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Morning all lovely and sunny here but no heat. I did my joint of pork in my crockpot yesterday wow it was gorgeous it was just like pulled pork will never do another joint in the oven well Keith isn't  Laughing The plan for today is to get some cards done for Oct birthdays as it is coming round very quickly. x

Isn't it a beautiful day?  Saw a newspaper headline at lunchtime saying that we are in for two weeks of lovely sunshine.  That will be so good and I will get to not put my heating on for a little while longer Laughing

Thank you everyone for your Slow Cooker advices.  I have made a casserole using the Schwartz mix and it turned out really good - had to brown the meat before I went out and happily, I had the time to do this but I am not really so organised first thing so I shall do the other half of the packet on Wednesday without browning the meat and see what the difference is.  So,  I followed this up with the Lentil Soup recipe from THE recipe book and that turned out really well too.  Think I will try a joint next weekend.  

Art class again this morning and I didn't do so well this week.  I was quite enjoying the pastels so I think I'll re-visit the project when I get two minutes together and see if I can resurrect it.

Coo two weeks of sunshine would be wonderful  Cool

It is Shetland Wool Week so after my photographic course this morning I was straight to the Wool Week Hub and have been spinning all afternoon. I met some fabulous people from all over the world and can't wait to go back on Thursday. Tomorrow I am doing a workshop myself - creative spinning and designer yarn. Should be interesting - putting back in all the lumps bumps and slubs  Laughing

well done Mickie and Becky with your crockpot cooking -all sounds tasty and healthy  Smile
The spinning sounds great Jennie -i am with you in spirit as I am currntly spinning Shetland wool. Also on 10th Oct mike and I are spinning at a pop up museum in Leighton Buzzard library to celebrate all things woolly.

line dancing went well today -remembered most of the dances.

Will be great to have sun for 2 weeks Smile although I will want to be outside enjoying it and not stamping etc inside

You are all so busy how do you have time to do it all. We have had sun here for the last week which is lovely but there is no heat, my heating is on but doesn't kick in so must be warm enough. Making cards today and then having a play got craft club tonight. x

did a little card making first thing while it was warming up then have been spinning outside -not only is it sunny and warm, it is not windy like it was over the summer. hope everyone is having good weather and long may it last  Smile

Walked along the sea front into town this morning with a friend  We stopped and had a good gossip over a lovely cup of coffee at  cafe almost on the beach.  Even the sea gulls were taking it easy and basking in the sunshine.  How nice not to have to wear a coat yet and to be able to sit outside.

We called into an art exhibition on the way back called In the Realm of Others which consisted of drawings and sculptures produced by fourteen people with neurological impairment.  Some lovely and thought provoking work.  It is a travelling exhibition and if it should come to a gallery near you, do go and see it

Have Inky Fingers tomorrow and we are to be doing miniatures.  So looking forward to it, seems an age since the last session.  Shall be switching on the slow cooker before I go - how nice to be coming home to a cooked meal Laughing

We still have the sun and blue skies hope you have a lovely time at Inky Fingers Mickie and enjoy miniatures I have joined a group on FB called mini marvels and in the process of doing little boxes. Having a day playing well I hope to. x
margaret rorie

We're enjoying good weather up here too - better than we had in the summer!

I didn't manage to get to any of the events in Wool Week as I was too late in applying - the events are very popular.  However I did knit the hat using this year's pattern - I gave it to a young relative who keeps sheep so it was very appropriate.

Click to see full size image

I love this hat Margaret -I have seen it on Ravelry and have bought some yarn ready to knit it..but haven't started yet. Yours looks great  Very Happy

mickie, you just have so much culture where you live, you are really lucky, and the thought of sitting in the sun by the sea is really appealing -will see if the exhbition is coming to a town near me

Becky -hope you are enjoying the little boxes -I have thought about doing a book in a matchbox sometime. At least mini things won't take up so much space  Laughing

Inky Fingers didn't disappoint.  Lots of things ranging from  flower arrangement in a cotton reel to mini flower book to brooches stamped on blank credit cards - all with the Helen Chilton touch.  Will post photos when I have completed everything

Mini book in a matchbox is great fun Vonnie but don't be fooled Miniatures are fun to do, become addictive and then you have to find space somewhere to keep your collection Laughing

Love the hat Margaret

Would love to see your boxes when finished Becky

but less space than with full size items Mickie  Smile

Did sticky paper mache again today -I'm bored with it even of the clients aren't! Also made a couple of demo items -a bat using hand prints for the wings and a tissue covered jar.

You do all get up to some amazing things! Hand printed bat wings - love it!

Well a busy week but very enjoyable. I had a great time spinning at the Wool Week Hub and met lots of wonderful people from all over the world and some great tips for spinning, knitting and dyeing wool - in a slow cooker  Laughing
I very much enjoyed the design your own spinning wool workshop. The morning was spent working on the design process, which was very interesting and something which could be applied so easily to everything WE do. We had to spin a "memory" so I chose sunset at sea and seaweed. We chose our wool colours and then loads of "bits" - ribbon, cord, glittery stuff and carded the bat and then spun it really thick and bobbly. So different to my usual lace spinning Laughing I absolutely loved and can't wait to do more. I will try and get some photographs tomorrow. Then last night I went to a spinning wheel mechanics course but I ended up spinning angora and other exotic fur as well as trying American long draw (you will know what I am talking about Vonny!). All Great fun and such wonderful people to meet as well.

More spinning and knitting at the hub today in between doctors appointments. Foot all ok so the next one now on the waiting list. And I got my hearing aids on Wednesday. Talk about feeling old, but by heck I can now hear the TV but sadly at the moment just about everything else that can possibly make a noise! Apparently I will get used to it. !?

And I also found out I am a Tim Tag winner this month  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Well done on the Tim Tags Jennie.  You must be a very happy crafter tonight Cool

All that spinning talk sounds fascinating - look forward to the pictures.

It is good that you can hear again even if you have to listen to everything!  My dad used to turn his hearing aid down to quite low when he was in the supermarket so that he wouldn't get the full blast of children screams of boredom (or in super protest against not getting whatever they wanted!).

Loved the hand printed bats too Vonny - shame about the sticky papier mache though.  Bet your clients think you are amazing giving then such wonderful things to do.

the spinning all sounds great Jennie -and I think your slow cooker is going to be used for dyeing now -food colourinbg should be safe!! Love the sound of the art yarn and look forward to seeing it too.
Well done for being a Tim Tag winner -do you get anything apart from fame and glory?

Having to wait in for a delivery this afternoon so going to do my ATC swap for UKStampers then spin outside as it sounds like next week the weather will be changing for the worse

What a fabulous day - walked into town and back and in-between sat out in the sunshine with friends, drank pots of coffee and laughed ourselves silly.  Think I am now hyper and have also discovered that there is a dearth of public loos in the area Laughing  Laughing

Received some sad news yesterday evening; The Craft Barn is to close in a fortnight and become an online shop only.  I am trying not to be a fuddy duddy and embrace change because it keeps you young and is the way of the world BUT I do like to try new stuff out before I buy nowadays!

This last fortnight has been glorious weather and such a shame that it is about to get more seasonal next week - my lilac has only just come into flower too

I had heard about the craft barn but thought it was a mistake  what are you going to do now Mickie.
Well done Jennie for Tim's tag but you feel pleased and so you should. I am sure you will get use to the hearing aids how long will you have to wait for your other foot.
Have fun with the dyeing  in the slow cooker if you try it.
Off to a birthday party later it is Ollie [5] and Freddie [7] they birthday are so close so they have a joint one which is nice. x

I'm doing a Lin Brown workshop at the Craft Barn tomorrow so will try and find out what will be happening with regard to classes already booked.  The news has certainly caused a flurry of texting, emailing and phone calls Rolling Eyes

Have Art Society meeting this afternoon and we have a demo by Terry Harrison - you'll probably have seen him at craft shows flogging his paint brushes

Have a lovely time at the party Becky - not too much jelly now:lol:

Have a good weekend all

Morning all had a lovely time at birthday party it is lovely to see 25 kids being kids and having fun there were at couple of tears but that was it the food was lovely and plenty of it no jelly Mickie but I did have ice cream with hundreds and thousands yummy. Sun is out beef is in slow cooker and I am now going to do some xmas cards. x

I can't believe the Craft Barn is closing -there are fewer and fewer craft shops now and shopping on line is definitely not the same and I find it all too laborious to browse, which is what I do in a shop. Maybe they will still run workshops. I do wonder what the reasons are but with the craft shows getting more limited i feel options are reducing
Becky -the birthday party sounds great but I would be very disappointed with no jelly  Very Happy
Mickie -even I have heard of Terry Harrison from the art world -i think he has written a number of how to books -enjoy the demo.
Been working in the garden again as it is sunny- it is looking better that it has for a long time -last year it seemed to be wet all the time and many of the shrubs never got trimmed. Also sorting out the stuff from a craft session yesterday at a friends house and putting it all back away

Think we've gone slow cooker mad Becky!  I have everything ready for a curry - how wonderful to chuck it all in the pot, switch on and then go out to art class knowing full well if I get sidetracked on the way home its no bother because dinner will be ready at the right time Laughing

Shame about the jelly but ice cream is always good.  Glad you enjoyed the party anyway

Did my Lin Brown class today.  I had no idea what we would be doing and it turned out to be a book!  I did laugh.  It was a good class and I sat next to Alison (Crafty Trog) so had a good catch up with her too!  Will take photos of the book when it dries.

Classes at the Craft Barn will carry on at an alternative venue.  Principally the clubs i.e Inky Fingers, so that's good.  I should really miss my monthly fix of Helen Chilton and putting the various products through their paces.

The art demo by Terry Harrison was interesting.  He did a couple of seascapes and then to finish he painted a fishing boat on Hastings Beach, which was fabulous picture and took him twenty minutes to do Rolling Eyes I bought one of his books on seascapes - seems a shame that I live by the sea and have no idea where to start to paint it!

well,  good luck with those seascapes mickie  Smile  and good to hear the workshops will continue as I think you would really miss them of they stopped Forum Index -> General
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