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Morning all bit dull he but sun is trying to appear. Apart from having my hair done at 11 i have nothing else planned for today such a exciting life I lead.Dad might pop in depending on how he is he has hurt his back so not a happy bunny he is so week and frail he seems to have given up  Crying or Very sad What are you all up too anything good. xx
margaret rorie

The sun is shining here and the grass cutters are cutting our grass - should be the last cut for the year.

I had a great weekend up in Unst - we all managed to get our journals finished Jennie! It was a pity you missed the rest of the fun.  I had ordered some lovely Maja Designs paper which arrived today so might make another journal for sister-in-law's 80th birthday. Depends on what time I have.

Some pictures of my journal in my gallery.

hope you got to see your Dad Becky and that his back gets better, then he may feel more positive.
Margaret and Jennie sounds like you had a great weekend crafting.
I enjoyed the wool show up in Yorkshire tho it was very busy. I styed with friends who live on a narrow boat and we even did a bit of boating including locks and swing bridges -good fun but quite hard work. Now have even more yarn and projects that I want to do!!
Back to art and craft group tomorrow after a bit of shopping to stock up on fresh stuff.

Glad you enjoyed the wool show Vonny  and you have new yarn to play with. Glad you had a good weekend Margaret you must be really fed up waiting to move or have you  given up and staying in your house.  Dad was ok yesterday but in a awful lot of pain he has had a x-ray so hopefully that will show if there is a problem.
margaret rorie

We haven't given up on our move - if nothing happens we'll have to readvertise probably in the New Year. I've got to the stage I'm unpacking some boxes!

Glad you enjoyed your wool week Vonny - it's wool week up here at the moment with lots of visitors from all over the world wearing the croft hoose hats. You'll need to come up sometime.

Becky - I hope your dad gets some relief for his pain - back pain is awful.

I think your wool week up there always sounds great fun -I saw the hats but have hardly worn the sheep one from last year so not making it this time.
Worked hard at craft group toady as the staff member worked with one person and left the other 6 to me -however everyone got done and made a lovely card with mosaic panels and a Paperartsy flower!
Planning on quilting tomorrow as I hope to give the quilt as a birthday gift.

Hi everyone - sorry I've not been around much.  I spent last weekend doing workshops at The Craft Barn - then Art Class started again on Monday and I've been busily involved with getting projects and stuff ready to go on the blog.  Think it is starting to come together now.

Hope to get some crafting time over next few days.  Having said that I have an Art Society workshop on Saturday, a local artist is going to do a landscape with us and we can use either acrylic paints or watercolours.  I know which I'm going to go for -the one you can paint over if/when you go wrong Laughing  Laughing

Margaret I'm sorry your house sale didn't go according to plan.  I have a friend locally in much the same situation.  She has had three sales fall through so far this year.  

Vonny your narrow boat weekend sounds fabulous -  I used to love our holidays on the waterways and canals.  Did you do the Bingley Five Rise?  They were  always a killer and it looked so gentle too!

Hope your Dad is more comfortable now Becky.  Hope you are managing ok yourself too.

sounds a lovely weekend Mickie. I didn't do the Bingley locks but my friends did -I did a couple between Skipton and Gargrave -under close supervision of course.
Managed to get the quilting finished today so just the binding and label to go -luckily I have just enough matching fabric to finish it off.

Sorry about your move Margaret it must be a pain and sorry you have to unpack. You did have a busy week Mickie  but it sounds fun I love doing workshops wish I could do more I should have been doing one today with Mark Gould but it has been changed to the 15th so have to wait  Crying or Very sad . Well Vonny  bet your people loved doing flowers. It is very wet here today and we have had thunder and lightening  so quite happy we are staying in.

Had my first 'flu jab this morning - Having been warned it can be a long wait, I wend along to my doctors surgery (it is a big practice) with my book and bottle of water and came away very impressed with the system.  Today, they were only doing 'flu jabs.  From entering the front door and leaving by the back door the time spent was an awesome 3 minutes!

I had time to go to the supermarket, chat with a neighbour, get the slow cooker going before I need to leave.  Smashing!!

Well, that's a good start to the weekend for me.  Hope you all get a good start too Wink

that is great Mickie -and will certainly encourage people to go again.
Was just about to go and do a bit of tidying in the garden when the rain started so decided to do some spinning instead. Did get out for a bit later tho.

Our doc's does that as well Mickie I am hoping the nurse will do mine on Wednesday when I have a appt. . The weather is much better this morning I have even put some washing on. Going to do beef in the slow cooker today and that is my day Forum Index -> General
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