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Morning all it was very quiet on here last week I had a couple of days away in Salisbury which was fun but I would rather have been at home. Today I am having a day in packing as we are going away tomorrow for a couple of days going to That's Crafty in Essex and I know I will be spending  money it is sort of my birthday treat. So is Mrs Muir all ready now to set sail  Jennie and when are you off. Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday

Have a good time in Essex Becky and try not to overspend!  Think that is a fabulous birthday treat for you.

After the thunderstorms last night it continues muggy here.  The storm was amazing - there was so much lightning that it looked like daytime but the thunder made all the windows shake it was so loud.  Happily I had the protection of my trusty duvet so managed to get off to a sound sleep once the crashing and banging started to move away.

I expect we hall have glorious sunshine again tomorrow as everyone will be back at work.  The garden is beckoning - well the weeds and overgrown shrubbery are laughing their leaves off so will have to get out there

Enjoy Essex Becky -and let us know what you buy!
Cloudy and rainy yesterday -we had thunder and lightening in Hitchin on Sat when we visited but not at home
Have been busy doing woolly things -blending, spinning, and dyeing as well as getting my new loom set up and making my first scarf -pic to follow.
Here is the start of the denim cardi

Click to see full size image

The storm must have passed us by. There were a few spots of rain yesterday evening but that was about it. Nature seems to be waging war on my lawn. Yesterday we had a succession of birds picking chunks of turf out and leaving them strewn over the lawn. Then I noticed that we are overrun with clover which is suffocating the grass.i was out on my hands and knees pulling up runners for a couple of hours yesterday evening.

Well I can finally say Mrs Muir is packed ...... apart from the fresh food which Terry will buy on the day he sails. It has been a tough time getting it all done as we seem to have so many other things on the go as well! But ... all done and amazingly I found space for everything with a little to spare ......  Rolling Eyes

I am on the ferry tonight away again for a week. I am travelling down to Brightllingsea tomorrow on the train from Aberdeen as we have a Cousins day on Thursday. There will be eight of us altogether so I am really looking forward to that. One is coming over from America and I have not seen her since our Wedding Day nearly 41 years ago!

Then on Friday I travel up to Coventry for the weekend workshop with Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair), Marta Lapowska and France Papillon. It is costing an arm and a leg with all the travel, hotel and the workshop but we are doing two workshops with each tutor and making some amazing projects. I think there will be an amazing amount to learn which I am looking forward to. Unusually I don't know anyone going other than Marjie Kemper who is coming over from the US. It will be good to catch up with her though.

I get back on the Monday and Terry is intending to sail to Faroe early the next day, the reason why the boat had to be fully packed before I left tonight!

So ..... see you all next week ! Have a good one x

Gosh you are busy Jennie how do you do it but enjoy it you have some good workshops there.

Oh wow Jennie what a stellar line up. I watch Marta Lapkowska on You Tube and Marjie Kemper always seems to be the person I am attracted to on Pinterest. It sounds like its going to be amazing. Have a great time.

Had a great time at That's Crafty spent far too much  then went to Premier Inn and it all went downhill first the toilet door wouldn't   shut reported that no one came till Keith went back to the desk we got moved and the kettle didn't work so they changed kettle but we still had to sit with finger on lever to get it too boil so not happy  we were going to look for somewhere else but are going home  instead  😳

Wow Jennie!  Where do you get your energy from?  if you've ny to sure do please send some my way.   I am quite envious - I should love to have done another session at Coventry, especially with France Papillon I love her sense of humour Not to mention the other two.  Enjoy!!

Becky I am so sorry you had a poor experience with Premier Inn I have heard a few people complaining about them lately.  Thank goodness you had done your stocking up by then  Wink

the Denim Cardi is looking good Vonny.  Won't be long before you are able to wear it!

Hope your gardening session is successful Scrapmate - I have a friend who let her lawn go over to clover and it looks and smells lovely. The bees like it too.

great to catch up such a long time Jennie and the workshops sound great -you really do travel to get to them.
Love the suggestion of a clover lawn  Mickie -the grass would then be the weed.
Walked round the woods today and checked the sites for the knitted nature trail -a few dead branches will need lopping off to make it safe. Then met for a coffee with a lady I volunteered with and had a good chat in lovely tea rooms in Dunstable

Had a lovely day yesterday knitting and spinning at Freya Jones shop. Bought a new weaving book too. Taking things easy today -have just finished weaving a scarf and wafts of curry are making me hungry  -dinner soon I hope  Smile Forum Index -> General
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