye and a rustice Fench stick.
Did some knitting this afternoon

Like the sound of the German rye bread Vonny.  a couple of local artisan bakeries closed last year and that was the end of easily sourced proper bread.  Hoping another bakery pops up soon

So sorry Becky to hear your dad and Keith's mum have both been diagnosed with cancer.

Spent the morning transforming the Church Hall into the Afternoon Tea venue.  Gemma popped in to thank us for our efforts which I found quite harrowing.   The afternoon flew by and I'm pleased to report that the event went very well and a sum in excess of £300 was raised.  

I'm now going to have an early night as am off to the Craft Fest at the Craft Barn tomorrow for a little light relief Laughing

Hi all,

Sorry I've missed so much.... I have loads to catch up on!

I don't know what's happened to the Rebel Stampers link!  I paid the annual bill (it's taken automatically) - will have to investigate!

I've been so incredibly busy and then tired I can't even explain! I've had a very lazy weekend though and yesterday kept sleeping all day!

Will go and catch up on what you have all been up to....

well done mickie -that is a good amount to raise.
Miriam -good to hear from you -not surprising you are tired if you are really busy -you need to slow down a bit (I know easier said than done!)
I didn't know there was any cost for the site -I feel we should share as it is not fair that you should pay it all!

Sitting in the sun by the canal and spinning all afternoon -got pretty hot and the legs have got a bit of a tan. Smile
margaret rorie

Glad your fundraising event was successful Mickie.

Good to see you again Miriam - try not to overdo things.  I agree with Vonny that we should share the cost of the forum. I had no idea there was a cost involved!

We're still waiting for the summer to arrive and getting fed up with the weather as it still hasn't warmed up here.  Glad we're off to Jersey at the end of the month for the Inter Island Games - presumably it will be warmer there.
 Very Happy
Becky - very sorry to hear about your dad and Keith's mum. You seem to be having a hard time at the moment.

I've made a couple of cards for challenges this weekend but will need to get going on our swaps.  Just a reminder that I'm doing the ATC swaps for June and July. Margaret

Thanks Vonny, it certainly was a lot of tea and cake.

Good to see you Miriam.  Do try and get some rest and dare I say, slow down just a little?  

I am sure we would all be pleased to share the cost of the site.  I agree with Vonny it doesn't seem fair that you shoulder the cost entirely.

Today was completely different - the blue skies stayed with me all the way to Redhill and there wasn't too much traffic - the countryside looked lovely.  All in all a good day to be alive.  I met a friend in the garden centre cafe when I got there and we had a leisurely breakfast before crossing the road to the Craft Fest.  

Two male demonstrators today too.  Neil Walker was doing Viva stamps - check them out, although they are silicone they are good quality and less than a fiver for a plate.

The other male was John Lockwood of Creative Expressions and Create and Craft fame.  He seemed to have a bit of trouble keeping his trousers up and I can confirm that he is naturally ginger!  Good job we don't see the rear view on the telly - not a pretty sight:roll:

Better do my art homework before bedtime.  Don't know where the time goes but it is racing by lately Laughing

"He seemed to have a bit of trouble keeping his trousers up and I can confirm that he is naturally ginger!"

the mind boggles!!!

I meant he doesn't dye his hair Embarassed

Oh Mickie that really did make me laugh!!!

Miriam do please tell us if we can take it in turns to pay the annual fee. I had no idea either. Hope you are feeling better and had a bit of a crafting session.

I think the other interpretation was much more fun  Laughing Forum Index -> General
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